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Posted on Saturday June 24, 2017

Sex and the City, and Satanism? Not Talking to the Reverend Joel...

Sex and the City, and Satanism? Not Talking to the Reverend Joel Ethan about the Church of Satan

An interview done last year for Vice, who decided at the last moment not to run it. Topics covered include how Reverend Ethan became a member, whether Satanism can be of benefit to those with low self-esteem, if enjoying Sex and the City is Satanic and even the dangers of Bam Margerification.

Follow this link to read Reverend Ethan’s previously unpublished interview.

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Posted on Saturday June 24, 2017

The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 82 is up and running!John H...

The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 82 is up and running!

John H Shaw and Dorian Grey talk with Adam Roberts about some stuff and things – Count MoriVond reads “On the Choice of a Human Sacrifice: Part II” from The Satanic Bible – Special Guest – Reverend Raul Antony!

Listen now if you twat often!

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Posted on Friday June 23, 2017

Clint Mephisto’s Road Show Episode 190 Your ol’...

Clint Mephisto’s Road Show Episode 190

Your ol’ drinkin’ buddy Clint rustles up a Hellbilly Hootenanny with old school classics from Dolly Parton, Eddie Cochran, Waylon Jennings and modern barn burners from Calabrese, The Coffinshakers, Koffin Kats and more!

Only on Radio Free Satan!

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Posted on Friday June 23, 2017

The Devil’s Mischief #590 It’s a science (or rather...

The Devil’s Mischief #590

It’s a science (or rather pseudo-science) episode of sorts on The Devil’s Mischief, with MARC MARON and his tale of visiting the creation museum, a witty destruction of mystics from DARA O'BRIAIN, plus classic stand-up from ROBERT KLEIN. Listen now!

Radio Free Satan:

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Posted on Friday June 23, 2017

Super Curious…About the Church of Satan Asa Akira and her...

Super Curious…About the Church of Satan 

Asa Akira and her co-host Glenny Balls converse with Magister David Harris of the Church of Satan. Topics covered include Satanism, sexuality and celebrities. 

Listen here!

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Posted on Friday June 23, 2017

NAUTSCM EP Released! Reverend Cardone’s new music side...

NAUTSCM EP Released! 

Reverend Cardone’s new music side project is released this past summer solstice! It’s a 6 song EP that was 5 years in the making.

Cardone is the bassist, vocalist lyricist and song writer. Other collaborators are Toilet Boys guitarist Sean Pierce and keyboardist from Afterparty, Dan Dome

Reverend Cardone’s statement about the music is direct: “Surf inspired, dark visions that will stand as a calling to return to the law of the jungle where love and hate run free and the waves of time become the new god.”

Chopper, Double D and Warlock present Nautscm  On iTunes. 

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Posted on Wednesday June 21, 2017

THIRD SIDE NETWORK PRESENTS:Priestess Shannon Gausten on...


Priestess Shannon Gausten on Sexuality in a Repressed Society

In this next installment of Third Side, join your hosts Jared & John as we discuss Sexuality in a Repressed Society with Priestess Shannon Gausten!

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Posted on Wednesday June 21, 2017

HORNS Issue 2: Summer Solstice—Out Now!HORNS is truly where the...

HORNS Issue 2: Summer Solstice—Out Now!

HORNS is truly where the Occultists cum—the world’s first homoerotic magazine that explores the shadowy world of witchcraft, sorcery, and our homo heritage.

Within the SUMMER SOLSTICE ISSUE, you’ll find the story of Lige Clark, a mostly forgotten gay hero that we wish to  honor as this issue's FAGGOD.

Try this issue’s LUSTY LITANY, a Seed Anointing Spell! Cum & Candles, oh my!

We interviewed the incredibly talented St. Jinx, see exclusive pieces of his homoerotic rendition of the Tarot!

Read about the Goddess of Beer: Ninkasi.

See our sexy Incubi in a tribal dance with the Witch of the Woods & our tattooed Tarot Reader!

Come on in and kick back with your dusty grimoires, ancient runes, and a big bottle of lube…

Here at HORNS we know that we’re not the only Queer Sorcerers yearning for erotic mysticism. This is your way to be a part of HORNS and contribute to our witchy rag.

If you think your music would bewitch our readers, let us hear it! If you have an erotic ritual or ceremony that would aid our readers, we want to try it! If you have a story that will just get our dicks hard and fits our diabolic bend, we want to read it!

Head on over to and let us hear about your Craft!

Interested in spreading the word to the Gay Pagan community? Email for information on advertising and product reviews!

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Posted on Wednesday June 21, 2017

SUPERLATIVE SOLSTICE!From our garden here at The Black House, we...


From our garden here at The Black House, we offer Solstice greetings to all in harmony with the Earth’s seasonal changes! We in the Northern Hemisphere embrace the longest day of the year as sultry Summer begins. Those in the Southern Hemisphere mark the longest night as Winter begins its chill dominion.

Wherever on this wondrous planet you might be, it is always a delight to celebrate the glories of nature and the abundant pleasures that life offers!

Here’s to a splendid new season filled with indulgence galore!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

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Posted on Tuesday June 20, 2017

Tickets on Sale Now for Pirate Farm FestTielt-Winge, Belgium –...

Tickets on Sale Now for Pirate Farm Fest

Tielt-Winge, Belgium – Tickets are now on sale for Pirate Farm Fest, a 2 day festival of neo-roots music on June 30 and July 1st in Tielt-Winge, Belgium. Tickets are available at here.

Old Style Music Nights, Tequila Tattoos, and the Pirate Farm Radio present Pirate Farm Fest, a yearly festival that showcases roots, punk, psychobilly, and rock n’ roll bands from all over the world. Single and 2-day passes are available. Friday, June 30th is 20 euros, Saturday, July 1st is 25 euros, and a combination ticket for both days is 40 euros. Tickets include free access to campgrounds. Food vendors, Belgian beer, wine, and soda will also be available. BYOB is allowed on the campgrounds, and there will be an open mic stage. More information as well as a full schedule can be found at Old Style Music Nights and at the Facebook event page.

Tom Saenen, founder of Old Style Music Nights, was recently on Soul Food podcast discussing Pirate Farm Fest and featuring songs from Pirate Farm Fest performers as well as the bonus track “Throwing it All Away” from Darren Deicide.

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Posted on Tuesday June 20, 2017

V. Holecek at Crypticon, Kansas City: July 14-16Artist V Holecek...

V. Holecek at Crypticon, Kansas City: July 14-16

Artist V Holecek will be participating as a vendor at this year’s Crypticon KC Convention, being held at the Saint Joseph Civic Arena. Holecek’s body of work is a heavily industrialized dark-surrealist collection of places and things that often come to him in dreams. Holecek has contributed work to films and books, to include the Creepy Romance series of books, now in its fourth edition.

There will be a collection of prints and original works on display and for purchase, which you can find at booth #444 in the main floor area. Fans of The Walking Dead, The X-Files, Oz, Supernatural, and the Living Dead films will want to get their tickets soon through

Calendar Item

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Posted on Tuesday June 20, 2017

The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 81 is up and running!Dorian...

The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 81 is up and running!

Dorian Grey and John H Shaw host another round of “Circle of Jerks” with Special Guests – Marlene Shaw, Christine McGuire, Jared McGhee, David Bates, and Nicole Tuberty! – Count MoriVond reads “On the Choice of a Human Sacrifice: Part I” from The Satanic Bible!

Listen now if you despise seeing yourself naked!

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Posted on Tuesday June 20, 2017

JC Oddities Market Fundraiser for the Historic Jersey City and...

JC Oddities Market Fundraiser for the Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery Takes Over with Vendors and Music

Jersey City, NJ - Saturday, June 24th, the Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery hosts the JC Oddities Market, including 20+ oddity vendors and an all-day line up of music. A full list of vendors can be found at the Facebook event page. Musicians include Darren Deicide, Nick Jorgs, Kult of Mary, Psychodynamic, Din, AMINAL, The Yeti Shivers, PAULUS HooK, Dread, and Molten. Tours of the underground crypt will be available as well as a petting zoo of the goat herd that pays its annual visit to feed and landscape the cemetery. The cemetery opens its gates at 12pm and admission is $5. All proceeds go towards the volunteer mission to preserve the cemetery. The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery is locarted at 435 Newark Ave., Jersey City, NJ.

The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery was established in 1829 by the first cemetery company founded in the State of New Jersey and is the size of 6 acres. The cemetery is an early example of Garden Style landscape cemeteries. The location of the cemetery was used as an ammunition bunker for the War of 1812 and was a site of skirmishes in 1780 during the Revolutionary War. The cemetery fell into disrepair and was abandoned in 2008. Since then, a Board of Trustees was founded to maintain the cemetery. Benefit concerts have since been organized when Darren Deicide in collaboration with the Board of Trustees organized its first concert in 2010. The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery was also the site of Darren Deicide’s “Back from the Dead: The Harsimus Sessions.”

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Posted on Tuesday June 20, 2017

Texas Judge Finds Ex-Day Care Owners Innocent of Satanic...

Texas Judge Finds Ex-Day Care Owners Innocent of Satanic Ritual Abuse

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A Texas judge has approved a prosecutor’s declaration of innocence for the former owners of a day care who were imprisoned for 21 years for child abuse and satanic rituals.

Dan and Fran Keller were freed in 2013 after the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals determined a doctor gave false testimony in their trial. They divorced in prison.

The couple was convicted in 1992 of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old after children in their care told investigators fantastic tales of dismembered babies and tortured pets.

The Church of Satan has long defended Satanism against the delirium of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the media and in court, elucidating our philosophy’s explicit condemnation of child and animal abuse in our literature. In a time of fake news, wild conspiracy theories, and outright hoaxes we trust that this case’s resolution brings needed attention to the irrational moral scapegoating that was the Satanic Panic, and might prevent future occurrences of similar forms of mass hysteria.

Related links:

AP:  Texas judge finds ex-day care owners innocent of abuse

Texas Monthly: The Innocent and The Damned

The Austin Chronicle: Point Austin: Justice Too Long Delayed

The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth

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Posted on Monday June 19, 2017

SPEAK OF THE DEVIL: Personal Responsibility - Public...

Personal Responsibility - Public Persona

Thursday, June 22nd, 8pm MST

Speak of the Devil - Reverend Campbell discusses personal responsibility and your public persona with Texxx. We will be covering Texxx’s show The Demented1’s absence and how it effected scheduled guests and his audience. We will include one’s responsibility to their audience and fellow collaborators in general and what happens to your public persona when you suddenly make it private.

You can learn more about Texxx from his two YouTube channels The Demented One and The Morbid Files.

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Posted on Sunday June 18, 2017

HERE WE GO AGAIN? “Satanic” Graffiti in Amityville This morning...


“Satanic” Graffiti in Amityville 

This morning I awoke to news stories proclaiming that three churches located in North Amityville in Suffolk County on Long Island were vandalized with SATANIC GRAFFITI. Apparently, some time Saturday night, a vandal scrawled on the external walls of the Amityville Full Gospel Tabernacle, the Shaw Temple AME Zion Church, and the Zion Gospel Church, all close to one another. Oddly, none of the major news reports, which include ABC’s Eyewitness News account, show any of the graffiti. However, it was explained in other reports that the offending graffiti was painted over before the Sunday morning services. I did find one image posted online in the past few hours of an upright pentagram in a circle painted on a set of double doors. The footage shown on ABC, including an interview with Pastor Willard Price of the Zion Gospel church, includes an image of doors that may be from the same building, but the graffiti had already been overpainted. The report states that the police are calling this “satanic graffiti” and that it is being investigated as a hate crime.

During my search for additional images of this so-called “satanic graffiti,” I discovered a report that there had been another vandalism incident five days ago in East Meadow Long Island—roughly ten miles west of last night’s crime—which was being labelled the same way. CBS News reported that the New Covenant Church of East Meadow was vandalized with “satanic worship symbols.” Their pastor, Rob Taormina, states in an interview that “if somebody came and painted your house up with satanic symbols I think you’d be disturbed, too, ‘cause you don’t know who they are and you [don’t] know if they’d come back.” In this case, a glass vestibule door was smashed as well.

I’ve long been a consultant for law enforcement, assisting during investigations of crimes using unusual symbols, and I’ve not yet been called in on either of the incidents mentioned above. However, upon examining the news story images, what stands out to me immediately is that in both towns a form of pentagram was drawn which has one point up. This is not a symbol used in either Satanism or Devil worship—where two-point-up pentagrams are employed—but is found in the neo-pagan religion of Wicca in its various forms. The East Meadow images show inverted crosses and the word “Satin” which shows that the writer is either illiterate, or into shiny fabric. Also the words “DEVIL, WITCH, SPELL, CURSED” as well as a “frowning face” emoji are crudely inscribed.

Now, if the criminal doing this vandalism was actually knowledgable about Satanism or Devil worship, then I think the pentagrams would be the proper sort, not the neo-pagan version we see here. Also the incorrect spelling of “Satan” and simply the use of terms popularly associated with witchcraft lead me to think that the person who did this is most likely a Christian who is going by fairly typical misprisions regarding these non-Christian religions. This hateful person wanted the people attending these churches to feel that this crime was done by an adherent of Satanism, Devil worship or some form of witchcraft involving reverence for The Devil—like you see in horror films or in those books published by evangelical Christians which spread grave misinformation about non-Christian religions.

This sort of thing was common during the years of the “Satanic Panic” back in the 80s-90s, wherein similar graffiti—often accompanied by “666” and symbols used by various anti-Christian metal bands—was found on building walls and under bridges and so on. Back then, such things were likely done by metal fans who shared the anti-Christian biases of the bands they followed or by disaffected youths dabbling in the sort of “satanism” they saw being depicted by the media as a form of rebellion. We deal with the meaning of 666 and other symbols on our web site.

These two recent incidents look more to me like they were done by a Christian who wants people to think that somebody associated with a religion employing these symbols has a grudge against these churches. It is clear to me that, whether Christian or not, the perpetrator is ignorant of Satanism, Wicca, and Devil worship. Whatever hatred is in the mind of this criminal, the deed was done by someone who is not an adherent of Satanism, Devil worship or Wicca, and simply wants to blame their own anger on these other religions while terrorizing the congregations of these churches.

Even when vandals do use symbols that reflect Satanism, since we have a philosophy that does not condone criminal actions it should be clear that anyone committing such crimes is not a Satanist, or if self-identified as such is acting in a manner contrary to our belief system. This article from 2008 covers this topic rather well.

Considering the past lunatic obsession with a manufactured conspiracy of predatory “satanists” out to get people, it is incumbent upon both law enforcement and the media not to jump to unwarranted conclusions by proclaiming this is “satanic graffiti” when Satanism is not its source. The Church of Satan is a 50 year old, legally incorporated religious organization with members worldwide who abhor this sort of crime. We’ve been through one hysteria—begun by evangelical Christians and taken up by misinformed law enforcement agencies and sensationalist media outlets—that caused harm to many innocent people. We do not want to see that madness rising again, abetted by uninformed or biased forensic analysis and reportage. I trust that this vandal will be apprehended via diligent police work based on an accurate grasp of the deeds done and receive due punishment for these crimes.

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

Relevant links—

North Amityville Coverage:

East Meadow Coverage:

‘If You’re Setting Fire To Churches, You Are Certainly An A**hole, But You’re No Satanist’ —Interview from 2008 debunking church vandalism as being Satanic.

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Posted on Saturday June 17, 2017

Markus Mayer Art PrintsEmail the artist to order.

Markus Mayer Art Prints

Email the artist to order.

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Posted on Wednesday June 14, 2017

ASP: Sigil of Baphomet Varsity Jackets Proclaim your Satanic...

ASP: Sigil of Baphomet Varsity Jackets

Proclaim your Satanic pride year-round with ASP’s versatile “Varsity-style” Sigil of Baphomet jackets.

Officially licensed and custom printed in-house by Church of Satan Reverend Ashley S. Palmer exclusively for — Free Shipping Worldwide!

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Posted on Wednesday June 14, 2017

RAISING HELL: The Satanic Perspective on Parenting - Episode LII...

RAISING HELL: The Satanic Perspective on Parenting -

Episode LII - June 14th, 2017 - Meeting The Mrs. 

‘Soul Mates’, Diamond Anniversaries & Dirty Laundry!!! -

  1. What the Wild Things Think - Ways Parents Screw-Up Their Kids
  2. What Would Josephine Do? - Red Alert! ‘Minding the Menses’

Available on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, and Facebook!

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Posted on Monday June 12, 2017



THIRD SIDE NETWORK PRESENTS: The first episode of The Witching Hour with Jessie Twain and Marlene Shaw!

Join Satanic Witches Marlene Shaw and Jessie Twain as they explore various topics and subjects from a Satanic Witch’s perspective for your listening and viewing pleasure!

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