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Posted on Thursday May 26, 2016

Pin Cushion (warning: adult content)A peek inside the House of...

Pin Cushion (warning: adult content)

A peek inside the House of Netherworld at the midnight antics of Meagan Machine. It’s a sexy, Satanic short film by designer Matthew Camp. Enjoy!

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Posted on Thursday May 26, 2016

The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 30 is up now! Dorian Grey...

The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 30 is up now! 

Dorian Grey and John H Shaw talk about more emails asking for “Dude Advice” – Shorthand Rant by James Geary III – The 14th Segment of “The Law of Gyps” with Gyps Fulvus – Special Guest – Patrick DeMarco (the voice behind “Christopher Walken”)!

Listen now if you feel like it. If not, listen later!

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Posted on Thursday May 26, 2016

Raising Hell, Ep. XXVIII - May 25th, 2016 - “Sacred...

Raising Hell, Ep. XXVIII - May 25th, 2016 - “Sacred Cows” 

The Satanic Perspective on Parenting brings you a Satanic Mother who has been there, done that and risen above it all! It is all too easy to fall within a prison of our own design and breaking out of it is a liberation that so many will never allow themselves to know. If you’re tired of all the mommy blogs, the perfectly posed pictures and “professional” parents telling you how it should be, join us as we explore the undefiled reality of parenting and passionately present how it really is.

RAISING HELL - Getting Schlitzed and Shattering Self-deceit w/ Elizabeth Salome! 

1  The Grownup Grotto - The New Culture of Moo-therhood

2  Handbook for Hellions - Painful Participation, Play-dates and Other Parents

Available on iTunesStitcherYouTube, and Facebook!

—Warlock Milton C. Cruver

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Posted on Wednesday May 25, 2016

New Podcasts This Week on Radio Free Satan!THE METRO #338This...

New Podcasts This Week on Radio Free Satan!


This week on The Metro, Warlock JNothing brings you the sounds of some rock from the 1980s with the following bands: Bob Seger, Bryan Adams, Tom Petty And The Heartbreaker, Stevie Nicks, Billy Joel, Heart, Journey, Night Ranger, Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac, Phil Collins, Elton John, and finishing up with some Supertramp.


This episode of Metal Invaders is brought to you by Warlock JNothing. This episode he brings the chicks to the forefront with the following bands: Nightwish, Otep, iwrestledabearonce, Arch Enemy, Butcher Babies, Cycle Sluts From Hell, Lita Ford, Epica, Lacuna Coil, Benedictum, Semblant, Delain, Xandria, and finishing up with some September Mourning.


This week we feature works by Arcangelo Corelli, Niccolò Piccinni, Ambroise Thomas, Paul Hindemith, and Osvaldo Golijov with performances by Eduard Melkus, Garo Atmacayan, Huguette Dreyfus, Karl Scheit, Maria Luigia Borsi, Elena Cecchi Fedi, Marco Lazzara, Gregory Bonfatti, Francesco Facini, The Chapel Choir of St. Cecilia Cathedral Lucca, The City Opera Orchestra of Lucca, Gianfranco Cosmi, Samuel Ramey, Denyce Graves, Thomas Hampson, June Anderson, Gregory Kunde, François Le Roux, Gérard Garino, The Ambrosian Singers, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Antonio de Almeida, The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Riccardo Chailly, Todd Palmer, and The St. Lawrence String Quartet.


Clint Mephisto’s Shit Kickin Road Show Episode 167, your ol’ drinkin buddy Clint rustles up a Hellbilly Hootenanny with barn burners old and new from Karling Abbeygate, The Cramps, Mickey Gilley, The Sugar Daddys, Del Reeves and more!


This week marks the end of themes, but not the end of great music! We’ve got Grendel, Eden Synthetic Corps, and much much more! This week we’re cookin’ up a whole batch of strange so strap in and enjoy.


Since new shows have been every 2 weeks (a temporary measure) then there’s a plethora of submitted tracks piling up in the MBR archive. Therefore Dave, Bob and Kent dedicate an entire show to filtering the funk from the junk…with a couple of extra goodies thrown in to keep Dave on his toes. Some drinks were imbibed so it all gets a tad wet by the end. There’s also a guest appearance by Clara the dog who tries to destroy the recording equipment. Everyone’s a critic. Listen in (if you dare) if you’re a member of: CONFLICTED, RIPPER, SIX REASONS TO KILL, MURDER MADE GOD, CASKET ROBBERY, SURTUR, THROES, WARKULT, PROCREATION, MEFISTO, FOUL BODY AUTOPSY, RABID BITCH OF THE NORTH, NORHOD, SUBLIME EYES, EXCRUCIATION, BROKEN TEETH, TKO/THE RODS, IRON JAWED GURU and HAIL OF BULLETS.


Brand new, unreleased, religion-bashing comedy from DAVID CROSS!  Also hear GEORGE CARLIN explicitly attack ultra-liberals and “the dream world of politically correct speech” as he reads some excerpts from his book “When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?”, plus the classic improvised comedy of MEL BROOKS.

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Posted on Wednesday May 25, 2016

The Jimmy Psycho Experiment — Back by popular demand! The Jimmy...

The Jimmy Psycho Experiment — Back by popular demand! 

The Jimmy Psycho Experiment will be bringing the spooky sci-fi punk rock lounge music show to The Golden Tiki for TWO NIGHTS 5/28-29!!!

The official after party for Punk Rock Bowling!!

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Posted on Monday May 23, 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGUS GILMORE! Today, Magus Peter H. Gilmore...


Today, Magus Peter H. Gilmore celebrates not only his birthday, but also his fifteen years as the High Priest of the Church of Satan—a point he reached this past Walpurgisnacht. At that conclave marking the 50th anniversary of the founding of our organization, the hierarchy and members officially named him Maestro of the Church of Satan, as he’s described his position as akin to that of a conductor of an infernal orchestra of exemplary soloists playing a Satanic Symphony written by Anton Szandor LaVey.

As his gift to his admirers, another piece of his music has been added to his downloads page on Titled ALGOL, it is a work composed, performed, and recorded by Maestro Gilmore, recently remastered for your listening pleasure. An accompanying program note explains details of the creation and meaning of the electronic work, whose title refers to the star that is the eye of Medusa’s head in the constellation Perseus.

So, Happiest of Birthdays to our Maestro for his 15 years as our conductor as he turns 58 today. May there be many years of his leadership to come!

Hail Magus Gilmore! Hail Satan!

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Posted on Monday May 23, 2016

Texxx, “The Demented 1,” Interviews Warlock Dorian Grey.

Texxx, “The Demented 1,” Interviews Warlock Dorian Grey.

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Posted on Monday May 23, 2016

Texxx, “The Demented 1,″ interviews Witch Heather Height.

Texxx, “The Demented 1,″ interviews Witch Heather Height.

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Posted on Monday May 23, 2016

Texxx, “The Demented 1,” interviews Priestess Marilyn Mansfield.

Texxx, “The Demented 1,” interviews Priestess Marilyn Mansfield.

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Posted on Monday May 23, 2016

Church of Satan on Russian News  International Russian-language...

Church of Satan on Russian News 

International Russian-language TV Broadcasting Company CHANNEL 5 has done a piece interviewing Church of Satan members and hierarchy. You’ll note from the video that selections from the “Homage to Tchort” from Magus LaVey’s The Satanic Rituals was intoned along with music by Mussorgsky, his Pictures at an Exhibition and Night on Bald Mountain. A male altar was chosen as commentary on the current anti-gay sentiment that has been advocated by some Russian authorities. The ritual was followed by fine spirits and spirit discussions.

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Posted on Saturday May 21, 2016

ASP Music #43: Satan Takes a Holiday A selection of Satanic...

ASP Music #43: Satan Takes a Holiday 

A selection of Satanic songs that formed part of Anton Szandor LaVey’s magical musical repertoire. 

Playlist compiled by Reverend Ashley S. Palmer.

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Posted on Saturday May 21, 2016

M. R. Stover: ARSINGDURChapter 4 is now availableJoin Janus as...


Chapter 4 is now available

Join Janus as he puts himself in peril attempting to eliminate the occupying Glomish leaders who have taken over the city and citadel of Arsingdur. Will Apal prevail? Can four warriors tip the scales in Apal’s favor? Can they take on a whole force of Janissaries alone? Find out now, in Chapter 4!

Paperback / Kindle

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Posted on Saturday May 21, 2016

Episode 29 is up and running!Dorian Grey and John H Shaw talk...

Episode 29 is up and running!

Dorian Grey and John H Shaw talk about some listener emails and great advice – The 50th Anniversary of the Church of Satan Recap with Magistra Peggy Nadramia!

Listen now if you want to know how the 50th Anniversary of the Church of Satan came to be!

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Posted on Friday May 20, 2016



Warlock Aaron Montaigne will be curating and featured in the Recondite Principle art show this Saturday, May 21st, in Lethal Amounts Los Angeles.

Recondite Principle is an LA based group art show curated by Aaron Montaigne and Matthew Flores and hosted by Danny Fuentes at LETHAL AMOUNTS gallery.

Recondite Principle is a collection of famous like minded artists who explore and capture the beauty and darkness of sex, the occult, the exploited, the neon and death. Recondite Principle’s opening will be held at 1800 hrs at Lethal Amounts at 1226 W 7th ST. LA CA. There will be A live set performed at the end of the opening by “Z Dancer” ROMY who will bring you brutally beautiful dark electro pop.


Corinne Schiavone
Also Known as “Z Dark Eye”, Corinne Schiavone is a photographer living in Los Angeles. Working through photography, Corinne explores areas of conceptual still life and portraiture through visual narratives. Each one of her images springs from a simple idea, and then becomes a complex orchestration. Very often she works off themes of dark humor and surrealism, portraying serious situations lightened up by bright colors and sterile environments. She strives to show the narrative that is not at first obvious - the uncommon in the common.

Suzy Poling
Also known as “Z White Noize”, Poling who is an accomplished noise musician, performance artist, painter, screen printer and installation artist whose exclusive black and white surreallist textures will be showing her “Painted Hands”

Juan Mendez
Also known as “Z Silent Servant”, Mendez who is a very accomplished techno producer and DJ under the moniker of Silent Servant is also the curator of Jealous God which serves as an independent record label, art forum and philosophy. Mendez will be featured on Lethal Amounts’ “main wall” showing a series of photographs and his “Colours de Fleur”

Aaron Montaigne
Also known as “Z Baron”, Montaigne is known as the “Godfather of Screamo” from his musical projects such as Antioch Arrow, Heroin, Crash Worship and DBC. Montaigne co -founded Galerie Salome in Portland Oregon and is a photographer, painter, Satanist and ex combat Infantryman. Montaigne will be showing his “Sigil” series of paintings and his “Thelema” series of photographs.—part-one

Matthew Flores
Also known as “Z Type”, Flores is the founder of LA underground parties such as Ravedungeon and Violence. Flores, the former “Lord” of the IE will be showing an extension from his stylishly erotic photo zine titled “When I die have my former lovers piss on my grave.

Aly Tipacti
Also known as “Z Look” , Tipacti is a Los Angeles fashion icon and co-founder of the underground party Stalker. Tipacti has contributed her art and inspiration to many record covers including those on Jealous God records. Tipacti will be showing collage pieces inspired by her secret life.

Brian Villanueva Mendez
Also known as “Z Sex Mex”, Mendez’s meditative drawing process using graphite and paper seeks communion with the material ancestry of our world. His highly detailed compositions are a hope of discovering what has been forgotten and lost. His Svastika I and Svastika II paintings explore our relationship with spirituality , its symbolism and their evolution.

Laura Liebe
Also known as “Das Liebe”, Liebe’s work is inspired by prostitution throughout the ages and explores themes of sex and intimacy in a vibrant yet soft palate. Liebe is without any formal art training and is a California native.

James Rupert Powell
Also known as “Z Chav” Powell is known for his involvement in musical projects such as XULTUR and Deadfly Ensamble, his production credits for LA bands and his “mad scientist” abilities to make anything. Powell will be showing his esoteric video game featuring his character Gabber Wolf.

Maddison Rubin
Also known as “Z Skin” Maddison is an accomplished satanic taxidermy artist whos work has been featured in various galleries. Her “skunk” piece is acclaimed around the globe.

Jenny Sayaka Nono
“Visual surgery used to remove a rare psychological tumor growing daily on the imagination” Jenny is a modern jack of all trades photographer, musician, and filmmaker.

Jamal Sharaf El Deen and Anthony Ramon Maldonado
Also known as “Z Witches”, are esoteric film makers and installation artists who’s piece “ A ritual devoted to La Santisma Muerte is an occult exploration between the catholic home and pagan roots of Mexican traditions. Directed by El Deen and Maldonado, this piece is accompanied by their video alter which is a twirling decent into the irrationality into the subconscious.

KB Kinski 88
also known as “ Z Neo Folk Princess”, Kinski is celebrated DJ and muse. Kinski’s residency at Violence and Night Murmur’s has awarded her the most feared woman who ever touched CDJ’s. Kinski will be providing the soundtrack for the evening.

Remy Marc
also known as “Z Plug”, Marc who is internationally known as the founder, chairman and CEO of Restless Nites famous as a dj from Portland, Oregon to LA, California. Current endeavors include VSSL, Rave Dungeon, and a new analog synth project called MAZOTOFF. “If you haven’t been a punk, I don’t trust you” -RM

More at:

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Posted on Thursday May 19, 2016

CHILDREN OF PERDITION Children Of Perdition (Melodic Death Metal...


Children Of Perdition (Melodic Death Metal project of Church of Satan member, David Sinclair-Smith) have released four promotional videos on YouTube. The four clips provide an overview of Children Of Perdition’s style from riff-orientated Death Metal to more subdued stylings such as a darker form of Trip-hop à la Portishead. The lyrics are strongly influenced by the writings of Anton LaVey and Peter H. Gilmore.

The official Children Of Perdition video clips can be viewed on YouTube here.

Follow Children Of Perdition on Facebook for news, updates, and showtimes.

Hail Satan!
—David Sinclair-Smith

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Posted on Thursday May 19, 2016

Baphi and Mephi Can Be Yours!The My Little Baphy project is back...

Baphi and Mephi Can Be Yours!

The My Little Baphy project is back in production! If you’re not familiar, each of these guys are hand crafted by me (Mister 47), to order, and are modeled after one of the Infernal Names. Currently there are two available, Baphy and Mephi. As the series progresses, there will be nine of them. Perhaps I’ll do multiple series as there are sufficient names.

If you’ve never seen them in person, they stand 9" tall, 5-6" in length, and about 3-4" in width. The body is a vinyl base, and the figure is molded with sculpee and wire, hand painted, then treated with a layer of triple thick semi gloss. The colors shown are the defaults for each, but I do take custom orders as far as colors go.

They are currently going for $60 individually, or $100 for a pair. Shipping is included for U.S. orders. Inquiries and orders can be sent to, and I take PayPal. Allow 3-6 weeks from time of order for production and delivery. Grab them while you can!

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Posted on Thursday May 19, 2016

Trigger Warning: Exploring the Wasteland with Fine Artist V...

Trigger Warning: Exploring the Wasteland with Fine Artist V Holeček 

V Holeček’s pencil drawings and acrylic paintings evoke an other-worldly realm that is earthy and engrossing. His darkly surreal landscapes are deliciously organic but filled with post-apocalyptic-dystopian wrecks and outsized bones and skulls littering the environment…He creates these arresting bastardisations of classic images, with targets including a portraiture of a Renaissance style angelic woman who is afflicted with a pig’s snout, trotters, and the absence of eyes (in Das Tierdrama). There is also George Washington with black anime-proportioned eyes and tentacles (in In His House at V’rnon, Dead Washingthulu Waits Dreaming) and American Gothic (in Amerikan Gothique). His inspirations include H.R. Giger, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Darius Zawadski, Chet Zar, Lori Earley, Hieronymous Bosch, Aunia Khan, and Glenn Arthur.

Click here to read more of this interview.

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Posted on Wednesday May 18, 2016

Satan Takes the Stage: Redefining the Ritual Chamberby Reverend...

Satan Takes the Stage: Redefining the Ritual Chamber

by Reverend Nathan Gray
an article for The Black Flame—May, LI A.S.

Art, music, and philosophy are the great culmination of Greater and Lesser Magic. They are the foundation for great war and great peace. They are what calls us to our own living ritual chamber, and beckons us to live!

Satanism does not insist that each of us utilize Greater Magic, but it is most certainly encouraged. Greater Magic empowers us each to actively take our reins and steer ourselves down our paths in a way that no other religion gives its members the power to do. Through ritual magic, we can purposefully set our minds and hearts to actions that benefit us. I try to focus not on moving the outside world with my Magic, but commit to strengthening myself for, against, or releasing myself FROM the outside world.

Every Satanist is a unique vessel through which the application of Ritual is moved. For some of us, catharsis comes from carrying out the methodical steps laid out in the Satanic Bible and Satanic Rituals. For some of us, maximum catharsis is achieved by ritualizing in a personalized manner best suited to who we are and what we do.

For me, that action manifests through my music. For over 20 years now, songs are where I have thrown all of my emotions, spun them into art, and expelled them through my live performance.

In a manner of sensory tantalization alone, a concert is all encompassing for both myself AND my audience. The environment is abuzz with sight, sound, smell, and even temperature. All of these elements marry to create an atmosphere that is absolutely incomparable to any other time and space. Within that ritual chamber is, for me, the most important element of all: the energy of an audience.  I invite everyone who sees me perform to become a part of the ritual, rather than just watching it. Hungrily feeding off each other in purposeful chaos, I end up leaving that stage a changed man, every single time. That union of fantasy and light is special. It is MAGICAL. It creates the perfect environment for emotional release, and for the celebration of our most primal selves.

This Walpurgisnacht, I had the exhilarating honor of performing that ritual of music with a room full of people who truly understand what I do for its unique catharsis. In a spectacular display of elegance, carnality, and distinction, the Church of Satan celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a Conclave held in New York, during which Nathan Gray Collective played a show in front of Satanists from all over the world. We gathered in an exquisite room illuminated in crimson, and dined like royalty. After indulging in the feast, I took the stage to sing in front of some of the most powerful magicians in existence. It was most certainly one of the most intense and memorable shows of my career to date.

I encourage each of you to think outside the box, and play with Ritual a little. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to utilize Greater Magic–only your way. Find what combination of elements brings YOU maximum catharsis. Ritual is less about following steps in a book, and more about a Satanist making their own magic within themselves, so that they can be their best and exist in that vital life that only a Satanist can make. You are the highest power. You move mountains and you part waters. Ritual is one of the most powerful tools to clear your way down that path.

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Posted on Wednesday May 18, 2016



Magus Peter H. Gilmore was interviewed in English in early March by the German magazine BLACK for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan. They published their German translation along with the English original. Topics covered include the past history and future of the Church of Satan.

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Posted on Tuesday May 17, 2016

RICK POWELL: PATIENT #151This was originally published in the...


This was originally published in the April 2015 edition of Infernal Ink Magazine and Witch Hydra M. Star even offered to do an Afterword to my story which is included in this ebook version. In the story, an interview with a young, deranged, and dangerous woman could hold the key to the gruesome events on that October night. Was it some deep sexual obsession or something supernatural that led to the unspeakable? This tale has strong sexual and violent content. Not to be read by readers under the age of 18.

—Rick Powell

From the afterword: “A few pages into the story, I thought “Patient #151” was going to be just another in a long line of stories I’ve been unfortunate enough to read that feature Satanists or devil worshipers (no, the two aren’t the same) that worship the ‘dark lord’ by killing small animals and murdering people. Often these stories have a supernatural twist; the devil is real, he grants his followers’ wishes, or turns on them. It’s a horror genre cliché that unfortunately a lot of people believe is real. Patient #151 is one of those people, but Rick Powell is not. What is not a fictional cliché is how dangerous such beliefs are when entertained by the mentally unstable. This story perfectly and in an entertaining manner illustrates this danger… which is exactly why we published it in the April 2014 issue of Infernal Ink Magazine.”

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