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Posted on Friday February 05, 2016

New Music, Comedy, & Commentary Podcasts on Radio Free...

New Music, Comedy, & Commentary Podcasts on Radio Free Satan

We have EBM/Industrial on DARK WHISPERS & THE SANITARIUM, Magistra Ygraine announces the Witch of the Year on CONFESSIONS OF A WICKED WITCH, Goth & Death Rock on DEATH PUNK RADIO, New Wave & 80′s on THE METRO, grunge and alt-rock on BUZZ KILL, comedy with Marc Maron & Jonathan Katz on THE DEVIL’S MISCHIEF, classical & choral on VOX SATANAE, Satanic fiction and commentary on SATANIC STORY TIME, psychobilly and outlaw country on CLINT MEPHISTO’S ROAD SHOW, comedic death metal criticism on METAL BREAKFAST RADIO, and some vengeful metal on METAL INVADERS.


This week on Dark Whispers, I have an all covers episode for you. Don’t worry, it won’t be boring. There are some funky tunes in there to keep you entertained as well as some rarities and a few surprises DJ Lyra style.


This week on The Metro, Citizen JNothing starts off with a dedication to his partner and also his daughters with some Pet Shop Boys, then continues the flashback in the 80’s with Animal Nightlife, Ultravox, Human League, Bananarama, Cyndi Lauper, P.I.L., Joy Division, Men at Work, Kim Carnes, Joboxers, Belinda Carlisle, Crowded House, Oingo Boingo, and finishing up with some Genesis.


This month on Buzz Kill, Citizen JNothing takes over playing you the sounds of the 90s with the following bands: The Cranberries, The Smashing Pumpkins, Alanis Morissette, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, The Church, Garbage, The Toadies, Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana, and finishing up with some Mother Love Bone.


Magistra Ygraine announces the WITCH OF THE YEAR!  Who is it?  Tune in to find out!  Ygraine also reveals some answers from listeners on what it really means to be a Satanic witch, refutes the delusions of Wicca’s attempt to monopolize the term, takes a look back on last year’s Witch of the Year, explores “old school” feminism vs. the PC nightmare of today, and more.  Listen now!


This month on The Sanitarium, Citizen JNothing goes off the rails with some of his choices that include: Funker Vogt, VNV Nation, Evanescence, Ministry, Combichrist, Rammstein, Good Courage, Genitorturers, Angel Theory, Centhron, and finally with some KMFDM.


On this episode: Phaidia, Diva Destruction, Malaise, Scarlet’s Remains, Burning Gates, The Empire Hideous, Danse De Sade, Vex, The Naked And The Dead, Daucus Karota, T.S.O.L., Blitzkid, and Morticia.


Just how crazy is that Creation Museum?  MARC MARON tells us the full story in his long, blasphemous 2011 personal anecdote.  Also stand-up from JONATHAN KATZ, and even a musical number by BILL M. himself.


This week we feature works by Jacques Arcadelt, John Dowland, Georg Böhm, Thomas Arne, Anton Reicha, André Messager, Kenneth Leighton, and Mark Simpson with performances by The Josquin Capella, Meinolf Brüser, Ars Nova, Bo Holten, Simone Stella, Jennifer Smith, Christine Brandes, David Daniels, Jamie MacDougall, The Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and Chorale, Nicholas McGegan, Les Adieux, Susan Graham, Malcolm Martineau, The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Yves Abel, James Lancelot, Leonard Elschenbroich, and Alexei Grynyuk.


Clint Mephisto’s Shit Kickin Road Show Episode 160, week of January 25th. Your ol’ drinkin buddy Clint brings you booze fueled set of barn burners old and new from the likes of The Everly Brothers, Henchmen, Big John Bates, Patsy Cline, Deke Dickerson and more!


The Devil’s Tuning Fork: After careful consideration, we were able to decide on three songs that, in our opinion, capture the mood of Hydra M. Star’s short story, “She Knew”. We have selected “The Lake” from King Diamond’s album, Fatal Portrait; “He Is” from Ghost’s album, Meliora; and “Coda” from Gyps Fulvus’ album, The Lich.

The Devil’s Workshop: We have Hydra M. Star’s short story, “She Knew”. The audio presentation is narrated by yours truly.

The Snake Oil Salesman: This brand new segment covers vitamins, supplements, cardio, and resistance training.


Recorded back in October (yes, we’re that far behind) this show has it’s usual gauntlet-running from submitted bands. So stand by with the Exterminate button. In addition there’s a section of our thoughts and vague memories (beer was involved) of the Venom Inc/Vader/Divine Chaos gig we attended back then. Ales are quaffed, puns are flaunted, and music is rubbished. What more could you ask for? Hear the atrocious audio of INIQUITOUS SAVAGERY, CRETUS, HOUSE OF ATREUS, ABHORRENT DEFORMITY, RE-ARMED, WARHEAD, REPULSIVE DISSECTION, SEROCS, DIVINE CHAOS, VADER, VENOM, TEN MASKED MEN and ALL HELL.


This episode of Metal Invaders, Citizen JNoting is back with songs dedicated to the “ex”. All songs are geared towards the hate and anger you may feel for an Ex. The bands include: Pantera, Machine Head, Mudvayne, Devildriver, Murderdolls, Overkill, The Haunted, Chromium, Megadeth, Celtic Frost, Metallica, Body Count, Hot Buttered Anal, Godsmack, and finishing up with one of Type O Negative’s best songs (in Citizen JNothing’s opinion).

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Posted on Thursday February 04, 2016

Which Witch?—Magus Peter H. Gilmore(Please note—this essay...

Which Witch?

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

(Please note—this essay includes “spoilers” regarding plot points of Robert Eggers’ new film THE WITCH)

The truism that “everything old is new again” is touched-upon in Anton LaVey’s Seventh Satanic Sin: “Forgetfulness of Past Orthodoxies.” It should be recalled that in Satanism, our “sins” are behaviors which we wish to avoid, rather than acts forbidden by some supernatural entity. In this case, if we aren’t aware of what has gone before, then we can be duped into thinking we are being given something fresh, as the marketers of such goods would have us believe, when instead such is just another recycling of things offered previously.

In October of 2000, the sequel to the seminal “found footage” movie THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT was being released. Titled BOOK OF SHADOWS, BLAIR WITCH 2, this was a typical horror movie detailing the psychological unravelling of characters in the wake of the supposed events of the first film. The publicists for this rather tepid effort did have an original concept for promoting it—they invited representatives of alternative religions and practitioners of and experts on occultism to appear on an event from October 18-20 to be live-streamed over The Internet. This would serve as a means for drumming-up attention for a movie which was in all likelihood going to be less profitable than its ground-breaking predecessor.

From their correspondence with me:

“Blair Witch Webfest is a ground-breaking live international entertainment convention offering the web community an immersive first-person internet experience. Included are three days of round the clock live programming and participatory events including exclusive footage from the highly anticipated “Book of Shadows” Blair Witch 2.”

I, as a member of the Council of Nine and spokesperson for the Church of Satan, was flown via first class from New York City to Los Angeles so that I would be filmed as the celebrant of a Satanic Ritual and then field live questions about Satanism coming in from the event’s global audience. I had been in touch with the Webfest’s art director, who was a bright fellow quick to admit that he’d read and been inspired by The Satanic Bible in his youth, towards setting up the rite. They hired a congregation of extras to wear hooded robes and an altar girl, to be nude as is our tradition. I met with all in advance to prepare them for their roles—explaining when to repeat “Shemhamforash!” and “Hail Satan!” and how to give the sign of the horns, much as Dr. LaVey had done for the film THE DEVIL’S RAIN back in 1975. Since our ritual practice was known to this fellow, he found the proper implements and had a large Sigil of Baphomet created to hang above the cloth draped altar platform.

When I arrived, I was given a tour of the set and noted that the studio was circular and had a rotating camera in the center which could be directed towards the circumference. The space was divided into wedge shapes, like a pie being sliced, and each representative of witchcraft, paganism occultism and myself for Satanism had a finely decorated set that was meant to be filmed by this camera. We broadcast on October 19th. On cue, my robed congregants and lovely altar lass responded with gusto to my recitations from The Satanic Bible, offering up history’s first live-streaming Satanic Ritual. When the dramatic rite was concluded, I was seated in front of the camera and spoke about the facts of our atheist philosophy as well as the tendency for extreme faith to lead to religious hysteria. Questions came in from the audience and I answered them live—they were typed lines scrolling down a monitor placed next to the camera. I spoke for about an hour, if my memory serves me. The producers of the event were very pleased and considered my segment the highlight of the Webfest. And so it was done—I had a global audience to which I demonstrated our rites and explained our philosophy. None of the participants were shown the film as we were not required to endorse it in any way. Of course later, upon seeing it, I was not impressed and discovered that the released version had been altered to make it “more commercial” against the director’s will. C’est la guerre in Hollywood.

Flash forward to early 2016. Writer/director Robert Eggers’ film THE WITCH is about to be given its US release and has people buzzing since it was well-received at Sundance and other festival screenings. I’ve seen it—a very slow-moving, artsy horror film wherein Eggers does a fine job creating tension as he depicts a family whose father’s religious fanaticism causes them to be banished from a Puritan plantation community to eke out an existence on the edge of the woods. The shadowed forest is meant to be frightening and the dark barrier of trees is underscored from the start by Ligeti-esque, dissonant, music—no time is wasted establishing the divide between William’s Christian family and the dark mystery and hostility of nature bordering the clearing which will be their home. Cut to the family’s established farm and structures. They now have a new infant son, Samuel and seem to be doing well until Sam is abducted mysteriously while under eldest daughter Thomasin’s care. While she is dumbstruck, we are shown from above the black-cloaked witch rushing through the forest with Sam in her arms. We briefly see the witch slaughter the child whose flesh is then ground for making a flying ointment, explained by the shadowy image of the witch rising on her broom in the moonlit night. Father William expresses to his eldest son Caleb that likely a wolf took Sam, but that they must conquer and not be consumed by nature.

Thus begins the unraveling of the family who perceive “evil” not only as threatening them from the depths of the woods, but from within. Young Mercy, who has a twin brother Jonas, mimes being the witch of the woods, whom she claims to have seen. Thomasin then jokes that she is in fact that witch, and that she has signed The Devil’s book and cavorted naked in the forest. Thomasin makes Mercy swear she won’t repeat this tale, meant solely to frighten the child to silence, but in the course of the film the idea takes hold, leading to Caleb’s seduction and defloration amongst other assaults upon the gradually imploding family. The idea of witchcraft being the culprit arises from the children, as it had in the infamous Salem incident. To these Christians, “evil” encroaches upon them through nature—the forest, the goat named Black Phillip, and the children who have been taught they are corrupt by their very nature.

The journey concludes with Thomasin being the sole survivor who joins with the deep woods coven, evoked (as explained by a text at the conclusion) according to the legends of the time as recorded in witchcraft trial testimonies and period journals, and also, I think, likely influenced a touch by Hawthorne’s 1835 tale “Young Goodman Brown.” The gathered witches coven chants the Eleventh Enochian Key, which is employed in LaVey’s The Satanic Bible as a funerary call, binding the dead to the Earth. Dee’s keys were penned in the late 1500s and the Puritans came to North America beginning roughly in 1620, so the use of this text would not be anachronistic, though it had served primarily for use by ceremonial magicians until linked to Satanic ritual by LaVey when he employed Satanized versions in his aforementioned book published in 1969. While Thomasin at the film’s end rises in the air as if symbolically liberated from her family’s beliefs, one must wonder what her future might hold, for would she remain amongst the forest dwellers, or return to the “civilization” of the plantation?

The mostly monochromatic cinematography has striking moments, evoking Breughel, Vermeer and Rembrandt. Mother Katherine’s guilt-induced surreal visions as well as Thomasin’s final initiation bring patches of warm and vivid color. The acting is fine, and the score works well to assist in the ratcheting-up of tension. Overall, there is little action and the horrors are primarily glimpsed briefly and obliquely. I imagine that the subtlety of this film will not likely appeal to a mass audience, accustomed to the current vogue for graphic violence and continuous action.

While one could interpret this work as a deadly hallucinatory experience arising from religious fanaticism and paranoia, it is filmed as if the witch and her interactions with the family are actually occurring, rather than as fantasies—more a direct fright flick approach than an ambiguous allegory. So we have here a coven of witches who worship The Devil and murder children as part of their devotions and spell-castings. The film does not offer any solace for the theists as their faith does not protect them from the dark forces. It is a stylish movie, but renderings of witchcraft and Puritanism have long been horror staples, flourishing in the currently active lurid series SALEM, which gleefully embraces both the Christians’ and the witches’ perspectives.

Those publicizing this film have made a deal with a “neo-satanist” group noted for doing media stunts as a means of drawing attention to its release. Additionally, those working to promote the movie in Australia contacted us to see if our members there would also assist them. From their email:

“I would love to show this film in some way to your congregation as a way to not only highlight the film (by having the Church of Satan Australia’s affiliation) as part of the publicity campaign, but to also bring some awareness of your religion/church to the forefront.”

We declined the invitation. While it is an atmospheric horror film, it depicts child-killing Devil worshippers as the alternative to repressed Christianity—both forms of theist irrationality. Having to contradict that imagery with the actuality of our atheism-based rational philosophy is not something we think would be worthwhile. 

By way of contrast, Iñárritu’s THE REVENANT is a current film far more in tune with the actual philosophy of Satanism, portraying a man betrayed who must surmount the harshness of nature in order to claim the justice due to him. That film is an artistic statement about the struggle for human existence in an indifferent universe while dealing with a society whose members can offer deadly hostility. It is something we would see as Satanism in action, rather than what one experience’s in the conflict of murderous goat adoring crones and faith-crazed Puritans from Eggers’ THE WITCH.

I’ve read that Eggers may be doing a remake of Murnau’s classic silent Dracula adaptation, NOSFERATU, which was well-served by the masterful Herzog in his 1979 version. That could be of interest, since Eggers’ work in THE WITCH is skilled in its capturing of a past era imbued with fear. If it comes to pass, I’ll let you know how it compares, since revisiting something that has been done before can at times be refreshing, or it can reveal anew the unique power of the original whose magic it failed to recapture.



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Posted on Wednesday February 03, 2016

Reverend Raul Antony and co-host Jesse Degtyarov bring you a...

Reverend Raul Antony and co-host Jesse Degtyarov bring you a discussion on radical politics with iconoclastic attorney and politician Augustus Sol Invictus, a review of their favorite Industrial/Neofolk/Black Metal releases of 2015 and the past five years, a review of ‘zine culture, and a discussion on hypocrisy of moralizing behavior and Good Guy Badges in contemporary metal press.


The Forest Passage Episode 9 – Augustus Sol Invictus for Senate

This episode Raul Antony & Jesse Degtyarov are joined by attorney, philosopher, social critic and future Senator Augustus Sol Invictus. In our in-depth conversation we discuss Invictus’ path to politics, the Call to Total Insurrection, the metaphysics of politics, Libertarian in-fighting, being back-stabbed by the O.T.O,  outsider culture and subversion, Thelema, Satanism and Heathenism, the non-aggression principle as it applies to eugenics & abortion, Nationalism & the Nouvelle Droite/Alt-Right, and eating pizza.

The Forest Passage – Episode 10 – Best of 2015

This episode we discuss our top 3 releases of 2015, spanning genres from black metal to industrial and folk.

The Forest Passage – Episode 11 – Best of 2011-2015

This episode we look back at our favorite releases from the past five years, expanding on our contributions to the Heathen Harvest Best of the Quinquennium feature article. Along the way we also discuss cross-genre experimentation, post-black metal vs. traditional black metal, Barry Manilow’s evil twin, tracksuits, and Space Jam.

The Forest Passage – Episode 12 – Zines, Metal Moral Police & Bandcamp Giveaway

This episode we announce the Annihilvs Operation Equinox 2016 tour, discuss zine culture, moral signaling and attempts to create safe spaces in extreme music vis-à-vis the Myrkur “death threats” outrage, and the compulsive need for inclusion and brotherhood. Balancing out all our cynical contrarianism, we close out with a #MetalBandcampgiftclub giveaway. Leave a comment on the show post on Heathen Harvest and be entered to win a digital copy of Pagan Hellfire’s On the Path to Triumph and more. We also put out a call to musicians for help with some theme music for the podcast.

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Posted on Wednesday February 03, 2016

RAISING HELL EPISODE. XX - February 3rd, 2016 - The Good Ol’...

RAISING HELL EPISODE. XX - February 3rd, 2016 - The Good Ol’ Days

A Double Dose of Awesome with guest co-hosts Charmaine and Ramon

The Grownup Grotto - Birth Shaming (20:17)

Handbook for Hellions - Young, Dumb and Full of … (49:45)

What The Wild Things Think - Episode II – Cyberbullying (1:11:15)

Listen to Confessions of a Wicked Witch with Magistra Ygraine on Radio Free Satan and hear why Priestess Rice is the Witch of the Year: 

Confessions of a Wicked Witch, Ep. 25 on Radio Free Satan

Need some devilish delights to carry you through the year? Check out  The Satanic Warlock Calendar at I-Satanist!

Available on iTunesStitcherYouTube, and Facebook

—Citizen Milton C.

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Posted on Wednesday February 03, 2016

Old Nick’s “Sinful Winter Solstice Issue” Now Available! Want...

Old Nick’s “Sinful Winter Solstice Issue”
Now Available!

Want something to fire up those cold winter nights? Check out the latest issue of Old Nick, packed with soft, warm bodies and plenty of diabolically good features!



Old Nick Chicks Heidee Nytes & Stone Perez show us what makes them so devilishly delightful!


Special feature spotlighting adult star Sarah Vandella on screen and in the buff!


Night Gallery
presents the most diabolical photographer ever. You’re “commanded to look!


High Priestess Peggy Nadramia’s “Lusty Liqueurs,” Valentine Vixens, & Temptress Scarlett Black’s “Seven Sins

Get the Collector’s Print Copy at

The XXX Edition with Video is available at

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Posted on Tuesday February 02, 2016

Sigil of Baphomet Sterling Silver Lapel Pins at iSatanist Once...

Sigil of Baphomet Sterling Silver Lapel Pins at iSatanist 

Once again, iSatanist raises the bar to a whole new level!

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet Sterling Silver Lapel Pins have arrived! 1 ¼" in diameter!

These are just perfect for that Special Engagement happening soon!

Get yours now!

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Posted on Monday February 01, 2016



Today Coffin Spell has released their newest full length album “Mystic Seer.” The album features 14 tracks of their self described “Haunted House Rock N Roll” and also comes with a 32 page companion book “The Complete Grimoire of the Mystic Seer” which features lyrics, short stories for a few of the tracks, a letter from the band, and a few pages of pictures, flyers, posters, etc. 

Physical copies of the album are only available through Bandcamp, as is any version of the book. Digital retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby should begin having the digital album available beginning today as well as streaming sites such as Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube. 

 Physical copies of the album and book are available separately and are $5 each or $10 for both. All purchases on Bandcamp come with a download of the album and a PDF version of the book. Free shipping in the US. 

Bandcamp / Facebook 

Thank you for supporting us.

Hail Satan! 

 —Sean David Stoltenburg

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Posted on Monday February 01, 2016

ASP Apparel - Cult of Corbis Ringer T-ShirtShow allegiance to...

ASP Apparel - Cult of Corbis Ringer T-Shirt

Show allegiance to the “Cult of Corbis” with our retro 70s style ringer t-shirt! A tribute to one the best/worst of the Satanic celluloid schlock: “The Devil’s Rain”.

Artist Reverend Byrd has meticulously recreated and improved the stylised stained glass Goat of Mendes featured in the ritual chamber of the cult horror film, and Magister Slaughter has paired this with the iconic altar cloth motif “Rege Satanas” to complete the concept. These striking Satanic t-shirts are printed by Reverend Palmer in a range of retro colours, making this creative collaboration between three members of the Church of Satan’s Priesthood of Mendes serve as a token to transport the wearer to a bygone diabolic dimension.

FREE Sticker with every T-shirt!
FREE Shipping Worldwide!

ASP Apparel - Satanic Clothing & Regalia
Created by Reverend Ashley S. Palmer

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Posted on Monday February 01, 2016

The Accusation Party Purging Talon proudly presents its latest...

The Accusation Party 

Purging Talon proudly presents its latest project: The Accusation Party. Produced and hosted by Magister Matt G. ParadiseThe Accusation Party serves as an audio podcast representing critical thought and analysis with a complete disregard for mainstream censure. It is total free speech—no trigger warnings, no political correctness, no privilege checking, no cultural inclusiveness. Nothing is sacred. None will be spared.

The inaugural episode focuses on the myth of human equality, with insight from Friedrich Nietzsche, Ragnar Redbeard, William A. Henry III, Milton Friedman, and others. Our guest will be Magister Bill M., who will discuss equality in math and how it may or may not apply to human equality. Also, we look at Affirmative Action, blanket inclusion for children in sports, America’s founding fathers, group comparisons, and more. Opening quotation read by Magister Kevin I. Slaughter.

For more information, please visit

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Posted on Sunday January 31, 2016

Church of Satan—50th Anniversary Preparations are well underway...

Church of Satan—50th Anniversary 

Preparations are well underway for the Church of Satan’s official celebration of its 50th anniversary on Walpurgisnacht, April 30th of this year. Satanists all over the world can celebrate with ritual and revelry. Members of the Church are invited to participate in the official gathering in the United States on that night.

We are particularly excited to announce that this elegant gala and ritual will feature the musical genius of two highly talented members: the Nathan Gray Collective and The Jimmy Psycho Experiment. Members interested in attending can get details by emailing the administration and confirming member status.

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Posted on Saturday January 30, 2016

Satanic Players Society: THERIANTHROP Welcome to our first Big...

Satanic Players Society: THERIANTHROP 

Welcome to our first Big Top performance. Direct from the twisted imagination of M.R. Stover, this is the first tale of the Jacoby Ash series. A revenant who through the love of his family reached out to the darkness and made a deal with the Devil, he serves now as a punisher, a bringer of vengence to those who would bring discord and harm to the earth.

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Posted on Thursday January 28, 2016

Saturday, January 30thFreddy’s presents!A Berenice Records...

Saturday, January 30th
Freddy’s presents!
A Berenice Records showcase

Darren Deicide

(Infernal Juke House Blues from New Jersey)

(Cosmic Beats from Maine)

Freddy’s, 627 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Facebook event page.

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Posted on Thursday January 28, 2016

The Devil You Know PodcastEpisode 16 is up and running!John H...

The Devil You Know Podcast
Episode 16 is up and running!

John H Shaw and Dorian Grey talk about shit – “Are you a Decadent?” with Aden Ardennes – 3rd segment of “The Law of Gyps” starring Gyps Fulvus – and Special Guest – Citizen Sangi!

Listen now!

Website / YouTube / SoundCloud / RSS Feed / iTunes / Stitcher

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Posted on Wednesday January 27, 2016

Ritual Alchemy: The Magic of Brewing by Reverend Adam P...

Ritual Alchemy: The Magic of Brewing

by Reverend Adam P Campbell
an article for The Black Flame—January, LI A.S.

al·che·my   /ˈalkəmē/
A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Brewing Is Magic

From our ancient history, we humans have sought power over those around us. To create and destroy is inherent in our DNA. On the rare occasion, there are those of us who step outside of the herd and demand more. We demand authority over those around us and respect from those who claim to know us. Of those rare few are an even smaller few who rather than just wanting authority, take it. This is done most often through the use of Lesser Magic; non-ritual or manipulative magic as explained in The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor Lavey.

Lesser Magic is the cornerstone of any Satanist worth his salt. It is the practical application of our will, unseen throughout the world. The Satanic Witch, formerly The Compleat Witch, by Anton Szandor LaVey goes into great detail about this topic, and should be studied by every Satanist. Lesser Magic has many forms. It can be subtle body language, an encouraging word, reinforcing physical support or the more tangible—a mysterious potion. Potions by definition can heal, alter one’s perception of reality, lighten one’s mood and even kill. Herein we will be talking about the alchemical art, the transformation of fruits and grains into fermented elixirs that can be used to further one’s own Lesser Magic ends.

When I decide to step into my brewing alcove, much like stepping into my ritual chamber, I enter with intention. I know what I will be concocting, and for what purpose. I infuse my tonic with my focus and intention, and what comes out of it is pure magic. In this way my act of brewing is Greater Magic; “The change in situations or events in accordance with one’s will…” as written by Anton Szandor LaVey in The Satanic Bible. The process itself is ritual from the precise steps followed, implements used, notes taken and energy generated & directed. We Satanic Warlocks have a proud tradition in the mastery of Lesser and Greater Magic through study and exercise. Allow me to introduce you to Ritual Alchemy.

Why Brew Potions (Lesser Magic)

I often find myself in my brewing alcove to celebrate a harvest, manipulate a man or woman or to educate others. There are many individual reasons to step into the chamber; what is most important is that there IS a reason. Anyone can cook. Anyone can follow a recipe and create a product. The difference between a neophyte and a master is practice, study and intention.

When a Satanic Warlock brews there is technique and passion involved. Respect for the sourced ingredients and a sense of self. This is not just for the process itself but for the outcome. If I offer you a glass of my wine or a pint of my beer it means something. It’s not giving you a drink of water, I am giving a piece of myself to you. The particular aspect of myself I am giving—wrath, lust or compassion—may not be discerned until you have tasted it.

The Alchemy of fermentation naturally occurs without our input, but the human exercise of brewing beer and winemaking as a means to an end began in the Neolithic age. It’s been documented going back 7000 BCE. It’s not a stretch to say before the written word our ancestors were creating and consuming as well. This is to say, this ancient knowledge has been handed down from generation to generation from the beginning. Only those willing to study the process, and be willing to fail and give themselves to the experiment, will inherit this knowledge. Is it any wonder why alcohol has always been involved in religion?

Originally, the act of fermenting fruit and grains may have been for local pleasure, but it quickly spread into an economy of its own. In fact, depending on the ingredients used, fermented beverages have been used as a source of dietary nutrients. In ancient Egypt beer was a form of medicine. Their recipes actually created a natural antibiotic in the beer itself. Modern science wouldn’t catch up for over 3000 years.

Some of our earliest written literature centered around beer. The ancient Sumerians had “The Hymn to Ninkasi” which doubles as a prayer to a goddess and a recipe for creating beer. Even Christianity in the modern era claims their god transforms wine into blood as they consume it. It is said ancient Egyptians paid their slaves in beer rations while they built the pyramids. These structures stand to this day, a lasting legacy of a truly magical elixir.

The Brewing Ritual (Greater Magic)

In its simplest form, the alchemy behind fermentation is a metabolic process of yeast consuming sugar, the byproduct being carbon and alcohol. The process begins with cleaning your equipment, adding malt to boiling water, adding hops to bitter, flavor and add aroma to the wort, then cool the wort and pitch the yeast. But rather than dumbing down and stripping the magic away, let’s focus on the ritual behind it. My kitchen is my brewing alcove, my ritual chamber. Within is a cauldron where I call upon the fires of Satan to create an inferno that purifies the liquid to be used, removing impurities and leaving behind the blessed waters of Leviathan. I then call out to Belial, asking for the grains that grew in his earth to sacrifice themselves, providing a base of sugars for the alchemy to begin. Being the infernal master of the earth, he also provides hops to bitter and flavor the sweet potion before the yeast is pitched and the true alchemy begins.

The brewing process takes attention and care. You can’t just try it on a whim, hoping for a superb outcome. As with anything in life, it takes study and preparation. In the same way you are never promoted in your job the first day, your ultimate success in alchemy will come through repetition, improvement and love of the process and ingredients used. The idiom cleanliness is next to godliness is true in brewing. Every piece of equipment that will touch your beer or wine needs to be sanitized. There are many products that are able to help you in this process, but the process of cleaning your equipment is a ritual beyond the scope of this essay.

Once you have purified your ritual implements, you must begin the base of your potion, heat up your water in the cauldron. It is important to note that your water must be filtered and free of impurities prior to use. Depending on the recipe, you may have grains to add before you reach a roiling boil. If you do, maintain the water at 145-155 degrees fahrenheit for an hour with the grains steeping. This will provide a base of color and flavor to your potion and it is at this point you may infuse your liquid with your compassion if that is your intention. The liquid is open to your suggestion in this vulnerable state.

When you are finished steeping your grains, bring the liquid up to a boil and remove from heat. You must pay close attention from now through the end of the process. When you are actively stirring and adding your malt to your liquid, you are creating wort. Wort is a demon that is unforgiving and will boil over if left unattended. It needs your focus as you put the pot back on the heat and bring it to a boil. If you are wrathful, now is the time to unleash it. It will tame the wort and your aggression will be received well. Depending on the recipe, you will have one to three sets of hops to add: one for bittering, one for flavoring and one for aroma.

Adding hops to your wort is the time to show lust. This tames your sweet wort with your bitter and flavorful hops. If lust is your intention, let it flow now. The bittering hops should be left in the boiling wort for an hour. Add your flavoring hops in the last 30 minutes, and for the aroma hops, add for five minutes. When the hour is up, shut down the boil and cool down the wort with a coil or exterior ice. Do not allow any contaminants into your potion.

Once cooled to 75 degrees, siphon the potion into the primary fermenting container and then pitch your yeast. This is the ‘so it is done’ moment, and when you seal the container, attaching your airlock, the air should be clear and the ritual is complete. There will be a secondary filtering before you bottle, and the potion should sit in the bottle for a month prior to consumption.

The Magical Tradition

Brewing potions is not a process for the weak of mind and requires focus and a spirit of experimentation. It is a legacy of our human species that has endured to this day. Those of us who celebrate its alchemical magic champion its process and carry on the traditions of the magicians from our past. If you choose to walk this dark path, perhaps one day we will share a cauldron or exchange secrets we have discovered. This is a process for the student, there are no masters, only passionate magicians feverishly brewing into the future.

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Posted on Tuesday January 26, 2016

Question: How do you stop a freight train?Answer: You...

Question: How do you stop a freight train?
Answer: You don’t!

iSatanist continues to astound us with their innovation and creativity!

Introducing the Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet Sterling Silver
Bracelets for MEN and WOMEN

This is a PREORDER SALE, so take full advantage of this!

Only at Satanist!

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CHANGÓ—Music by Magus Peter H. GilmoreAnother composition from...

CHANGÓ—Music by Magus Peter H. Gilmore

Another composition from Magus Gilmore’s period of graduate studies, remastered from a cassette recording by Warlock Gene, has been posted. Done as a play on ritornello form in tribute to J. S. Bach on a Fairlight CMI, Gilmore creates a musical syncretism of European form and chamber orchestra with Latin elements of rhythm and instrumentation to evoke Santería’s Orisha of virility, fire, thunder & lightning, as well as drumming and dancing.

A free download
from Magus Gilmore’s music downloads page.

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The Hush, Hush, Sweet Harlot presents!Darren Deicide (infernal...

The Hush, Hush, Sweet Harlot presents!
Darren Deicide (infernal juke house blues from NJ)

January 25th at 9:00 pm — $5.00

The Red Door, 107 State St, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801

The Hush Hush Sweet Harlot series brings live talented music into an attentive setting. Sid Lindner began the series in 2004 to appreciate local and touring acts, focusing attention on the artists.

Monday nights are a great time to enjoy a muted style of americana, folk, bluegrass, and jazz. The acoustics are ideal for stand up bass, fiddle, slide guitar, cello, and keyboards. It’s a receptive, intimate space where the extraordinary unfolds often.

Over the years we have hosted Deer Tick, Nat Baldwin, Phantogram, Joe Young, Ben Cosgrove, These United States, Clara Berry, and John Craigie.

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Satanic Story Time Presents Episode 32 - “She Knew”...

Satanic Story Time Presents Episode 32 - “She Knew” with Special Guests Hydra M. Star and Gyps Fulvus

Now available in iTunes, and at

The Devil’s Tuning Fork: After careful consideration, we were able to decide on three songs that, in our opinion, capture the mood of Hydra M. Star’s short story, “She Knew”. We have selected “The Lake” from King Diamond’s album, Fatal Portrait; “He Is” from Ghost’s album, Meliora; and “Coda” from Gyps Fulvus’ album, The Lich.

The Devil’s Workshop: We have Hydra M. Star’s short story, “She Knew”. The audio presentation is narrated by yours truly.

The Snake Oil Salesman: This brand new segment covers vitamins, supplements, cardio, and resistance training. Episode 1 covers the similarities and differences between two infamous supplements: Creatine and Glutamine. Ben Guinter, blogger on Hub Pages, has permitted me to read his final article on the matter. Its title is “Creatine vs Glutamine – Final Comparison”. These two supplements enter the arena to do battle. Only one can emerge victorious. But, health related topics have a third side too.  

The Devil is in the DetailsHydra M. Star joins us for the second half of the show. We sat down and caught up on the details regarding her short story, “She Knew”. Moreover, we discussed her other projects and her affiliation within the Church of Satan.

—Citizen Aaron Mantle

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For the first time, this Nightmare Train of NYC Rock invades...

For the first time, this Nightmare Train of NYC Rock invades Connecticut in January of 2016!

This Saturday, the 23rd, at Cherry Street Station in Wallingford its the debut of Gyps Fulvus’ side project: Cherry Embers, the Gothic Rock of Night Gallery, the socially aware and pissed off Universal Truth Machine, the psychobilly punk n’ roll of The Omega Men and finally… the Satanic Sleaze Rock of Danse de Sade!

With 18 yrs of serving the community its Metal, Punk and Hard Rock—Cherry Street Station is located on No. Cherry Street Extension in Wallingford!

$10 cover, Strictly 21+. Cheap drinks, outdoor patio, plenty of parking! Easy to get to from NYC’s Grand Central or Penn Station—just grab the New Haven or Northeast Regional line to Wallingford!

Available for purchase at this event is the brand new debut album by DANSE dE SADE: “SEX, SATAN, BAROQUE N’ ROLL”. Availabe on Cdbaby, iTunes, Spotify and wherever else digital music is sold.

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The Devil You Know PodcastEpisode 15 is up and running!Dorian...

The Devil You Know Podcast
Episode 15 is up and running!

Dorian Grey and John H Shaw talk as they do, another segment of “The Law of Gyps” starring Gyps Fulvus – and Special Guest – Warlock
M. A. Mandrake

Listen now!

Website / YouTube / SoundCloud / RSS Feed / iTunes / Stitcher

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