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Posted on Sunday June 26, 2016

Join Texxx as he interviews Warlock Robert Leuthold as they...

Join Texxx as he interviews Warlock Robert Leuthold as they discuss Satanism, depression, and much more.

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Posted on Sunday June 26, 2016

Celebrate the spirit of Rebellion! iSatanist is offering the...

Celebrate the spirit of Rebellion!

iSatanist is offering the stunning Red, White & Blue Official Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet Medallions at only $19.99 from now until July, 4th!

Take full advantage of this and celebrate our Day of Independence!

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Posted on Sunday June 26, 2016

The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 34 is up and running!Dorian...

The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 34 is up and running!

Dorian Grey and John H Shaw talk about the temperature and penis chip implants – “What Grinds My Gears” with “Christopher Walken” – Special Guest and Citizen of the Infernal Empire Blake “Texxx” Turner!

Listen now, so you know what NOT to put into your penis!

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Posted on Thursday June 23, 2016

An Interview with James Kent of Perturbator by Reverend Raul...

An Interview with James Kent of Perturbator by Reverend Raul Antony

a feature for The Black Flame—June, LI A.S.

I first heard Perturbator almost exactly a year ago while editing a highly rated review for Dangerous Days at Heathen Harvest. The writer described a faux-retro synthwave album that melds cyberpunk aesthetics with the neon-cool atmosphere of Drive, with an evil supercomputer named “Satan” thrown in the mix. Being a long-time fan of electronic music, cyberpunk, and the films of Nicolas Winding Refn, I couldn’t help be feel like someone formed an album specifically for me.


Keeping my solipsism in check wasn’t hard. It turned out that Perturbator was doing quite well in the underground electronic dance scene. The project was getting excellent coverage in digital and print magazines, and had tracks included in popular indie video games Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. In many ways this reminded me of the faults of having musical blinders on. Being so focused on specific obscure genres of music almost had me missing out on what would become one of my favorite projects in recent years.

Perturbator feat. Carpenter Brut  "Complete Domination" Music Video

Over the following months I delved further into the world of Perturbator, Carpenter Brut (also highly rated on Heathen Harvest), GosT, M|O|O|N, and others. On May 2016 Perturbator released “The Uncanny Valley” (Review), further developing his unique aesthetic and prominently featuring Satanic imagery and symbolism. At that point I decided to reach out to his label, Blood Music, who were kind enough to put me in contact with artist and producer James Kent, the mastermind behind this Satanic Electro-Synth project. Being in the midst of a series of performances and remixes, our time was short but well worth the effort. It’s clear that James Kent is on his own path but a fellow traveler and there are many layers of Satanic influence in his art for our audience here to dissect. Enjoy.  


An important magical idea in our religion is capturing the power of something from the past and creating total environments. One of the best ways of doing this is through art, using nostalgia to tap into this hidden force. I think this is what makes your art, aside from the pentagrams and occult imagery, relevant to our audience. You’re not just creating retro music, but creating a whole new universe, a cyber noir setting that combines the past with the future. How did the aesthetic concepts of Perturbator come about?

Perturbator started in 2011, at first it was sort of a little escape route for me. My personal life was on the low side, and my other musical projects were falling apart. The initial idea was to create something of my own. While it did more or less start out as a very blatant tribute to retro aesthetics and other movie or video game tropes, the more I was doing it the more I realized I could take some of those inspirations I had and reshape them to make it my own. Something more personal. I wanted to build a universe that would be familiar to everyone, yet still give it that mysterious and daunting vibe that anyone can feel when being faced with something strange or unusual. Tales from a hopeless future, occult elements. You might hear a track that reminds you of retro Italo disco à la Giorgio Moroder, but there is still an unsettling factor, this feeling that something is not right. Church bells ringing in the background… This sort of stuff. Of course most of it was inspired by borderline cheesy 70s and 80s satanic exploitation and science fiction movies. But I always try to give it my own approach and views of it.

And the symbols? You often use the pentagram and some other hidden occult symbols throughout your art. How do those relate to your work?

The pentagram is a very strong symbol. Some people believe I just use it in order to “cash-in” on the symbol itself, or just to attract metal music enthusiasts. Truth is, a pentagram can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. And while I am unquestionably an atheist, this particular symbol means a lot of things to me in many ways, including on a very personal level. I see it (and use it) as a symbol of power, a gateway to something otherworldly and a reminder that there are still forces beyond human comprehension. 

This aspect is, of course, really important to my music, as I create it to sound powerful and aggressive. It always relates to the project and its themes as well. The fantasy world of Perturbator is one where science and religion are constantly colliding with one another. I always try to use symbolism in thoughtful ways, rather than use it as a vessel for ideology or attach a blatant message to it. There are many layers of interpretation. And the way people react to the imagery of Perturbator can also say a lot of things about themselves. Is that person easily scared? Or is he/she willing to embrace it? Or maybe it’s just indifference? It’s always very fascinating to me.


Were you familiar with Satanism, and if so, did that influence you in any way?

I am. I was introduced to it at a very young age and read Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible many times. Even though most aspects of Satanic philosophy resonate deeply with me, to this day I still don’t consider myself a Satanist, as it clashes with some of my world views (like any religion does in some ways). However, it had a strong influence on me. It woke up in me a huge interest towards symbolism and occultism, some things that are ever present in my work and myself. And it also helped me to shape my own way of thinking.

Your art and music videos also contains a fair bit of sexuality, well defined and balanced female and male aesthetics—something very important to Satanism. Was this balance something you intended?

Sexuality is another very important force in our daily lives. I always try to highlight it in all its complexity.  It is both a very attractive yet threatening concept to all of us. A lot of people visualize this image of a naked person as being “weak”, “vulnerable” or “exposed”. To me, it’s the complete opposite, a naked body is another symbol of power. When someone has nothing to hide from anyone and proudly shows it. This person becomes a figure of strength. Hence the over exaggeration of those aesthetics.

Some of my favorite tracks of yours include female vocals. It adds a touch of carnality to the synthesis. Do you plan on doing more vocal work in the future?

Of course, to be honest I cannot imagine Perturbator without vocals anymore, it has become an important part of my sound. So much that I even thought about doing an album with vocalists on every track.

Perturbator - “Sentient” Music Video

Let’s talk about movies. I think some of my favorite Satanic movies include Drive, Akira, Blade Runner and Metropolis, and I can draw connections between those films and your art. Have these films in particular influenced you? Which others have inspired your work?

I often quote Blade Runner as my favorite movie of all time. Those movies you cited here are definitely in the top 10 that influenced Perturbator. To be honest, if I’d list all the movies I took inspiration from, it would take months, ha ha. But it ranges from modern sci-fi like Ex Machina and Her to retro shlock B movies like Deadbeat at Dawn, Evilspeak and The Sentinel.

Outside of the electro-synth scene you’re probably best known for your work with the Hotline Miami games. Has that experience given you other opportunities to work within the video game industry? I imagine your pixel-esque art and music would be greatly desired. Hell, I’d love to play a game fully devoted to one of your worlds!

There actually have been many discussions about transposing the Perturbator world into a gaming experience, but nothing too concrete yet. It’s complicated now, but I still have hopes for it someday in the future! That being said, I am currently onboard for another game project called The Last Night made by French developers Tim and Adrien Soret. And I have other things in the works to be announced hopefully soon.

The Last Night Screenshot - See more at Odd Tales 

I understand that you played in some black metal bands in the past. Are you still active in metal or have you dedicated yourself to electronic music?

I’m currently going back to making metal music now. It’s building extremely slowly, since Perturbator takes me most of my time. But I am very happy to get back to my roots with a new and fresh view on music writing and with everything I’ve learned from Perturbator. I’m looking forward to record this all and get it out sometime this year or the next one.

Perturbator Live MAMA 2015

Tell us about your dark ambient project L'Enfant De La Forêt, did you feel the need to balance your high-energy, neon-colored work with something more dark and sedated?

L'Enfant De La Forêt is a very personal side project. I would even say that I feel more like myself when I’m writing a L'Enfant De La Forêt track than when I’m making a Perturbator one. It’s more about me and it’s as close as anyone can get to understand my way of thinking. That’s why this project has no boundaries for me. I can do anything I want with it. It’s extremely cathartic. I’m often times working on both simultaneously. It’s a good way to find balance in my mind. I’m currently working on a second album for L'Enfant De La Forêt, as we speak.


Many thanks to James Kent for taking time out of touring and production work to talk to me and J at Blood Music for making this happen.

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Posted on Wednesday June 22, 2016

HALLOWEEN IN SUMMER FESTIVAL 2016Art on You Studios with Witch...


Art on You Studios with Witch Renee and Warlock A.W. Storm Anderson are in high gear planning and organizing the 6th Annual “Halloween in Summer Festival” on Historic Magna Main in Magna, UT. The main part of the festival will be on Saturday July 16 from 10am-8pm. Salt Lake Comic Con is this year’s Title Sponsor, so you know it’s going to break the 2015 record of 10,000 festival goers! So, for those close to the Salt Lake City area or wanting to travel in, this is a splendid opportunity to be a part of fangtastic event!

Registration for Artists, Creators, Illustrators, Haunters, Witches, Vampires, Crafters, Writers, and other Ghoul Vendors are being accepted through July 10 while they’re available. Food Vendor spaces are Sold Out. Surf over to and Get Registered TODAY!

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Posted on Wednesday June 22, 2016

Friday, June 24th in Oakland Park at The GateThe Satanic Rock of...

Friday, June 24th in Oakland Park at The Gate

The Satanic Rock of New York joins forces with the “Sinister Minister” in the Sunshine State!

It’s DANSE dESADE’s 3 show mini-tour in Florida with their original fire-breathing, mouth-watering belly-dancer: CARIDAD and fellow New York City ass-kickers: UNIVERSAL TRUTH MACHINE. With a very special guest appearance in Orlando and Cape Coral by famed pro-wrestling icon, the one and only, FATHER JAMES MITCHELL!

Come and revel in the Un-holiness!

Saturday, June 25th in Orlando at Bombshell’s Tavern

Sunday, June 26th in Cape Coral at Rack’em

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Posted on Wednesday June 22, 2016

RAISING HELL - The Satanic Perspective on...

RAISING HELL - The Satanic Perspective on Parenting
Presents “Mothers, Not Martyrs.” w/ Satanist Elizabeth Salome!!!

R.H. Ep. XXIX -June, 22nd 2016 - Salve Syreni!

1.      Mothers, Not Martyrs. - Journey from the Maternal Underworld

2.      What Would Josephine Do? - “Yes, Even You…”

Available on iTunesStitcherYouTube, and Facebook!

—Warlock Milton C.

Raising Hell Podcast

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Posted on Tuesday June 21, 2016

From the Church of Satan Archives An article illustrated with...

From the Church of Satan Archives 

An article illustrated with rare photos written by High Priestess Peggy Nadramia, derived from her salon presentation to the attendees of the 50th Anniversary celebrations. A glimpse into our past as we make history for the future.

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Posted on Tuesday June 21, 2016

Nathan Gray Collective - Until The Darkness Takes Us -...

Nathan Gray Collective - Until The Darkness Takes Us - “Heathen Blood” Preview

Reverend Nathan Gray has been in the studio over the last several months working on his upcoming full-length album, entitled Until The Darkness Takes Us. He recently announced that he and musical partner Dan Smith will be releasing album previews on the Nathan Gray Collective Facebook page in the coming days.

Yesterday, Nathan posted a sampling of the first song on the album called “Heathen Blood”, and he invites you all to have a listen.

Keep up with Nathan Gray Collective on Facebook at, and on Twitter and Instagram @nathangraysongs

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Posted on Monday June 20, 2016

SATANIC STORY TIME: Episode 37 – “Marionettes, Inc.” with...

SATANIC STORY TIME: Episode 37 – “Marionettes, Inc.” with Special Guest Rachael Mantle

Now available for Android
Google PlayiTunes, and  Satanic Story Time presents episode 37 – “Marionettes, Inc.“, from Dimension X.

The Devil’s Tuning Fork: A series of events has led me to the coincidental choosing of these particular tracks. I have selected “Symphony of Destruction” from Megadeth’s fifth album, Countdown to Extinction, which was released on July 6, 1992 through Capitol Records. Also on the track listing for this episode is AC/DC’s “TNT” from their second album, TNT, with the late Bon Scott which was released only in Australia on December 1, 1975. Last but not least on the lineup for “The Devil’s Tuning Fork” for episode 37 is King Diamond’s “The Puppet Master” from his 11th solo album, The Puppet Master, which was released on October 21, 2003.

The Devil’s Workshop:  Keeping with the theme of this episode, I have selected an old time horror radio show for you entitled, “Marionettes, Inc.

The radio adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s “Marionettes, Inc.” was originally presented by Dimension X. Dimension X was an NBC radio program broadcast on an unsponsored, sustaining basis from April 8, 1950, to September 29, 1951. The first 13 episodes were broadcast live, and the remainder were pre-recorded. Fred Wiehe and Edward King were the directors. Norman Rose was heard as both announcer and narrator. “Marionettes, Inc.” was first heard on Dimension X and NBC radio on August 30, 1951 and was adapted for radio by George Lefferts. It served as Dimension X’ 46th episode.

The story itself was written by Ray Bradbury and first appeared in Startling Stories in March of 1949. It was later published in a collection of his short stories, The Illustrated Man

—Citizen Aaron Mantle

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Posted on Monday June 20, 2016

Satanists Aren’t Always Perfectby Satanist Alyssa Rossan article...

Satanists Aren’t Always Perfect

by Satanist Alyssa Ross

an article for The Black Flame—June, LI A.S.

I’d like to reflect on a quote from Peter H. Gilmore found in his Satanic Scriptures. Essentially, it reads: “As Satanists, we strive for perfection, but sometimes fall into negative patterns.” This hits particularly close to home for me and has renewed my strength and confidence in myself. It takes strength to recognize when one is falling into negative patterns, and even more strength to pull oneself out of those negative patterns.  When one is on a course of self-destruction, it is up to you to pull the rip cord and eject yourself out of that course.

In 2015, I had three hospitalizations for attempted suicide. Anton LaVey said in his Satanic Bible that suicide was only acceptable under very specific circumstances: that if one was in so much pain suicide would actually be a release from that pain. I thought that I had finally reached that threshold. I’ve since discovered that I’m simply bipolar II depressive; an increasingly common diagnosis as we continue to learn more about the human brain and its patterns.

I had fallen into one of those negative patterns that Peter H. Gilmore had mentioned. Re-reading that quote hit me like a ton of bricks. I was not, in fact, in so much pain that death would be a release, but had fallen into a negative pattern; I just needed the right medication and treatment.

Since then, I’ve received the medication and treatment I needed and feel like my old, proud, Satanic self again. I wanted to write this piece to remind those who may be struggling with depression or suicidal ideations to seek help. Life is indeed the great indulgence, and death is the great abstinence. Don’t end your indulgence because you may be suffering from something temporary or that can be fixed with the right treatment. Mental illness is like any other illness; it can be treated and fixed.

If you find you’ve fallen into any form of negative pattern, take a step back and reflect on what Mr. Gilmore has written. Acknowledge it so that you can find a solution to break that pattern. Then you will be ready to go back to striving for perfection in all your talents and indulgences. Celebrate this great indulgence and recognize when you’ve fallen into those negative patterns.

—Satanist Alyssa Ross

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Posted on Sunday June 19, 2016

SUPERLATIVE SOLSTICE!From our garden here at The Black House, we...


From our garden here at The Black House, we offer Solstice greetings to all in harmony with the Earth’s seasonal changes. In the Northern Hemisphere we embrace the longest day of the year as sultry Summer begins. In the Southern Hemisphere, residents may mark the longest night as Winter begins its gelid reign.

Wherever you might be, it is always a delight to celebrate the glories of nature and the abundant pleasures that life offers.

Here’s to a splendid new season filled with joy and abundant indulgences!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

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Posted on Saturday June 18, 2016

Join Texxx and Warlock Alder Strauss as they discuss the...

Join Texxx and Warlock Alder Strauss as they discuss the importance of living life to the fullest.

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Posted on Friday June 17, 2016

The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 33 is up and running!Dorian...

The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 33 is up and running!

Dorian Grey and John H Shaw talk about the ridiculousness of Theistic Extremists – A listener submission commercial – The 15th Segment of “The Law of Gyps” with Gyps Fulvus – Special Guest – Magister David Harris!

Listen now, unless you are Muslim, or hate sex!

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Posted on Friday June 17, 2016

Scapegoat: “Esoteric Technology...

Scapegoat: “Esoteric Technology

Scapegoat is also Warlock J.R. Torina, this time with ritual ambient music in the form of Scapegoat, a project going as far back as 1991 ce.

This particular album is a digital release of an older, more “cosmic” themed release, but the magic element is still there—or rather, was beginning to manifest.


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Posted on Thursday June 16, 2016

Does Apple “Think Different”? Interview with Peter...

Does Apple “Think Different”? Interview with Peter Gilmore on Tech Live (2001) ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬

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Posted on Thursday June 16, 2016

The Forest Passage Podcast #17: Judgements and JuriesReverend...

The Forest Passage Podcast #17: Judgements and Juries

Reverend Raul Antony and Degtyarov have a few drinks while talking about experiences with the US jury system, getting over kicking boxing injuries, and discuss recently published reviews on Heathen Harvest, Black Ivory Tower, and Nine Circles. We discuss Chinese folk band Raflum, the challenge of meaningful power electronics, Batushka’s orthodox troubles in Russia and what that means to black metal as adversarial music, and more.

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Posted on Thursday June 16, 2016

NOVA DEVICE: SSS (SexSinSatan)Nova Device is Warlock J.R. Torino...


Nova Device is Warlock J.R. Torino — an Industrial\techno\metal project, with each album encapsulating a theme.

First off, in time for the fiftieth anniversary of the Church of Satan, is this Satanic themed album:

Nova Device

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Posted on Wednesday June 15, 2016

THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTHOODThe Creation of the Church of...


The Creation of the Church of Satan Playset A Fisher Price Parody.

by Warlock William J. Butler
an article for The Black Flame—June, LI A.S. (Video)

In my earliest memories toys have always held a special place in my heart. The designs appealed to me visually, themes and colors were alluring to my taste, taking possession of my interest wholeheartedly. They inspired a magical fascination in me. What was this sorcery and why was I so enthralled by its enchantment? I know, I know. It was a well constructed capitalist plot of companies that had researched and deployed their seductive products en masse, enticing juvenile desires everywhere. Well, it worked, hook, line, and sinker.

All of this, coupled with being born a decade short of a world captivated by space exploration, fostered obsessions with toys based on fantasy, space travel, the future, monsters, super humans, magic, technology, and the strange unknown. The timing was right, creative ingenuity in the toy market seemed to be unleashed upon the world. Mass popularity of these new toy designs speaks for itself. Quickly approaching forty years after their original introduction, many of these beloved objects have become iconic namesakes, resulting in decades of new generation’s enjoyment and unwavering affection.


Blast from the Past in Burbank, CA

Toys held varied meanings to me as a youngster, introducing me at a young age to a wide range of human emotions and reactions. Seeing an item for the first time inspired awe, then feelings of desire, finally receiving an item generated excitement. On the flip side, not receiving an item provoked disappointment. Knowing that a toy was forthcoming, spurred anticipation. Connecting with others based on mutual interests promoted socialization, thus, engaging in play with others offered camaraderie. Mixing our treasures together cultivated sharing. Establishing new relationships, created Friendships. That’s just the beginning. 

Fantasies inspired further creativity; I even made up elaborate “movies” with “songs”. Assembling play sets offered early experience in mechanics, diagrams, and following directions.  Toys made me happy for no other reason than, they were. Just looking at them offered me comfort. If I was unhappy or alone, they offered company. If times were bad, escapism was literally in my hands. Long story short, toys brought me joy! Toys have always been loyal to me, and the loyalty I showed to them while young has developed into a lifelong passion. Toys introduced me to the pride of ownership, and to the inherent thing I am, a collector.

At the age others started let go of childish things I held on longer, although quietly. During the awkward teenage age years I would find myself occasionally perusing toy isles to see what was current, a tradition which would continue my entire life. A younger sister, with a thirteen year age difference, allowed a new outlet for hunting, buying, sharing and bonding. In my mid twenties, before the late nineties Star Wars explosion, I recollected the entire action figure line, the main stay of my childhood, to recapture the nostalgia of my youth. Of course I didn’t have them all as a kid, but I could now make that happen as an adult. When the time was right they were sold to fund a different type of collection. In the years after I would still peruse the store isles, occasionally buying something of interest to display on a shelf, until I eventually got carried away with PVC Anime figurines from Japan, which filled an entire curio cabinet.


Toy Tokyo - NYC

Most of the recollection of what was available to the youth of my day came from not owning toys, but from department store Christmas catalogs which were put out yearly. Each thick wishbook would have the entire back portion dedicated to the dreams of enchanted adolescents. Every new line for the year was made available for my viewing pleasure in stylized, colorful, pictorials. This was as important to the memories as the toys themselves. In the past one had to reflect upon faded reminiscence to revisit important nostalgia. Possessions of the past became either rare or non existent. Presently the internet provides instant access to things once lost to the past, including the pages of the catalogs themselves.

Fast forward to the last few years, I was invited to an antique toy mall, which impacted me in a strange way. The toy mall was sizable warehouse! It was like stepping out of reality straight into my past. Every conceivable thing one could remember from the seventies and eighties were present, as well as other eras. All the things I remembered, and better yet, things I forgot existed. I can’t explain the feeling. I was lost, swimming in delight. I was happy. A small shiny metallic Eagle Force soldier caught my attention. It was unfamiliar, but intriguing. As I stood there looking a cloud was lifted, like a dream sequence in Scooby Doo. Not only did it become familiar, I used to have one! It was an emotional revelation. The flood gate was now open and I started to recall numerous toys and began hunting the ones that were less popular or that I could only vaguely describe. Searching for the items I couldn’t quite remember, I stumbled on and saved many images of the previously mentioned catalogue ads. The spiral began.

Shortly after, I attended a toy and comic convention and happened upon some GI Joe figures. I decided to purchase about eight Cobra figures to display in my garage on my tool chest next to my motorcycle. I got home, took them out of the package, set them up, and was surprised with how much they still impressed me. I was a big fan of the eighties comic series, and long story short, I now have the most outrageously large collection of Cobra figurines and vehicles you can imagine.


Sideshow Collectibles G.I. Joe Cobra figures

I started to gather lesser known collections in turn creating a real life wish catalog of my own. Smaller numbers exist in those sets with a concrete beginning and end, unlike some open ended collections. All of the things I wished I could have had as a child could be a reality now. Micronauts, Buck Rogers, Black Hole, Tron, Flash Gordon, Clash of the Titans, D&D, Battlestar Galactica, M.U.S.C.L.E, Sectaurs, Master of the Universe, Eagle Force, Blackstar, Other World, and Universal Monsters are some examples. Having access to these items in my possession essentially evokes the power of a Total Environment. To gaze upon the displays, which I ritualistically do most days, provides an instant porthole to a time long gone. The imagery, smells, and memories, all of the magic associated with these items, comes flooding back in an instant, a time of simplistic innocence. It still resonates with me. The sentiments remain the same; Comfort, pride, joy, ease.

Exploration of the bygone era escalated to the far reaches of my childhood, rekindling a connection with the earliest stages of life. Fisher Price was a company that made toys aimed at zero to six year old children. Many of these products, partially forgotten, were redeemed, including the now iconic Little People playsets.  Although not what I particularly had my sights set on, they are ever present in my hunting grounds, and a joy to see. With that said, a character I saw commonly was the balding dad figure with a green body. Every time I would encounter one I would laugh to myself, envisioning it as Anton LaVey. Progressing from thinking I should make it happen, eventually a purchase was made ensuring that my idea was going to become a reality.


In the out-of-control spiral that is my mind, the character itself was not enough. Why not a pet? How about a mock play set complete with pseudo-packaging? A personal challenge was on. Little People didn’t have arms. Most of the accessories are buildings or vehicles. I spent a lot of time perusing images of vintage play sets waiting for things to pop out at me. For some reason it didn’t come immediately, but the lion from the circus train was the second idea, it would represent Togare. I searched and found an organ, which was fitting. Next, the red throne from the castle came to mind. Then I was stumped as for a back ground as I was thinking to large. Then it hit me that I could do something interesting with the staircase. To tie it all together a last idea came to me with the blonde women in the red dress. She would remain ambiguous, open to interpretation. Is it Jane? Diane? Blanche? A lot of thought went into this, and the pieces were ordered and assembled.


Off with his head! The parts were separated; the green body was painted black with a white priest collar. The old face was sanded off and replaced with hand painted new features. The lion remained original, as did the throne, organ, and woman as they were already accurate. The staircase was painted black with red accents. One side of the staircase would represent the Ritual chamber. An iSatanist pin was used as the Baphomet plaque. I couldn’t decide if using a sticker was right for the fireplace alter so I ended up constructing one out of stone pieces from a kitchen backsplash purchased at a hardware store.  The other side represented the purple room with secret door. I wallpapered the wall using ornate paper used for scrapbooking. The last touch were the pendants. I originally planed for painted pentagrams so I purchased some silver confetti stars from a party store to use as a template. I ended up just punching a hole through them, adding thread, and now necklaces were added.


The toy set was complete. The next step was to set up poses and take some product shots. Original box designs were digitally dissected and reconstructed to include the toys the way they looked now. A photo for every side of the packaging was created in the style of the original product shot, and finally, an actual box was created digitally. The Vintage Fisher Price Church of Satan was now a reality!


Thanks to the modern technology of the internet I was able to share with others something I otherwise would have done to entertain myself. Feedback has been positive, which is rewarding. At the suggestion of the High Priestess, I also put together a video showcasing this project. Using just the play set, the video setting on my phone, thread and scotch tape for animation, Satan takes a holiday for audio, and Movie Maker for editing, an official commercial nicely tied the whole endeavor together completely.

—Warlock William J. Butler

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Posted on Tuesday June 14, 2016

Magus Gilmore Ritual & Interview for “New York: On the...

Magus Gilmore Ritual & Interview for “New York: On the Edge” (1996) 

High Priest Peter H. Gilmore performs a ritual and discusses the Church of Satan on the TV show “New York: On the Edge” (1996). Includes music composed by Magus Gilmore. Special thanks to Warlock William J. Butler. More information on ritual and ceremony can be found here:

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