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Posted on Sunday August 02, 2015

Great Cushing’s ghost, Matt and Jason are seeing DOUBLE!...

Great Cushing’s ghost, Matt and Jason are seeing DOUBLE! But this time, it’s not the booze. It’s the blood-soaked bosoms belonging to the Twins of Evil. Become a servant of the Devil as your handsome hosts travel back to 1971 to bring you movie details, unintentionally filthy names, Matt’s twin-dating experience, the Mammo-cam, more teens and their sex and drug riots, Jason’s like for lackeys, polite groping, buying hookers when you’re old, the Pubic Hair song, and lots and lots of the ol’ Kensington Gore. May you find mercy at the seat of our Dark Lord.

Check out the episode post at the official site, or subscribe through iTunes.

Terror Transmission is a free, monthly movie commentary podcast dedicated to classic horror from the silent era up until the late 1980s. The audio program is hosted by Jason Andreasson and Matt G. Paradise, both of whom proudly assert their enthusiasm for the show and their disdain for many others in the genre by their tagline, “The greatest horror commentary podcast… EVER!” Episodes are generally available on the 1st of every month.

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Posted on Sunday August 02, 2015

Possessions 2Featuring short stories by Authors M. R. Stover and...

Possessions 2
Featuring short stories by Authors M. R. Stover and Rick Powell

This collection of short horror stories by various authors concerns ordinary objects somehow becoming fearful. It is edited by Paul Loh and David Burton with a cover illustration is by Alese Lea Taylor.

Rick Powell’s story Messages is inspired by the Aklo language mentioned by Lovecraft and Arthur Machen and takes place in the modern day. Imagine if an unspeakable force was able to use the Aklo language to send messages to electronic devices that bring about the end of the world.

M. R. Stover’s story The Ring of Manea is about a man who came upon a ring that gives him vivid nightmares and sends him into realms of insanity where he witnesses visions of human misery and violence.

Order your copy now!

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Posted on Sunday August 02, 2015

Now Available at iSatanist!Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet -...

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Posted on Friday July 31, 2015



Though a second edition is not out of the game, a hardcover edition of Militant Eroticism is.

Essays never before and never will be seen or heard on 9sense:

Satanic Sex Magic
The story behind his 2.25 Inch Penis
The Magic of Not Being Funny
On being young and surrounded by the Alien Elite

Foreword by Darren Deicide
Afterword by Magistra Peggy Nadramia, High Priestess of the Church of Satan
Sketch by Warlock M.A. Mandrake:
Citizen Aden Ardennes, the Young Satanist

Don’t miss out on the first publication.
Do not miss out on the ideal edition.
Of the litany of those who march to the mattress squeaks!
Where to purchase:

Make sure to rate and review!
Hail Satan!

—Aden Ardennes

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Posted on Friday July 31, 2015

Satanic Story Time presents episode 28 – “The Full Moon’s Hunt”...

Satanic Story Time presents episode 28 – “The Full Moon’s Hunt” written by G.R. Wilson for the Satanic Players Society and performed during “The Devil’s Workshop” segment of Satanic Story Time.

The Devil’s Tuning Fork: Enjoy a track entitled, “On a Night of Full Moon” by Mercyful Fate. The Devil’s Workshop: Mr. Thomas Saveli is a lonely man who studies the occult and writes at his tiny flat in London. His life changes forever when he meets a sultry woman who tells him to travel to the Scottish Highlands to meet her father, who is an odd, but successful, book publisher. As the full moon reaches its fruition, the sinister villain transforms into a menacing werewolf that is “hot on the heels” of Mr. Saveli in a story of “kill or be killed.” Will a family feud result in a strange disappearance of an aspiring author? Or is turnabout truly fair play in this lupine short story written by G.R. Wilson? The Devil Is In the Details: We sift through the ashes and carnage and uncover the details regarding this short story about the full moon and lycanthropes.

—Citizen Aaron Mantle

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Posted on Friday July 31, 2015

Now Available on iSatanist! Rev. Byrd’s “Proud to be...

Now Available on iSatanist! Rev. Byrd’s “Proud to be a Church of Satan
Snob” now in t-shirt form!

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Posted on Wednesday July 29, 2015

HELL’S BELLS: Satanic Weddings

With the recent SCOTUS decision allowing legal same-sex marriage throughout the USA, certain religious groups have rushed to condemn this position. In contrast, the Church of Satan welcomes this landmark ruling. During our Year 50 Conclave (held this past Walpurgisnacht in Washington, DC) our Reverend Lee Crowell, who resides in Virginia, discussed his successful 2012 legal battle to be allowed to officiate at weddings, one part of his responsibilities as an ordained Priest in the Church of Satan. While ministers of many faiths typically are granted this privilege without question, Crowell—a successful attorney—had to contest the initial denial, even though he is a representative of a church with five decades of existence. Reverend Crowell is interviewed by Magister David Harris regarding this landmark accomplishment on Satanism Today, a monthly segment on 9sense. Click this link to listen.

Above: Reverend Crowell at the Year 50 Conclave

The qualifications to officiate at weddings in the U.S. vary across the states and can even be different from county to county. In New York State (outside of NYC) one may be eligible by being ordained via an existing religious organization. Magister Joe Netherworld (dubbed “America’s Favorite Satanist” in this documentary) performed the first legally recognized same-sex wedding in New York State by a Satanic clergyman in the Fall of 2013. The happy couple publicly re-affirmed their vows in a Beetlejuice-themed ceremony attended by scores of costumed revelers this past Halloween season with Magister Netherworld as proud officiant.

A new frontier is dawning for people wishing to wed and the Church of Satan celebrates couples who may at times be beyond past traditions: “May your bliss be unbounded, and may your love wax ever stronger during your journey together!”

The Satanic Wedding rite is included in my book, The Satanic Scriptures.

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

Pertinent Links:

Interview with Reverend Lee Crowell

Satanism Today

9sense Podcast

Magus Gilmore on SCOTUS same-sex marriage decision:

Church of Satan Year 50 Conclave

America’s Favorite Satanist

The Satanic Scriptures

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Posted on Tuesday July 28, 2015

Now available in iTunes Podcasts, Stitcher,...

Now available in iTunes Podcasts, Stitcher,, and at

Satanic Story Time presents episode 27 – “The Judas Clock” from Inner Sanctum Mystery.

The Devil’s Tuning Fork
: I play a track by Ghost from their album, Infestissumam entitled, “The Monstrance Clock”. The Devil’s Workshop: We join our protagonist, Sebastian Packer, expert clock maker with a blood-tainted history. The mysterious “Judas Clock” has caused him tragedy and misfortune ever since it washed up on the shore and arrived in his father’s clock making shop in London almost 30 years ago. From the time he first laid his eyes on it, his father told him, “It’s an evil clock son, evil as Satan himself!” His father was crushed under the heavy weight of the clock and Sebastian has been on a thirty year hunt to thwart its curse and to find the man who was behind the murder that correlated with its mysterious appearance and disappearance. A woman asks him to repair a black, marble clock that is estimated to weigh more than 500 pounds, saying it depicts a religious scene with a man hanging from a tree. Could this be the accursed “Judas Clock”? If it is, can Sebastian end the curse that has lasted over several centuries? The Devil Is In the Details: We dive headlong into the story, “The Judas Clock”, written by Christopher Mayo for The Inner Sanctum Mystery and comb over the grim details surrounding the this tale of terror. Mail Bats: I read fan mail from two of our listeners and answer questions as they come in.

—Citizen Aaron Mantle

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Posted on Tuesday July 28, 2015

iSatanist has New 1 Inch Medallions added to the inventory, both...

iSatanist has New 1 Inch Medallions added to the inventory, both cloisonné and die-struckCheck them out while supplies last!

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Posted on Monday July 27, 2015

Our Reverend Raul Antony is interviewed by Tony and Walt of...

Our Reverend Raul Antony is interviewed by Tony and Walt of Truth Be Told.

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Posted on Monday July 27, 2015

Now Available on and iTunes!26 July, L A.S.1....

Now Available on and iTunes!

26 July, L A.S.
1. Militant Eroticism - Episode 26 - Virtually Dating: Good Riddance to Pseudo-Romance
2. Something Different with Heather Height - Episode 8 - Stand Up Philosophy and the Sociology of Centurions
3. Satanism Today - Episode 1 - Interview with Reverend Crowell
4. Creature Feature - Magister Rose, Infernalia Interview

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Enter for a chance to win an exclusive 9sense L, A.S. Contributor Segment T-Shirt!

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Posted on Saturday July 25, 2015

JOIN THE ILLUMINATION!iSatanist announces NEW SIZES and NEW...


iSatanist announces NEW SIZES and NEW DESIGNS in their line of L.E.D.s -
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Posted on Friday July 24, 2015

“This is a call to higher ground!”Nathan Gray has new treats for...

“This is a call to higher ground!”

Nathan Gray has new treats for us again this week! Popmatters has premiered the emotional new video for “Wayward Ghosts,” another track off his upcoming EP, entitled NTHN GRY. Friends in the United States can view the video and article from Popmatters here.

Additionally, pre-orders for the release have begun worldwide! There are some amazing bundles being offered that include CD’s, limited edition LP’s, and custom t-shirts. (And don’t forget to grab your Nathan Gray Sigil Pin from!)

United States pre-orders are being offered through Good Fight Records.

European friends can view the video here and pre-order the EP through End Hits Records.

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Posted on Friday July 24, 2015

The Jimmy Psycho Experiment brings the “Alien Cantina...

The Jimmy Psycho Experiment brings the “Alien Cantina Lounge Band” show back to The Devil’s Playground “Star Girls Burlesque Show” on July 31st at The Dragonfly in Hollywood!

Tickets and info here!

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Posted on Friday July 24, 2015

Heathen Harvest and Managing Editor Raul Antony are proud to...

Heathen Harvest and Managing Editor Raul Antony are proud to announce the exclusive video debut of King Dude’s  “Death Won’t Take Me”.

“This promotional video for “Death Won’t Take Me” is from King Dude’s latest album, Songs of Flesh & Blood – In the Key of Light, out earlier this month on Cowgill’s own Not Just Religious Music (United States) and Germany’s Ván Records (Europe).

Those from the United States can order the vinyl, CD, or digital album from Not Just Religious Music here. The rest of the world may order the vinyl from Ván Records here.

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Posted on Thursday July 23, 2015

How Strange is that Beast called Man?

Last night I watched Aleksei German’s HARD TO BE A GOD, a  Russian film reminiscent of Tarkovsky, based on the sci-fi concept of Earth observers embedded on an Earth-like planet in its own middle ages during a time when the populace has decided to massacre anyone with talent, learning, artistic ability or intelligence. It is a truly horrific depiction of man as just another animal, brilliantly shot in black and white. At almost three hours and with a very vague, wandering plot, it is realized in such a way that you feel you are there, witnessing this lasting foulness of a society which is likely close to depicting what it was like in such times in our own past. Memorable, powerful and utterly disgusting, it is thoroughly damning of the worst behavior of our species. This film is mesmerizing and worth your time—it will, I think, linger in your memory as do powerful works of art.

The night before I watched the final four episodes of the 2014 series COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY which celebrates invention, intelligence, genius and what could be a more promising future if our species can stop being short-sighted in our lack of concern for the fragility of our planet’s environment. It is a successful revival of Carl Sagan’s original 1980 series meant to excite interest in science and the wonder of understanding the universe in which we live. With the eloquent Neil deGrasse Tyson as host, an astrophysicist who was inspired by Sagan, the episodes feature striking visuals and stirring music by Alan Silvestri. There is plenty of food for thought along the way, though for my taste there is a bit of soft-peddling of the offenses made by theists who strove to stifle science as it came to supplant their limited beliefs. (View Amenábar’s AGORA as a supplement). It is worth your time and can work as a beginning point for learning more about physics, astronomy and the glories of our Universe. 

Thus I had a very powerful two nights of antipodal bookending views on the nature of humanity. You also might find both of these experiences to be challenging and enlightening.

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

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Posted on Thursday July 23, 2015

Reverend Raul Antony of the Church of Satan will be a guest on...

Reverend Raul Antony of the Church of Satan will be a guest on UBN’s “Truth Be Told” this Friday, July 24th.

Listen live at 4PM PST on Channel 1

More info on the show and hosts at (Warning: Autoplaying Video)

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Posted on Wednesday July 22, 2015

Dutch Newspaper TROUW Interviews Members of the Church of...

Dutch Newspaper TROUW Interviews Members of the Church of Satan

Below is an English translation by Reverend AEnigma of the Dutch language article. It should be noted that the journalist took notes, rather than recording the interviews, and thus some concepts seem a bit distorted when translated from their original language due to her interpretation of the subject.

(by Harriët Salm — 7/12/15)

Evil is everywhere. The pilot of your flight can be suicidal, your daughter’s boyfriend a jihadist, the new neighbor a heavy criminal. How do we deal with evil in the world and in ourselves? Reporter Harriet Salm investigates this in a series from many points of view. Today: members of the ‘Church of Satan’ in New Jersey about the beauty of the devil.

King Seti the First behaves excellently. The boa constrictor owned by Satanist Darren Deicide (38) is free to prowl the room, even when visitors from the Netherlands are present. But the constrictor is quiet around the neck of its master. “You need not worry,” assures Deicide. “He is not venomous and strangles only rats.”

Darren Deicide is one of thousands globally — the church does not give exact figures- who have joined the Church of Satan. Their central administration is established in New York, with High Priest Peter Gilmore and his wife and High Priestess Peggy Nadramia. Nadramia refers us to two church members in New Jersey who are willing to talk about what Evil means for Satanists.

From Jersey City train station, a ten minute walk takes us consecutively along the Great Hall of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Greek Orthodox church, and a little further the Roman Catholic St Joseph parish. America is a religious country. But the Church or Satan does not show itself to the outside world. That could lead to problems with malicious Fundamentalist Christians. We need to ring the bell at a nondescript house.

Deicide — long black coat, gray trousers, white shirt — leads us to a basement. On the coffee table only some sex magazines, a complete box of The Twilight Zone, a handbook for magic. On the wall a mirror framed between two woodcut skeletons. A standard with a pair of black candles. “You are now in the home of a Satanist, so I will offer you something strong to drink, gin
or maybe beer? I brew my own beer with hop from the garden,“ says Deicide, laughing. We
 stick with water.

Strictly Private
One assumption he removes immediately: nowhere is there a church building where members of 
the Church of Satan meet. "Religion for us is strictly private. A Satanist turns his own home into a church.” So we just ended up in his living room. Deicide is not the name stated on his passport. It is a public pseudonym, he is known under that name as a Satanist and as a blues singer. But he also has a “very normal” job, a second life, where no-one knows about his Satanism. And he would like to keep it that way. “If they know you are a Satanist, colleagues do tend to take a different attitude. Sometimes a better one, but usually a more negative one.”

Aden Ardennes (26), upstairs neighbor, joins the conversation. Glasses, blond, little dragons as earrings. He constantly takes a puff from his electronic cigarette, and his hair is still wet from the shower. Ardennes is just waking up. It is six o'clock in the evening. He laughs: “Had a party,
it has become quite late.”
He is also a member of the Church of Satan, and likewise chooses an alias, which he also uses 
when writing books, mainly about sex, and when organizing sex parties, a main activity outside of work. What kind of work they do in their normal lives, both do not say. Ardennes: “There are people with preconceptions about Satanists, why should we expose ourselves to that?”

And so we arrive at their worldview. Self-sacrifice is nonsense. The highest purpose in life for a Satanist is making it enjoyable for himself. Deicide: “We accept that the universe is utterly indifferent to our existence. And we are proactive in life and put ourselves at the center. ” They do not believe in any deity, not even in Satan, they say, which shatters a second assumption, namely that that Satanists worship the devil. Deicide: “We are atheists. People who say: ‘I have contact with a god, and that god has said that you should do this or that’ — we reject that. In essence, that is indoctrination and brainwashing.”

Yet to them, Satan is a beautiful symbol. It represents pride, freedom and individualism. Ardennes: “Freedom to do what I want. To be myself without apologizing.” Satan also means resistance to conventional religions, which, in their eyes, create a despicable distinction between the body and the soul. Ardennes: "We are all animals, even humans. We eat, sleep and have sex.”
Deicide: “Because of their spiritual capacities, people, in contrast with animals, are able to terribly fool themselves. A human can deny his natural impulses through his reasoning. Homosexuality is a clear example, it has for a long time been viewed as a mental illness. Even today, many religions say: “Kill those desires in yourself, that make you what you are.” Ardennes, himself gay, "People have become apologizers. Look, I have never seen a bonobo apologizing because he masturbates. I do not understand why a person should say “sorry” for that.”

They call themselves moral relativists. “It all depends on who you talk to, whether a particular act is considered to be good or bad” says Deicide. Take for example the attack on the WTC in New York on September 11, 2001. Many Americans will say it was pure evil. But the perpetrators see it as a good deed. Ardennes: “We are all evil. Americans also bomb innocent children in Afghanistan.” 

“What happens in the world, is nothing more than a kind of spectacle for me,” says Deicide. ”I sit in my chair and see the human animal at work. I see it more as my own responsibility to keep track of what happens in the world, in order to take timely measures for myself. If, due to terrorist threats, too many safety measures are in effect in my immediate environment, I’ll leave.” Here, also, strictly individual limits apply. Ardennes: “In my eyes, all things that make my life bad, are evil. And all things that make my life enjoyable, are good.”

To combat evil, the Church of Satan has its own method: magic. We stand up and walk to a side chamber with a low ceiling. Inside is not a single window, a large wicker chair, bookshelves and a double bed. Deicide: “This is my ritual chamber. Here I can completely let go, by myself or with company. I really feel like a king here. That chair is my throne.”

To the naked eye there are not very many dark things in this magical cave, some attributes,
such as a skull of a deer with a line from The Satanic Bible, excepted. Which he got from a friend. Deicide: "The ritual room should be a place where you can completely shut off the intellectual part of your mind, and you can surrender to what Anton LaVey called a psychodrama. You re-enact, in a dramatic fashion, a desire or an emotion.”

How does it work? “Suppose someone has hurt you, which was unjust, but there is no real way to set it right. It becomes like a malignant tumor in your brain. You always think of that person, and it bothers you. Then, in your ritual chamber, you visualize your revenge. You invent a curse. Something very bad that happens to that person. You visualize this really happens to him. And then you can let it go.” Ardennes laughing: "And sit back and see how that person is going down.” A lot of wild stories circulate about satanic rituals: babies that are butchered on the altar, young virgins sacrificed. “All nonsense”, assure both Satanists.“ Those are unfounded myths.” They get angry over people who accuse Satanists of criminal actions. Those people are not part of their church.

We return to the living room, where King Seti threatens to crawl onto Ardennes’ lap, before going to sleep on the table. He has not eaten anything for two months. This is normal for snakes, says his owner. But he is moving into the “hunt phase.” More and more often he restlessly swings his head from side to side. Soon Deicide will buy him a rat.

How seriously should we take this Church of Satan, which is not a church? Ardennes: "Satanism
is all about fun. My goal in life is to enjoy.” Provocation is part of it. And blasphemy. “We love to twist others’ concepts to suit our own purpose. It is part of a show. We are looking for a good party. And if it works with a naked man on an altar, or several, or a young lady, then why not?” Deicide: “Sex with minors is not allowed, this is in our rules. Our philosophy is about more than just having fun.” The philosophy of the Church of Satan encourages him to study and gives him meaning in life.

“Others get that meaning from an external power. If you are a good American consumer, an iPhone 6 or a nice house will give meaning to your life. This meaning, then, comes from the opinion of another, the valuation of a neighbor. We do not want that. We construct our own values, decide what we find good and bad, what we want to do and what not.”

“Many find that strange, disapprove of it. But we really do not care at all what society thinks. We are outsiders. And we love it. "Ardennes: "Oh yeah.”
King Seti the First does not move as we leave this Church of Satan again.

This is the seventh installment in a series. Previous
parts: May 30, 6, 13, 20, June 27, July 4.

SIDEBAR: Satan’s Church
The Church of Satan was founded in 1966 by Anton LaVey (deceased in 1997). LaVey thought that Christianity unfairly heaped all the evil in the world on the devil, while it really was Christianity that was the root of much misery. Hence he invented the Church of Satan. The individual is central to his teachings, and that each individual has as his purpose to make life for himself as pleasant as possible.

Satanists have eleven life rules, such as: If you are moving about in public, do not disturb anyone; If someone bothers you, ask him to stop; If he does not stop, destroy him. There are also nine “rules of Satan”, such as: “Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek."
According High Priestess Peggy Nadramia, the church has "thousands of members” all over the world, precise figures she does not give out. There are also members in the Netherlands, according to her. An e-mail with questions to a Dutch Satan Church website remains unanswered. (Note: that site is not affiliated with the Church of Satan) For $200 adults may register at the headquarters in New York, with High Priest Peter Gilmore and his wife Nadramia. There are no administrative divisions in other countries, everything is managed centrally.

Criminologist Tjalling Anne Beetstra received his doctorate in 2009 on research into the Church of Satan. It is not a church, he says: a Dutch judge has ruled in the early nineties that it is not a church community, and therefore cannot receive tax advantages. Beetstra prefers to think of it as a cult, a subculture. "A product of the sixties, a combination of sex and magic that appealed to many people at that time. It is about redefining the boundaries of sexual behavior and reacting against Christianity. Pretty innocent, mind you, it is all about “long live the fun. In the 90’s a group from Amsterdam got in touch with the headquarters in the US. They meet in small groups in people’s homes. I think they still do. I estimate this concerns about a few dozen people.”

“It has never been proven in Netherlands that children were victims of Satanic rituals or other criminal affairs in the name of this church. Also in the US no evidence of serious abuse by the Church of Satan was delivered” says Beetstra.

Darren Deicide, Satanist since 2008: “The Satanic Bible says: ‘Satanists are born and not made.’ So there is no question of conversion, but rather an acknowledgement of what is already there. For me, that is very liberating’’

Aden Ardennes, Satanist since one year: “It also has to do with my homosexuality. Satanism is the first religion that fully accepts people like me.”

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Posted on Wednesday July 22, 2015

Raising Hell Episode VI - Parenting From A Satanic Perspective

“Raising Hell is a discussion and education oriented podcast which takes an honest approach to promoting the individualist nature that Satanists are born with, and emboldening our own youth to rise above herd-conformity through responsible parenting.”

Join Citizen Milton Cruver as he hosts the show every two weeks, and replaces the Devil you think you know, with the Devil you truly don’t!

R.H. Ep VI - July 22nd, 2015, Listen Up Children!

RAISING HELL - I’ve Got a Cane, F is for Flying & Straight To It

1. Grownup Grotto - Did You Even Want Kids?!
2. Handbook for Hellions - Parental Units
3. Mama’s Media - Down in Fraggle Rock!

Available on iTunes, Stitcher and Facebook!

Hail our Young Ones!

Hail Satan!

—Citizen Milton Cruver

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Posted on Tuesday July 21, 2015

Power—Nihilism: A Critique of Moral Realismsby James...

Power—Nihilism: A Critique of Moral Realisms
y James Theodore Stillwell, III

This book will not be of use to those whose self-interest or power-interest is served by blind faith, and allegiance to a moral creed, dogma or ideology. To the “herd like believers” of mere humanity skepticism is an anathema!

I will not waste time on this type.

But to the I-Theists and Beyond Men of the present and those yet to come it is undefiled wisdom and the gate way to liberation.

It is to the courageous “Superman” that I write.

I am skeptical of claims to moral knowledge and moral facts. I challenge the so called “objective moral rightness” of moral ideologues and interrogate the proclaimed “moral imperatives” of men and “Gods.” I demand cogent reasons for Sacrosanct “Golden rules” and put to critical examination every “Hallowed Command.” I shall not grovel before enthroned moralisms nor bend the knee in acquiescence.

Every proposition, theory and hypothesis shall be scrutinized under my microscopic lens and revealed as deluded—superstitious babel. No creed nor moral code shall be legitimized or accepted under the guise of “authority.” No so called “authority” shall escape un scathed from my critical eye. No moral dogma deified! No value judgement idolized!

Within this text I contend that:
—Objective Morality Is An Illusion With or Without Gods 
—Power Is The Basis of Life & Law 
—Life Is “Wille Zur Macht”

—James T. Stillwell, III

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