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Posted on Thursday January 29, 2015

Warlock Jason Leach has received some well-deserved notice for...

Warlock Jason Leach has received some well-deserved notice for his exemplary sculptures in Amazing Modeler, issue #58!

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Posted on Tuesday January 27, 2015

GYPS FULVUS III: Reflections, Revelations, and Roads Less Taken

The long-awaited new double album, Gyps Fulvus III: Reflections, Revelations, and Roads Less Taken, is now available for purchase through in CD and digital download format.

Featuring appearances and contributions by special guests Nik EdserWarlock LeutholdAaron MantleEvan Nihil, and Bill M., this is the most ambitious, diverse, and musically dense Gyps Fulvus release to date. 

The first half (CHAPTER I: ”Visionem Cordis et Animi Vitae Metus”) contains 13 individual tracks covering an eclectic mix of Industrial Metal, Drum ‘n Bass, Electronica, and Dark Ambient. The second half (“CHAPTER II: In Tenebris Lumen”) is an hour long conceptual opus split up into 14 parts, inspired heavily by Industrial, Horror and Action/Adventure film scores, Martial Music, and Symphonic Metal.

Grab your copy today!

For news, updates, music, and merchandise:

Gyps Fulvus Official 

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Posted on Monday January 26, 2015

Official Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet Pendants in Sterling Silver

The Official Church of Satan “Original” Sigil of Baphomet Sterling 

Silver Pendants have arrived!
They are much thicker and much heavier than other pendants!  To purchase 
yours, visit iSatanist — The Highest Embodiment of Satanic Products!

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Posted on Monday January 26, 2015


This week,  DJ Hell On Wheels plays a set list of nothing but cover tunes.  As of this show, there is a new logo by Rawson Illustration.

Only on Radio Free Satan!

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Posted on Sunday January 25, 2015


Saturday, January 31st,8:00pm
The Crown and Harp
1914 Greenville Ave, Dallas, Texas 75206

Wardance presents: DAVID E. WILLIAMS, Orgullo Primitivo, deform uniform, and DJ TESCO JANE!!!!

Renowned underground solo artist DAVID E. WILLIAMS (collaborator with Rozz Williams, Deathpile, Muskets, etc.) will play his first and only (ever???) Texas show on Saturday, January 31st, at the Crown & Harp.

He’ll be joined for a song or two by TESCO JANE, as well as MUSKETS co-member Erin Powell (Awen).”

DJs TESCO JANE (Tesco USA) and Oliver Sheppard will spin music before and between live acts.

$10, 21+

Facebook event page

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Posted on Friday January 23, 2015

GODZILLA: Faces of a Legend

Magus Gilmore wrote a brief article discussing the changing appearance of Godzilla over the past 60 years for The Collinsport Historical Society. If you are a Gojira aficionado, you might enjoy it.

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Posted on Thursday January 22, 2015



January 31, from 9 p.m. — 2 a.m. at Anna O’Brien’s in Honolulu.

In a nod to the legendary Hell Nights of San Francisco, New York and other Mainland cities that were so popular among the darker subcultures back in the day. Honolulu’s own Hell Night will be a haven for all those who love Halloween, the diabolical and macabre, classic horror movies and dark alternative music.

DJs NIGHTFOX (Tracy Chan) and SNIPER WELLS (Scott Mackenzie) will set the stage with classic goth/industrial music, deathrock and dark metal and alternative hits. Local horror punk veterans The Quintessentials will hit the stage at midnight.

Also, don’t miss the Gothic Emporium table, with silver jewelry and dark merchandise for purchase. 

Dark/fetish/hellish attire recommended. 

Cover: $10
21 and over are welcome. 
Doors open at 9 pm

Drink special for the night: $5 Vodka Blush.

Military “Battle Buddy” Discount: Pay one cover, get one free with Active Service or Retired ID. Must enter at the same time. 

D2 Discount: Fourth person in groups of four gets in free. Must enter at the same time. 

Flyer photo by Nightfox Photo, graphical layout by Obsidian CMYK.

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Posted on Thursday January 22, 2015


"A cauldron of Satanic misconceptions in Toronto¹s Historic Distillery District threatens to boil and overwhelm a vulnerable young woman on her lurid journey of self-discovery as she is caught in a web of fate between the man she loves and the deadly venom they will endure.”

Director Mae Sekhmet’s short film based on her first novel, Black: A Film, will be screened on January 24, 2015 at the Censured in Canada Film Festival.

Tickets are $10 Canadian and will serve as admission for the entire day of the festival.

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Posted on Thursday January 22, 2015


Prepare yourself for a second helping of eerie, creepy, and terrifying stories from G.R. Wilson, author of “Right Behind You: Tales of the Spooky and Strange”!

The pages of “Paranoia" are filled to the brim with such horrors as:

+Vengeful undead royalty, with a real bone to pick.
+A scarecrow who takes his job just a BIT too seriously.
+Crawling and buzzing beasts pulled right from your nightmares.
+An eccentric Scottish nobleman ready for a HOWLING good time.
+Beasts and spirits of American folklore, brought to these pages fresh for modern readers.
+And much more…

Whether you prefer Gothic, modern, Lovecraftian, campfire, or any other type of scary story you can think of, you’ll find plenty to enjoy (and keep you up late!) in “Paranoia”!
Get your copy from Createspace or Amazon.

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Posted on Tuesday January 20, 2015

The Black Goat Uprising: Medusa

The Black Goat Uprising are announcing the release of their debut full length release "Medusa", a collection of ten song songs that the band describes as “heavy, raw, dark ambient” music. It is the first full-length release for the band, coming shortly after their collaboration with horror rockers Psycho Charger on the song "Black Lodge", recorded to benefit the No-Kill Los Angeles Animal Shelter.

“Medusa” was chiefly composed while Psycho was working at a locked-down mental health care facility. According to Psycho: “When creating “Medusa” I drew a great deal from working there. I imagined what the soundtrack to such a place would be—an immersion into orchestrated chaos from which there is no escape from the daily grind of loneliness, disorientation, rage, and death. Some of sounds that appear on “Medusa” are from actual environmental recordings from the facility. Those screams and voices on this record are real.”

The Black Goat Uprising founder, Jimmy Psycho (Psycho Charger/The Jimmy Psycho Experiment) humorously refers to “Medusa” as his personal “Music from The Elder”, much like the KISS album of the same name.

The Black Goat Uprising is an orchestrated miasma of dark sounds including dark ambient, noise, and exteme metal. Inspired and fueled by an anger of the state of affairs of a theistic society where celebrity culture and social media are the opiate of the masses. Originally the soundtrack for a horror film that was never made, this music is now the soundtrack of a revolution for those who never accepted the popular social narratives or followed the sheep to gain their acceptance. 

“Medusa” is available on The Black Goat Uprising website.

It will also be available at all major music download sites. Physical distribution through Alliance and Super D.

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Posted on Monday January 19, 2015

M. R. Stover: The Thirteen Knights of Death

Chapter one in M. R. Stover's Dark Fantasy series is now available on

Chapter One of The Thirteen Knights of Death. The border town of Vineyard has been overrun by enemy forces, leaving the citizens killed or captured; it is up to Azul, a sickle-wielding sorcerer in service to the Death God, and his twelve companions to liberate the Apalian citizens and find out why Glom has broken years of peace between the Empires.

Get your copy here!

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Posted on Monday January 19, 2015


When Napoleon botched his invasion of Russia, he said, “It’s just a step between the sublime and the ridiculous.” The same goes for russophiles and russophobes.  The former we have seen in the inane writings of Pat Buchanan (who is most likely on FSB payroll), and the latter we have seen in the fiery blog of La Russophobe (who is probably an expat of Russia).

The recent PBS Frontline documentary on Putin is not necessarily about Putin. It’s about the hyper-corrupt culture of Russia and historical geopolitical policies, of which Putin is a product. (There’s a reason Europe has always shut the door on Russia, and Peter the Great had to settle for a mere window to Europe!) Geography is a bitch. 

It’s tempting to idolize Putin as a throwback to what Niccolò Machiavelli advocated in The Prince. And that is exactly how Putin is framed when he is being idolized by Westerners that have read too many Viking sagas and have never lived a day in Russia.  (The rubber meets the road, though, when we read Machiavelli closely in historical context and understand that he was advocating what was good for Italy and Italians, not necessarily the prince. In this sense, the jury is still out on whether or not Putin is Machiavellian.) 

From a Satanic standpoint, politics are personal. Whatever policies benefit an individual are his to endorse freely.  In general, the government that allows the most freedom and prosperity is the best place to live, and people vote with their feet.

In Russia, if you keep your head down and drink your vodka, there are no guarantees that you won’t fall foul of the government. But before falling prey to being a russophile or a russophobe, go to Mother Russia and see what the Third Side is, and study the hidden history of so-called Russian culture (not the everyday culture of the banya, dacha, and garden). You will be pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised, depending upon your persuasion, but it will definitely be a learning experience to either side of a bipolar view of Russia that is crazy to those of us in the know.

Satanist D.P.R.K.

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Posted on Friday January 16, 2015

CFI: Secular Suggestions for Honoring this Day


The organization that promotes reason and science to those who govern the US has some splendid thoughts for how one can assist to maintain the principles delineated in the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom and the US Constitution

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Posted on Thursday January 15, 2015

Church of Satan Celebrates Religious Freedom Day!


The Church of Satan celebrates our 50th year of offering an individualist, atheism-based, carnal alternative to the world’s spiritual doctrines on Religious Freedom Day. Visit our page to honor this day. You’ll find thought-provoking essays, video, music, and even merchandise and a contest! We invite you to share our joy in this American legacy of liberty!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

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Posted on Thursday January 15, 2015

Jack Russell interviews G. Edwin Taylor

"The Girl Who Played With The Dead" by G. Edwin Taylor

An inside look at the life of a true chicago legend. Artist G. Edwin Taylor has shown us the monsters under our beds. He has peeled back the curtain to prove once and for all, you should be afraid of the dark. Click on this link to hear him discuss his career, techniques, and his thoughts about The Satanic Bible.

View our own Citizen G. Edwin Taylor's Art here.

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Posted on Wednesday January 14, 2015

While the world is rightly up in arms about the Charlie Hebdo...

While the world is rightly up in arms about the Charlie Hebdo killings at the hands of Islamist militants in Paris, let’s not forget that here in the US the “if you don’t respect my imaginary friend I’m going to hurt you” approach is not uncommon. In the recently recorded above video Christian Pastor Eric Dammann of Bible Baptist church brags about punching a child in the chest as hard as he could because the kid didn’t take “the lord serious [sic]” and applauds himself for this assault winning his faith another convert. The pastor notes of his victim “he was a bright kid, which didn’t help things… made him more dangerous” because to the small minded smart people are trouble. Perhaps more disgusting than the story itself is the notable lack of questioning or outrage within the church itself. Luckily a few million people who have seen the video since it was posted online last month haven’t been as accepting.

A brief and grudging apology now living on the church’s website suggest this was a simple mistake, a bad example—but watching that video shows not a slip of the tongue but a well planned sermon from someone who thought their actions were righteous, and only back-pedalled when faced with public backlash. I look forward to the proud Christians suggesting the other guys are so violent standing up and publicly denouncing Pastor Dammann and expect assault charges to be pressed. I’m sure that’ll be happening any day now, right?

—Reverend Sean Bonner

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Posted on Wednesday January 14, 2015


The Premiere of “Back from the Dead: The Harsimus Sessions”
Begins February 7th

Jersey City, NJ – Saturday, February 7th will be the premiere of “Back from the Dead: The Harsimus Sessions”, a series of acoustic live performance videos filmed in the Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery featuring Darren Deicide. A video release party will be held at LITM in Jersey City and will also be a fundraiser for Harsimus Cemetery.

On February 7th, the first video, “Devil Woman Blues”, will be released to the internet followed by “Dance of the Demon Rag” on February 14th and “Hudson River Hangover” on February 21st. All three videos will be shown at the LITM premiere.

The premiere will open its doors at 6pm. A presentation from the cemetery board of trustees as well as the video screening will begin around 7pm. LITM is located at 140 Newark Avenue in Jersey City, NJ.

The event sponsors, LITM, Jersey City Tattoo Company, Jersey City Veggie Burgers, The Thirsty Quaker, and Aart in America Piano Company, will be raffling prizes at the release party with proceeds going to the cemetery’s preservation society. More prize announcements are to come.

Updates and announcements will be posted on the premiere page.

Darren Deicide

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Posted on Tuesday January 13, 2015

Anton Szandor LaVey: Get A Life


In Satan Speaks, Magus Anton LaVey’s final writings were published and they included this brief piece which sets out his vision for how the Church of Satan is meant to function—precisely as it does to this day. It is a book well worth your time.

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

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Posted on Tuesday January 13, 2015

Parent Outraged Over Devil's Bus

Upon leaving Georgia, the Devil stopped in Tennessee. After his back-masked “toothbrushes are evil” message on the latest Charlie Daniels album he wanted something different. And so he decided to market his wares to schoolkids via brake light advertising.

Were there only one complainant we could dismiss this story as a dispatch from Crazy Town. Alas, it appears many are debating whether or not this is an accident or a “subliminal pagan message.” (Wouldn’t that be “soap and gainful employment is evil?” I kid, I kid.) So we’re now looking once again at popular delusion and the madness of crowds

Ah, Dixie! Don’t ever cease to be entertaining.

—Warlock Kenaz Filan

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Posted on Tuesday January 13, 2015

Issuing a Fatwa Against Extremism

Moderates of all faiths need to realize that the extremists among them are a cancer that needs to be cut out and removed.  And the best treatment for this cancer is ridicule.  Bravo to Mayor Aboutaleb.

—Magister David Harris


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