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Posted on Thursday September 29, 2016

Due to pressure from religious and activist groups, FearVR:5150...

Due to pressure from religious and activist groups, FearVR:5150 at Knott’s Scary Farm has been cancelled due to their “insensitive” mental hospital theme. Horror Buzz pokes some fun at the situation, asking the question: How do the demonically possessed feel in being used as a device for horror? Magus Peter H. Gilmore responses, pointing out Halloween’s “fun fear” as part of American culture and rightly accuses this wave of political correctness as a threat to freedom of expression. 

In other news, cultural Puritans ask: is your dog’s Halloween costume sexist?

Reverend Raul Antony

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Posted on Thursday September 29, 2016

Raising Hell: Episode XXXVI - Sept. 28th, 2016 - Animal...

Raising Hell: Episode XXXVI - Sept. 28th, 2016 - Animal Parenting

For Love of Fang & Claw w/ High Priestess Peggy Nadramia!

Available on iTunesStitcherYouTube, and Facebook!

Recommended Literature: Konrad Lorenz, “Man Meets Dog.” 1949 -  The Monks of New Skete, “How To Be Your Dog’s Best Friend.” 1978 - Barbara Woodhouse, “Walkies: Dog Training and Care the Woodhouse Way.” 1983 - Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, “The Hidden Life of Dogs.” 1993 - Cesar Millan

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Posted on Wednesday September 28, 2016

Magus Peter H. Gilmore & Magistra Ruth Waytz on NPR:...

Magus Peter H. Gilmore & Magistra Ruth Waytz on NPR: Satanism: Religion, Philosophy, Lifestyle

Colin McEnroe talks to the Church of Satan about the core principles of Satanism, spending time with Anton LaVey, how it differs from secular humanism, and more. John Crow joins them to discuss the academic study of Satanism.


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Posted on Monday September 26, 2016

THIRD SIDE NETWORK: Weekly Livestream UpdateSeptember 25 -...

THIRD SIDE NETWORK: Weekly Livestream Update

September 25 - October 02, LI A.S.

Would you like to be notified every week about upcoming episodes of all shows in the Third Side Network? Simply sign up for our email list here:

Of course, you can always visit the Third Side Network’s YouTube channel at for all upcoming and past show information. If you tune in live, you can join in on the conversation in the live chat. If you can’t make the live show, you can always watch the show by visiting YouTube or subscribe to our RSS, iTunes or Stitcher feeds whenever you like.

Third Side Network has added the live streaming show Speak of the Devil - Reverend Campbell Interviews… It’s an overtly Satanic interview show with no set schedule, featuring notable Satanists or Satanic inspired projects. Reverend Campbell has been interviewing Satanists for over five years, but now you can get in on the conversation by tuning into the show live.

Darren Deicide

Friday, Sep 30

9:30pm MST

Join LIVE as Reverend Campbell Interviews Darren Deicide about his latest full album release ‘The Blues Non Est Mortuum‘ and past music & video releases. You can be a part of the conversation by visiting the YouTube page and contributing to the chat. Ask your own questions or sit back and enjoy the music and discussion.

You can pre-order the album here: at a discount until it’s official release on October 1st, 2016.

Darren Deicide is a hell-of-a live performer with a vitality and aggressive delivery that rivals the best performers of our time.

02 October, LI A.S.

Sunday, Oct 02

2pm MST

Join your hosts John and Adam as they discuss popular culture, leaving nothing on the table, and having a hell-of-a-good time in the process. The guest and topic will be announced at the top of the show. Join us live and contribute to the conversation in the live chat.

Last Week on Third Side Network:

18 September, LI A.S.

RCI: Maegan Machine

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Posted on Sunday September 25, 2016

Candy Blood and SexFrom the creative pen of Hydra M. Star comes...

Candy Blood and Sex

From the creative pen of Hydra M. Star comes this erotic horror tale of wolves in men’s clothing. Scarlett, having survived a childhood trauma, prepares to step out into the world as a beautiful young woman. Little did she know that the events of so long ago would come back to haunt her and change her life forever!

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Posted on Saturday September 24, 2016

LIVE INTERVIEW TODAY 11AM PST: Reverend Raul Antony on Hellbound...

LIVE INTERVIEW TODAY 11AM PST: Reverend Raul Antony on Hellbound Heathen

Due to some technical issues last week, Lailoken Scathach has invited Reverend Raul Antony for another live discussion on the Hellbound Heathen YouTube channel.

The interview will start shortly after 11AM PST and topics will include some of Reverend Antony’s projects, Radio Free Satan, Satanism, and his involvement with the Church of Satan.

YouTube channel:

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Posted on Saturday September 24, 2016

A Moment With Magister Thomas ThornJoin me as I sit down and...

A Moment With Magister Thomas Thorn

Join me as I sit down and interview Magister Thomas Thorn. We discuss the Electric Hellfire Club, his time with Anton LaVey, and much more.

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Posted on Saturday September 24, 2016

Fucked Up Fairy Tales is an anthology series created by Berti...

Fucked Up Fairy Tales is an anthology series created by Berti Walker and Alex S. Johnson and is designed to corrupt all your warm and fuzzy, Disneyesque ideas about fairy tales. In the latest installment, our own Hydra M. Star’s story “The Handmaiden with the Crimson Pubic Hair” is a wet and perverted take on the classic fairy tale “The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs” that teaches us a lesson about how to keep your teenage daughter from marrying the wrong guy and what exactly makes a vagina magical.

Kindle / Print

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Posted on Friday September 23, 2016

The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 47 is up and running!John H...

The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 47 is up and running!

John H Shaw and Dorian Grey talk about stuff and things, kids and Disneyland! – The 20th Segment of the “Law of Gyps” with Gyps Fulvus – “The Libertine Liaison” with Count MoriVond! – Special Guest – Warlock Christopher Lee!

Listen now if you’ve never broken your arm during a “Moonsalt” while wrasstling, or if you are Christopher Lee!

Website / YouTube / SoundCloud / RSS Feed / iTunes / Stitcher

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Posted on Friday September 23, 2016

Reign in Hell: An Interview with Gost by Reverend Raul Antonya...

Reign in Hell: An Interview with Gost by Reverend Raul Antony

a feature for The Black Flame—September, LI A.S.

Over the past 10 years synthwave has transformed from a small niche genre that raised eye brows in Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2011 film Drive to record labels such as Blood Music pulling millions of views on YouTube and fans of the smash-hit Netflix show Stranger Things clamoring for a soundtrack vinyl treatment. 

Heavily inspired by new wave, 1980′s films, soundtracks, and video games, the genre developed a retro-futuristic aesthetic found in projects such as Perturbator (Black Flame Interview), Carpenter Brut, Power Glove, Com Truise, and more. Among these artists a ghost haunts the genre, pulling more heavily from classic slasher films, Satanic literature, and bass rich contemporary electronic music. His upcoming album, “Non Paradisi”, is described as “a loose musical adaptation of John Milton’s epic poem “Paradise Lost,” concerning Lucifer’s fall from Heaven and ensuing ascent from the Lake of Fire”. At the end of the month Gost will launch an international tour in the United State and Europe, with shows already selling out. I’ve had the pleasure to talk to the man behind this infernal project and discuss some of his influences, Satanism & the Church of Satan, horror films and the throw-back horror trend, Stranger Things, his new album, and his brand new music video, all from a Satanic perspective. Enjoy!


As Satanists we embrace the power of symbols, mythologies, and archetypes that capture abstract ideas, emotions, and our understanding of the universe. Many Satanic artists create their own personas that they develop through their art. Can you give our readers a brief summary of the symbolism and mythology behind your character, Gost?

Gost is the physical vessel for the demon(s) known as Baalberith, the bringer of death, purveyor of truth, prince of Hell and the demon who guides men towards blasphemy. His mission is to spread the dark gospel of the master light bringer through this human form of music and perversion. Obliging human kind with dignity and the recognition of the dignity given.

The thing that brought you to my attention was your use of Anton LaVey’s Black House for your self-titled release. In previous interviews you mentioned that your attraction to Satanism and Satanic imagery was primarily a reaction against the Christian society around you growing up. Over time, has it become something more meaningful to you? Have you read LaVey’s work?

Yes, what started as a stone cast towards anti-theism has very much become a way of life and general philosophy personally… I have read The Satanic Bible, yes.

And what was your reaction to reading LaVey? What inspired you to include the photo of the Black House (Church of Satan headquarters) on your release? It seems to me that it was a nod to your influences.

I enjoy reading LaVey very much. Aside from the image itself being very striking, I align Gost quite closely with the ceremonial aspects that the Church of Satan uses. More than a nod, more like a giant flag!

Based on your Reddit AMA you stated that you are an atheist that understands and appreciates the power of religion and myths. Is that correct?

Yes, this is correct however, Gost allows me to employ some of the parts of Satanism that I like into the art.

I know other journalists are either spooked or just have a passing interest in your use of Satanic imagery. Do you think being published here on The Black Flame is a way of “giving the devil his due”? In private you said being published here is a dream come true for you, would you say that is an acknowledgement of the Church of Satan's influence on your work?

In a sense, yes, this interview and the project as a whole is for the glory of the devil. I do not mind at all! It is an honor to be aligned with the Church of Satan in any way! 


As I noted in my interview with Perturbator, I believe there’s something innately Satanic in horror-themed synthwave music. Creating new environments, new symbols and mythologies, and using the power of the past are all important to Satanism, and the pentagrams are fun too! I think there’s a dark current flowing through three artists in particular: yourself, Perturbator, and Carpenter Brut… something you’re tapping into maybe without knowing it. Do you feel like the three of you are operating on similar aesthetic, creative, and musical wavelengths? In what ways would you say you stand out?

We are all close personally and artistically. Synthwave has brought us together on a personal level and it just so happens we all come from very similar backgrounds musically as well. We all naturally and separately create a similar aesthetic and enjoy some of the same themes but it has been purely coincidental… I have been told that I am the darkest and the heaviest of the three which is something I completely agree with. Respectively though, we are all quite different in my opinion.


Credit: Fan art by 100rings 

Let’s talk music. I understand you’re influenced by Justice, which I can hear in your use of fat, distorted synth pads. It gives your flavor of synthwave a more electric guitar sound. In some ways I hear a more modern EDM/Dance influence than a straight throwback Tangerine Dream sound. Was this the intention or just how it ended up?

I am definitely hugely influenced by Justice, Tangerine Dream and modern EDM. I think if any of these three influences in particular stands out more than another it is merely the personal experience and opinion of the listener. For me I take elements of many influences when I am writing for Gost. I am also constantly trying to evoke new or different influence in hopes of growing as an artist.


Some of my favorite tracks of yours are ones which have vocals, including Without A Trace which features Hayley Stewart from Dead Astronauts and Don’t Panic from your collaboration with Dedderz (such a high energy track, it’s my go-to when I’m at the gym). How did you come about working with Hayley Stewart and Dedderz?

With Hayley, Perturbator had already worked with her and I liked what she did with him so I had Perturbator put us in contact. Hayley is amazing to work with! Her tracks always come back polished and ready to plug into the track with very little extra work from me. Dedderz contacted me to re-work Don’t Panic. They gave me several tracks to choose from and Don’t Panic was the obvious choice for me because of the energy in the vocals themselves. Definitely happy with the end result of working with Dedderz.

What are your thoughts on remixing, both remixing others and people remixing you? Is there anything you’d like to hear done with your music?

Personally, I can be a bit tentative to work with people because in general I do not enjoy collaborating very much.  As long as the original song is something I feel I can work with and I am allowed to do what I want with my version I enjoy re-working others tracks. Perturbator (Link) and Dance With The Dead (Link) have done remixes for Gost and I was really happy with their work.  All I want to hear in a remix of my work is a solid effort and originality.

I’ll make you a noise/harsh industrial remix. 

For sure! Just let me know what song you’d like to remix!

I understand you’re a fan of classic slasher horror films like Nightmare on Elm Street and the work of John Carpenter. Are you a fan of any modern horror films? Along with retro-influenced synthwave there have been throwback horror films that have been trying to capture the visual and soundtrack elements of the late 70’s and 80’s. Have you seen these films and what are your thoughts on modern movies going back to the past?

Yes. I really enjoyed the new Evil Dead, Starry Eyes, The House of The Devil, We Are Still Here, House of 1000 Corpses, and It Follows to name a few. Personally I have no problem with artists of any medium conjuring the past for use in modern work. I do, however, think there is a fine line between using the past as an influence to create something new and ripping the past without attempting to add something new and fresh.

Have you seen Stranger Things? It seems like the S U R V I V E soundtrack has created a wave of interest in synthwave.

I have like three times through already! Great series and I can’t wait for the sequel. The soundtrack has created a new buzz but it was definitely not the soundtrack alone. Without the incredible work of everyone involved in the series we wouldn’t even be talking about the soundtrack. So well done all around!

What can you tell us about your new upcoming album, “Non Paradisi”? Any surprises or new developments in your sound that we can look forward to?

I can tell you this album is much more of a journey into hell than Behemoth ever was. It is a much more thought out play through. There are heavy tracks indeed but I took my time in places much more on Non Paradisi than I did with Behemoth. Coupled with the artwork this album is a much deeper experience in my opinion. There are some more ambitious sound attempts on Non Paradisi for sure. I am ready for everyone to walk through hell with me on this one!


How was it working with Valenberg on the new video? Did you have any input on the story or concept? 

Valenberg is an amazing artist.  He is very open to working with others to achieve the best end result possible, which is so rare.  I communicated with Valenberg through Blood Music during the process of the Arise video.  Blood Music was extremely hands on with the video (co-directed) and I added to or approved many of the concepts and imagery.

How would you describe the narrative in the video? Seems like a variation on Milton’s Paradise Lost, which is outstanding.

Yes it is exactly that!  The video picks up as the war in heaven has ended and Lucifer is cast out of heaven into the lake of fire.  We changed things up a bit by casting Gost (Baal) as the right hand of Lucifer.  In our version, Gost is instrumental in helping Lucifer rise from the lake of fire and triumphantly claim his new throne without the unjust hand of God controlling his every move.

It seems like Blood Music has become a nexus of dark synthwave culture, bringing together musicians such as yourself, visual artist Førtifem who created your upcoming album art, and director Daniel Schwartz who directed the video for Maleficarum. How did you come about to work with Blood Music? Has this inspired you to expand on the universe of Gost/Baalberith?

I became aware of Blood Music through them working with Perturbator. Perturbator pushed me to contact and work with Blood Music from the beginning. Blood Music has been exponential in my ability to make Gost available on a worldwide scale. My ambition for the universe of Gost was always there but without Blood Music I would be nowhere near where I am today.

Among your latest news is your upcoming tour in support of your new album. Your Helsinki show with Perturbator sold out in record time, congrats! What can fans expect from your live performances this time around?

You can expect a lot of energy as always. My set this go around is much longer than the last tour and I will be playing quite a bit of older material as well as some of the new record as well. I do have a few surprises planned here and there but for that people will just have to wait and see.


Photo from Kiev by Veronika Gusieva Photography

I think your Gost character would do great as a comic book or even video game like Splatterhouse. Thought about doing more with your project outside of music?

There have actually been talks of a comic yes but unfortunately nothing has panned out quite yet…  I am not opposed to such a thing as long as the the artist and writer are completely on-board to stay true to the character.

What are you currently listening to right now?

I’ve had the newest Lorn release on repeat as well as the newest White Lung album.  Perturbator introduced me to The Devil’s Blood on our last tour together and it’s become a staple as well! 

Thank you for your time! Send my regards to James Perturbator and have a blast on your tour! Hail Satan!

Of course! Thanks and I will say hello to James! Hail Satan!



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Posted on Thursday September 22, 2016

Exquisite Equinox!Hail to all who celebrate the advent of...

Exquisite Equinox!

Hail to all who celebrate the advent of Earth’s successive seasons! Here in the Northern Hemisphere we enjoy the Fall’s arrival, bringing its harvest bounties, cool evenings and the glories of the leaves ablaze with vivid color. Those in the Southern Hemisphere greet Spring’s conquering of the Winter as Nature rouses from stasis to surge forth with renewed vigor.

All who enjoy vital existence embrace these seasonal pivot points for we are consonant with the majestic cycling of our precious, fragile island in space. May the new season herald an abundance of joy as we flow in harmony with our beautiful Earth.

Here in the Haunted Hudson Valley, we rejoice as the tenebrous Halloween season rushes through the lengthening nights, soon to sweep us up in its dark mysteries!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

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Posted on Wednesday September 21, 2016

Greater Magic Questions? Coming soon to The Demented1,...

Greater Magic Questions? 

Coming soon to The Demented1, “Greater Magic” with special guest Bill M.  Send in any questions or comments you may have about Greater Magic and we’ll be sure to discuss them.

We will be recording Friday evening, please have any submissions in by this Thursday evening! 

—Citizen Tex

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Posted on Tuesday September 20, 2016

Jimmy Psycho goes classical on “The Abominable Dr. Psycho” Jimmy...

Jimmy Psycho goes classical on
“The Abominable Dr. Psycho”

Jimmy Psycho has completed the recording of his next project, The Abominable Dr. Psycho. The release, titled “Musica ex Mortuis, Vol I” is a collection of classical music’s scariest songs played on a pipe organ.

The name “The Abominable Dr. Psycho” is direct tribute to one of Jimmy’s favorite films, “The Abominable Dr. Phibes”, the 1972 cult horror-comedy that starred the great actor Vincent Price in the featured role. The original spark for this project was ignited after watching the opening scene from the “Dr. Phibes” film. “Musica ex Mortuis, Vol I” translates from Latin to English as “Music of the Dead, Volume I”.

Psycho comments: “This record took a long, long time to record. Some of these songs I started working on back in 2012. At that time, I became incredibly busy with my lounge music. In my free time, I started to slowly learn to play classical music as a way to improve my playing, reading, and writing of music. For a roots-rocker type as myself, I found classical music not easy to play. I literally learned, played, and recorded these songs in small increments as my schedule would allow. I would work on it a bit, come back days, weeks, or even months later to work on it a little bit more. It was a very interesting pursuit and a lot of work.”

In full disclosure, the songs were not actually played on a real pipe organ. They were played using a pipe organ plug-in compatible with Jimmy’s home recording system.

“Musica ex Mortuis, Vol I” will contain 8 classical performances, with a release date of Oct 7th,  2016 which ties in with the Halloween season. Many listeners will be surprised with how familiar much of this music sounds to them. “There is a lot of spooky music in the classical genre that has been used countless times in radio, television, and film as well as in advertising.”

Jimmy Psycho is the main mind behind the long-running “Horror Rawkillbilly” outfit Psycho Charger and the wildly popular “spooky sci-fi punk rock lounge band” The Jimmy Psycho Experiment. He has written songs for horror films, his most recent contribution being the theme songs for the hit Halloween anthology film “Tales of Halloween”. He is currently preparing to record his first solo roots-rock record which exposes his life-long love of country, blues, and traditional American music.

There are no plans for “The Abominable Dr. Psycho” to perform live.

The Abominable Dr. Psycho “Musica ex Mortuis, Vol I

Track Listing:
1. March of the War Priests (Felix Mendelssohn) 5:33
2. Funeral March (Frederic Chopin) 6:51
3. Prelude Op. 3 No.2 (Sergei Rachmaninoff) 3:36
4. Danse Macabre (Camille Saint-Saens) 11:53
5. Nocturne No.20 (Frederic Chopin) 3:57
6. Tocatta Fugue in D Minor- (Johann Sebastian Bach) 8:01
7. Funeral March of the Marionette (Charles Gounod) 3:04
8. Isle of the Dead (Sergei Rachmaninoff) 20:41

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Posted on Tuesday September 20, 2016

Author M. R. Stover will be a guest host for author David...

Author M. R. Stover will be a guest host for author David Blackthorn’s newest book release “Butcher Island”

M. R. Stover will be the first guest to chat with the public about his writings, upcoming books and podcast productions, along with general Q & A for an hour during the event.


2-3pm pst/5-6pm est: Kathy Dinisi
3-4pm pst/6-7pm est: David Blackthorn
4-5pm pst/7-8pm est: Gina Moray
5-6pm pst/8-9pm est: Donald Armfield
6-7pm pst/9-10pm est: Mat Stover
7-8pm pst/10-11pm est: Special Guest

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Posted on Monday September 19, 2016




Speak of the Devil - Reverend Campbell Interviews… is a live video interview series crafted specifically for the Third Side Network. Reverend Adam P Campbell has been interviewing Satanists and non-satanists alike for over 5 years. He has interviewed artists, producers, musicians, writers and even our own Church of Satan administration. His interviews are memorable because they are both casual and probing. Reverend Campbell has a distinct style that makes the audience feel as if they were a part of the intimate conversation he is having, and with this brand new live streaming format, they can be!

There will be no set schedule for this series, so the only way you will be in the know ahead of the live show, is to sign up to the Third Side Network email list.

Visit the website for the current interviews today!




7:00pm MST

Tune in live Wednesday, September 21st at 7:00pm MST for this exciting episode! Reverend Campbell will learn all about Maegan Machine live on camera, from her early roots to her performance arts, modeling, profession and even her religious identity. If you tune in to the live stream, you can submit your own questions through the chat on the YouTube page. Be a part of this intimate and exciting exchange on the first ever Speak of the Devil - Reverend Campbell Interviews…

As always, if you can’t tune in live, you will be able to watch the episode on the website, YouTube Channel, iTunes, Stitcher or our RSS Feed.

Hail Satan!


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Posted on Sunday September 18, 2016

Satanic Story Time presents episode 40: “Black...

Satanic Story Time presents episode 40: “Black Widow” with special guest: the arachnid expert – Bill Butler.

Now available for Android
Google PlayiTunes, and

The Devil’s Tuning Fork: For this installment of The Devil’s Tuning Fork, we have the following tracks for your listening pleasure: “Lullaby” from The Cure’s album: Disintegration, “Spider Dance” from the Undertale Soundtrack, “The Spider’s Lullabye” and “Room 17” from King Diamond’s album: The Spider’s Lullabye, “Welcome to My Nightmare” / “The Black Widow” from Alice Cooper’s album, Welcome to My Nightmare with Vincent Price starring as “The Curator”.

The Devil’s Workshop: Our featured story is brought to you from E.G. Marshall and the CBS Radio Mystery Theater. It serves as CBS Radio Mystery Theater’s 265th episode and is entitled, “Black Widow”. The widow of a union worker enlists the help of a witch to get rid of the man who murdered her husband. The witch deploys poisonous black widow spiders to achieve her end. Jason Beck, Robert Dryden, Hetty Galen, Evie Juster, Dan Ocko, and Bob Juhren starred in this unmissable episode.  

The Midnight Hour: For his third installment of The Midnight Hour, Gyps Fulvus brings us his version of “The Demon Spell”, originally written by Hume Nisbet.

The Devil is in the Details: I recently sat down with arachnid expert, Bill Butler. During the course of our conversation we talked about his life accomplishments, occupations, hobbies, Satanism, wacky times, motorcycles, memorable moments, pets (especially spiders), Halloween, and aesthetics. Join me as I speak with a friend to spiders, Bill Butler.

—Citizen Aaron Mantle

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Posted on Friday September 16, 2016

Coffin Spell announces Halloween shows and EP.Coffin Spell would...

Coffin Spell announces Halloween shows and EP.

Coffin Spell would like to share our upcoming Halloween events!

September 24th we will be playing the opening weekend of SHOCKTOBERFEST in Sinking Springs, PA. Shocktoberfest is Pennsylvania’s most popular Scream Parks located near Reading, PA. (approximately 2.5 hours from New York City, 1.5 hours from Philadelphia).

October 1st we will be making an appearance at J.B. Lovedraft’s Micropub in downtown Harrisburg, PA located just a few blocks away from the Capitol Building.

On October 1st we will also be releasing our free Halloween EP for 2016 online at This will be our 4th release of the year! In February we released our full length album and companion book “Mystic Seer” followed by the EP “Brimstone Road” in May. This summer we also very quietly released a “lost” album that we recorded shortly after becoming a band called “Neanderdoll!” The first two releases of the year are available to stream everywhere, while “Neanderdoll!” and the Halloween EP will only be available at

October 15th is our Hometown Halloween Show at Route 61 Roadhouse in Sunbury, PA. At this show we will be giving away a very limited number of “treat bags” that will include physical copies of our 2016 Halloween EP for FREE!

October 22nd we are scheduled to appear at Sportsmen’s Cafe in Allentown, PA for their Halloween event. Allentown is located about 1.5 hours from Philadelphia and 2 hours from New York City.

The weekends we aren’t scheduled to play, we’ll be doing all of our favorite Halloween activities. Haunted theme parks, Chiller Theatre Convention (ooohhh….New Jersey…spoooky), historic graveyard tours, and all of the other great things that happen when the rest of the herd pretend to be one of us for a couple of weekends. We hope you all enjoy the season as thoroughly as we will!

If you want to check out all the posters and more information on any of these events, check us out at

We also have a Halloween Countdown Facebook group you are all welcome to join and post in that will last until November 1st.

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Posted on Friday September 16, 2016

The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 46 is up and running!Dorian...

The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 46 is up and running!

Dorian Grey and John H Shaw talk about Star Trek and the recent 50th Anniversary! – “The Libertine Liaison” with Count MoriVond! – Special Guest – Witch Heather Height!

Listen now if you enjoy a good wholesome spanking!

Website / YouTube / SoundCloud / RSS Feed / iTunes / Stitcher

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Posted on Friday September 16, 2016

Benjamin DeCasseres on the Strict Taxation of All Churches...

Benjamin DeCasseres on the Strict Taxation of All Churches (1933)

The archivists at the Union of Egoists have unearthed some occult wisdom from Benjamin DeCasseres, also known as the “Imp of 5th Avenue”. Originally published in The Clarion, DeCasseres attacks both the church and state, establishing a bombastic precursor to LaVey’s second point of his Pentagonal Revision program.

In her old withered bosom the Church nurses one dear thought—the hope of some day, when we are all quite down and out, reviving the glories of her youth, of again making the State her pimp. And what a pimp this Sugar-Daddy would be if she ever got a mediaeval stranglehold on him! What golden pickings! The Whore of Babylon would be a little Eva in comparison.

“Kept” by Benjamin DeCasseres, from The Clarion

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Posted on Wednesday September 14, 2016

Lailoken Scathach Debunks “Former Satanist” on Hellbound Heathen...

Lailoken Scathach Debunks “Former Satanist” on Hellbound Heathen Channel

“Mark Passio makes money off lecturing people on the occult and he makes up his lies to suit his own personal agenda.“ 

Lailoken Scathach dissects the misinformation presented in an Info Wars interview with a person claiming to have been a high ranking member of the Church of Satan. The video includes an e-mail conversation with Magus Peter H. Gilmore who confirms that “Mark Passio” was never registered with the Church of Satan nor was this person claiming to be him ever known to any of the high ranking representatives of the Church of Satan.

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