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Posted on Saturday November 28, 2015

Self-protection: Awarenessby Warlock Tengu an article for The...

Self-protection: Awareness

by Warlock Tengu

an article for The Black Flame—November, L A.S.

Self-protection from a satanic viewpoint includes ideas that are integral to our tenets. Certainly our pragmatism supersedes false bravado or heroism where our life may be in danger. Pretentiousness and self-deceit can be deadly when facing a dangerous situation. Survival is our top priority and should be the driving force when confronting violent criminals. We are realists. Even a trained individual must consider whether their actions are appropriate or may hinder the best possible outcome. If forced into a situation where there is no other option, one must fight to preserve their life. This article will focus on avoiding dangerous situations, before they escalate to violence.

When most people think of self-defense or self-protection they think of martial arts training. It is presumed that one simply joins a Karate, Jujutsu or MMA training studio and EVENTUALLY one will be able to defend themselves from an assailant. The fact that even trained martial artists can become victims of violent crime is a harsh reality that must be accepted. Carrying a firearm is not always possible, or legal. If you do carry a firearm and are involved in a situation with an armed assailant, there is no guarantee that you will “win the shootout”. Unless you have professional training in combat shooting with several hours of training simulation, it is impractical to assume you will have the ability to safely draw your weapon and actually use it. There are important concepts that must be understood as prerequisite to any form of physical or firearms training. Let’s begin with a basic concept that is often overlooked.

Self-protection begins with awareness. Criminals usually prefer an easy target. A criminal typically employs dominance in order to maintain control during the execution of a crime. If they begin to feel they are not in control it will cause panic or desperation. Through experience, they learn to seek out a victim that will maximize their success and minimize risk of failure. Learning to be observant is the first step in preventing victimization. Simply put, don’t give the appearance of an easy target. For instance, it is common when walking alone to look downward while contemplating whatever is on our mind. A criminal searches for victims who are unaware of their surroundings. It is a good idea to scan your immediate environment and your direction of travel as you are walking. Hold your head up and walk with confidence, looking briefly in the direction of those you see along your path. Take a quick glance and return to your eyes forward and confident gait to show the assailant that you are aware of their presence.  If you do sense an aggravated person after your observational glance and feel intimidated, do not look downward or toward the ground. This natural psychological reaction will reveal to the criminal that you are intimidated. Criminals are looking for subtle clues of a meek individual who appears an easy target.  Walk with confidence when in areas where you are unfamiliar.  

Women are specifically targeted as easy prey. Use your wit if you see something out of the ordinary. If you arrive home and see an unexpected or suspicious stranger standing at your door it may be a good idea to continue driving or walking past your home. Pull up or walk to a neighbor’s house. Call the police if the suspicious person does not leave. Same concept applies in a dark parking lot. Avoid continually using your remote entry to find your vehicle. Common sense is essential to avoiding possible conflict.

When unarmed, there are certain protocols that are wise to follow.  It is realistic to assume that if a criminal is armed with a weapon such as a gun or knife, they are willing to use it. In such scenarios, it is best to give the attacker what they are asking for, yet in a way that you may escape with the greatest chance for survival.  Here a few things to keep in mind in these types of situations:

  1. An armed robber demanding your wallet, purse, vehicle, etc. probably isn’t planning to murder you. If asked for your wallet or purse, throw it as far in the opposite direction from your escape route as possible, then run; preferably an erratic side to side pattern, making it difficult to easily aim at you. Do not throw your belongings into a place that is inaccessible to the robber (like over a bridge or into a sewer). The assailant will only refocus their attention to you and will probably become even more pissed off!
  2. If an armed assailant asks for your car and you are outside of the vehicle, throw the keys as far as you can away from your escape route and run in the above mentioned way. If you are inside your car already and the carjacker jumps in and demands you to drive away, it is advised that you not go along with their demands (most law enforcement will agree). I would say in this situation there are two options which will increase your chance for survival. First, if you are physically able, get out of the car immediately, leaving it running for them to take. Second, if you cannot get out of the vehicle, wreck it into a nearby object. The attention you attract will cause the attacker to panic and possibly flee before observers begin to look towards the accident. The odds of being shot will decrease as the attacker will typically be more concerned with getting away then being observed in an act of murder.

There are simple methods to develop an acute ability to take in visual information. Here is a simple exercise that will increase your ability to scan a room or area quickly and take note of details in your surroundings. This exercise is taught to law enforcement and military personnel.  

The first phase involves training your eyes to rapidly focus and identify your surroundings. Begin in a familiar area or room in your home. Shift your focus rapidly from one object to the next. Only look for a second or two until the object or person is in focus and then look in a new direction towards another object/person. Continue this speed scanning for as long as your eyes can tolerate it (at first this exercise will probably give you a headache). With practice, your ability to notice an object, identify it and move on will increase considerably. Practice in a fairly stationary position at first, then walking around slowly.  Eventually you will become accustomed to quick scanning and will be able to take in visual stimuli at an accelerated rate.

The next phase is to repeat the above exercise but in a familiar public territory. A restaurant, bar or any public place which you frequent will work. Quick scan the area. What do you notice? Are there people around you? What are their facial expressions?  With time and practice, your peripheral vision will become incorporated into your quick scanning ability. Eventually, you will be able to walk into a room and within a few seconds know pertinent information in the immediate environment. Where are the exits? Does anyone seem uncomfortably rowdy?  Where are the security personnel (if any)? Avoid sitting with your back to a room. Note all exits and position yourself so that you have a maximized view of the entire room.

There are infinite ways in which a criminal may attempt to set up an intended victim. Some are more creative than others. Typically their set up is initiated with verbal communication. A question is asked to distract the victim for a moment, while the criminal (or criminals) gauge the situation. The simplest thing to do is avoid engaging in their conversation.  I once had a stranger whom I had seen harassing others in the area approach me and ask what time it was. Without taking my eyes off him, or speaking a word, I turned my wrist watch toward him so that HE would have to look at it to see the time. He walked away.

Common sense is often overshadowed by fear in life threatening situations. Our natural fight/flight response raises our adrenaline level and negates rational thinking. Stupidity can lead to victimization.  As Satanists, it is assumed that the maxim “When walking in open territory, bother no one.” is understood. Criminals need very little instigation to engage in conflict. “Do not give opinions unless asked.” is a crucial statement when avoiding conflict, especially where strangers are concerned. Keeping our mouths shut and our eyes open will greatly reduce the chance of wandering into unwanted aggression.

Our home is our castle. How safe is yours? Even in areas of the country where the crime rates are extremely low, it is smart to have a game plan prearranged for the possibility of a break in or home invasion. Planned escape routes are essential to maximizing your survival during a home invasion.  If you are a gun owner, it is wise to store your gun where you will have access to it if awakened suddenly. Practice will prepare you for the real thing. Run through a mock simulation as if someone were breaking into the various doors at your residence and find the best course of action. Practice getting all family members to a safe location with all necessary items to dissuade intruders, i.e. firearm (if applicable), cell phone, etc.

Get out of the house if it’s safe to do so. If you cannot leave, secure yourself and family members. Call 911 immediately to report the invasion. Tell the operator if you are armed so the police will know the situation before arriving.  It is safe to assume that unless you have hidden passageways that are difficult to find, and you can covertly access them, you will not be able to hide from an invader who is searching the home for valuables. Hiding under a bed or in a closet puts you in a disadvantaged position. Statistically it is better to announce your presence if an intruder is trying to enter the room you are in. More than likely they will once again panic and possibly leave in an attempt to escape arrest or an armed homeowner. If you hear them approaching the door to the room you are in say loudly and with authority, “The police are on their way! I am armed! Get out!” Position yourself away from the direct path of the doorway incase the intruder is armed and decides to fire through the door at you. Depending on the laws in your region, you may have the right (if armed) to shot an intruder who has entered your home. Always know your local laws concerning intruders and your right to protect yourself. Responsibility to the responsible.

With any criminal offense that you are victim to or witness of, it is imperative you notify police. A strong police presence is important to maintaining order. If police are notified often enough they will step up patrols in areas with greater numbers of complaints. We Satanists are part of the social contract and have a due responsibility to assist in the cessation of criminal activity.

Do not try to be a hero in simple situations of robbery. We have but this one life and to risk losing it is completely opposite of Satanic values. All material possessions are either replaceable or not worth dying over.  Credit cards can be cancelled.  Keep in mind that a criminal who acquires your wallet or purse usually takes what is valuable and discards the rest. Contrary to Hollywood depictions and television crime drama, it is highly unlikely that a robber who does get away with your identification will try to find you again. The possibility of you recognizing them makes you a risky target.

Future articles will deal specifically with methods of self-defense. Until next time,


Warlock Tengu

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Posted on Friday November 27, 2015

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Posted on Friday November 27, 2015

For the weekend of Black Friday 2015, Gyps Fulvus is offering a...

For the weekend of Black Friday 2015, Gyps Fulvus is offering a bundle discount on their entire solo discography where you can purchase all 4 Gyps Fulvus releases in one bundle at 40% off!

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Posted on Wednesday November 25, 2015

Hail Gluttony!Today in the U.S. is the secular holiday called...

Hail Gluttony!

Today in the U.S. is the secular holiday called “Thanksgiving.” It originated as a harvest festival amongst the Christian pilgrims who came to the “New World,” who at times even included select indigenous pagans in the proceedings. Fundamentally a celebration of the fruits of the hard work done towards preparing for survival of the frigid Winter months to come, it was a de facto proclamation of the wisdom of being in harmony with the cycling of Nature. Similar holidays abound in pre- and non-Christian societies, always enjoyed as opportunities for earned excess.

In practice, it has evolved over time into an occasion for gathering with family and friends and overeating at a feast. Being Satanists, we naturally support participation in a sumptuous banquet, guided by our principle of “indulgence, not compulsion.” This is a day we might spend with those whom we do not often encounter in person during the course of a year, hence we may also savor the opportunity to deal out our own form of justice, perhaps gently tweaking those who irk us while warmly embracing the ones who add richness to our lives.

We Satanists may seize this day to celebrate our prosperity, our joy in existing, and our precious liberty. We can thank ourselves for boldly mastering our lives to the best of our abilities, sharing our vital existence with those whom we cherish. Whether you are with friends, family, or enjoying your own splendid company, may those of you who choose to celebrate enjoy a truly indulgent “Gluttony Day”!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

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Posted on Wednesday November 25, 2015

Raising Hell, Episode XV — Parenting From A Satanic...

Raising Hell, Episode XV — Parenting From A Satanic Perspective

R.H. Ep. XV - November 25th, 2015, Why So Serious?

RAISING HELL - Clowning Around with Magister Bill M. from The Devil’s Mischief!

1. Grownup Grotto - Stranger Danger?!

2. The Devil’s Mischief - Population Control, Best Teen Movies and Satanic Parenting

Available on iTunesStitcher and Facebook!

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Posted on Wednesday November 25, 2015

Coffin Spell: Halloween III/PumpkineaterCoffin Spell is proud to...

Coffin Spell: Halloween III/Pumpkineater

Coffin Spell is proud to announce the completion of their upcoming full length album. Coffin Spell describes their sound as “Haunted House Rock N Roll” - a blend of punk and garage rock unique to them, taking cues from a long list of influences spanning several genres and decades. Each song is a haunting tale inspired by horror movies, books, and the terrors of real life contained in a short burst of power pop.

Right now you can download the free single “Halloween III / Pumpkineater” from the upcoming album. This is one track featuring rough mixes of two songs that will be on the completed full length that were originally put up for free download to promote their Halloween show.

Album title, artwork, release date, and preorder information will be announced shortly. Thanks for checking us out!

Free single / Facebook

—Sean David Stoltenburg

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Posted on Tuesday November 24, 2015

The Devil You Know Podcast T-ShirtNow available for your donning...

The Devil You Know Podcast T-Shirt

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Posted on Tuesday November 24, 2015

New Products from iSatanist - the wonders will never cease!...

New Products from iSatanist - the wonders will never cease!

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Posted on Tuesday November 24, 2015

Metal Invaders Gluttony Day SpecialThis week, Dj Hell On Wheels...

Metal Invaders Gluttony Day Special

This week, Dj Hell On Wheels ditches the turkey and gives you something else to be thankful for by serving up a heaping helping of Metal!

Only on Radio Free Satan!

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Posted on Tuesday November 24, 2015

New Products from iSatanist - the wonders will never...

New Products from iSatanist - the wonders will never cease!

Oswald Wirth/Rev. Merciless Sigil of Baphomet Cloisonne’ Medallion
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Posted on Monday November 23, 2015

Now Available on and iTunes.22 November, L...

Now Available on and iTunes.

22 November, L A.S.

1. The Devil’s Advocate - Eugenics by Peter H Gilmore
2. Militant Eroticism - Episode 30 - If you loved me, I’d cum
3. Satanism Today - Episode 5 - Witch Heather Height Interview

YouTube / Stitcher / iTunes / RSS Feed / Direct MP3 / 

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Posted on Monday November 23, 2015

ASP Apparel - Satanic Books Now In StockA full selection of...

ASP Apparel - Satanic Books Now In Stock

A full selection of unusual and Satanic books published by Magister Kevin I. Slaughter are now in stock at ASP Apparel.

From Letters From the Devil: The Lost Writing of Anton Szandor LaVey, to Laffs & Juggs, to Nietzschean firebrands H.L. Mencken & Benjamin DeCasseres; our full range of Underworld Amusements titles has something for every discerning devil’s bookshelf.

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—Reverend Ashley S. Palmer

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Posted on Sunday November 22, 2015

Paris, Proud Center of Abomination A guest on Fareed Zakaria’s...

Paris, Proud Center of Abomination 

A guest on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS show on CNN this morning, France’s ambassador to the U.S. Gérard Araud was asked by Zakaria to react to ISIS’s reasoning for targeting Paris as a center of prostitution, in essence Sodom and Gomorrah. Araud responded that “We are proud to be that.” He emphasized that a message needs to be sent that they are keeping the French sense of “joie de vivre” and stated: “We are a center of abomination for these guys and our intention is to remain such.”

I offer a horned salute to this bold and earthy challenge to theist repression!

Vive Araud! Vive Paris! Vive la France!

Hail Satan!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

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Posted on Saturday November 21, 2015

Governmental Evangelism?Presidential hopeful John Kasich, the...

Governmental Evangelism?

Presidential hopeful John Kasich, the governor of Ohio, rashly proposed creating a governmental agency to promote “Judeo-Christian” values as part of his projected approach to national security should he be elected. At his National Press Club speech, Kasich stated that he’d create “a new agency that has a clear mandate to promote the core, Judeo-Christian Western values that we and our friends and allies share: the values of human rights, the values of democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association.“

Fortunately the constitutionality of such a nonsensical concept was swiftly raised even amidst the media frenzy caused by the recent terrorist attacks perpetrated by Islamic radicals—the clear source for such politically reactionary spewage. Our secular republic was established with the intention of preventing any religion from having hegemony, providing American citizens with the freedom of embracing any or no religion as a fundamental right. Fortunately, some aware media commentators, such as CNN’s Michael Smerconish, have made this observation.

It fascinates me that Kasich’s brief enumeration of the values he wishes to promote are emphatically not ones that have arisen from Judeo-Christian scriptures. Instead, they are secularist principles essential to the American Constitution and are also core concepts that current Western governments have embraced in their ongoing process of working towards an equitable society. We who are not fans of theism know that most “sacred” writings are a contradictory morass which can be cherry-picked to support almost any perspective, be it permissive or oppressive. However Kasich’s catalog is one that stands in contrast to the historical practices of the theism he embraces and proposes should be governmentally proselytized. His lack of awareness of this contradiction should be troubling, considering his current—and any future—elected offices.

Kasich has backed-off from his misguided intention, however, this exposes something that should be noted. His assumption that Judeo-Christianity is the source for these principles points out his lack of awareness of the actual tenets of the ancient religion of which he is an adherent. He is not alone in such incomprehension. He naively assumes a “God and Country” unity that is contrary to the mechanisms of the government of the United States. His apologists are quick to claim that he didn’t mean what he said, however, anyone campaigning to head this nation should be very precise in both his thinking and his statements on such crucial issues.

The oath of the office he seeks demands that he "will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Clearly Kasich seems unaware of the secular nature inherent in that office and the Constitution he must uphold, hence I consider his ignorance grounds to disqualify his candidacy in the minds of all Americans who stand for the values of our nation’s founders.

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

Pertinent Links:

Kasich’s Initial ProposalThe Down-toningApologism 

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Posted on Thursday November 19, 2015

ASP Apparel: New Site Now Live!After much hard work...

ASP Apparel: New Site Now Live!

After much hard work behind-the-scenes, we are pleased to announce that has now been fully redesigned and rebuilt utilising a brand new ecommerce platform!

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—Reverend Ashley S. Palmer

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Posted on Thursday November 19, 2015

Episode 7 of The Devil You Know podcast is now up!As Magistra...

Episode 7 of The Devil You Know podcast is now up!

As Magistra Nadramia has said, “if you don’t listen to TDYK, you’re going to Heaven!”

You don’t want that, do you?  Then get on it!

John H Shaw and Dorian Grey have a short discussion about strange encounters and then make a call to “Christopher Walken” and learn of some alleged recordings – Special Guest – Warlock Storm Anderson!

602-368-3166 (Call now!)

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Posted on Thursday November 19, 2015

Prometheus is proud to share this update of his unconventional...

Prometheus is proud to share this update of his unconventional little side-project Der Torso (German Underground Rap infused with a decent dose of Death Metal) which has led to the release of the brand-new single Phantomschmerz that is available for digital download.

Der Torso präsentiert seine neue Single Phantomschmerz und setzt mit seiner ungewöhnlichen Verschmelzung von deutschem Underground-Rap,
Death Metal und Retro-Videospielsounds neue Maßstäbe.

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Posted on Wednesday November 18, 2015

Our Reverend Eric (Corvis Nocturnum) Vernor is interviewed on...

Our Reverend Eric (Corvis Nocturnum) Vernor is interviewed on the above video.

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Posted on Wednesday November 18, 2015

Gyps Fulvus - “The Lich”One single track clocking in...

Gyps Fulvus - “The Lich”

One single track clocking in at near 40 minutes, “The Lich” is a concept EP about a man who is murdered, comes back to life as a lich, and goes on a quest to hunt down those who carried out his assassination. Stylistically, it blends elements of Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, and Progressive Rock.

This instrumental edition is mostly instrumental in composition, with one section featuring vocals. The “Spoken Edition” will be released in the very near future, with all tracks containing lyrics and vocals.

Both editions will be released together worldwide for sale on CD and digital download in early 2016.

Gyps Fulvus Home Page


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Posted on Tuesday November 17, 2015

The Jimmy Psycho Experiment at Bar SinisterNOVEMBER 21ST:: Bar...

The Jimmy Psycho Experiment at Bar Sinister


Bar Sinister presents:

with very special guest

HOST KENT KALIBER will emcee & guide your Dark Journey

And of course the SINISTER GO GO GIRLS!

Bar Sinister
1652 N Cherokee Ave
Hollywood, CA 90028

*Close to the CORNER of Hollywood Blvd and Cherokee Ave

*With Convenient (and Cheap!) Parking Lots located all along Cherokee Ave. As well as metered parking on Cherokee Ave and free street parking on Selma and local side streets.

*Doors 10 PM - Party till 2:30AM

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