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12 Days Left!
Click here to submit a Satanic Warlock’s name for nomination today!

With only 12 days left to submit your nominations for the very first Satanic Warlock of the Year award, act today—do not wait!

The Satanic Warlock of the Year award is the personification of our mutual admiration society. Not every Satanic Warlock is out in the public’s eye. Some prefer to live in relative obscurity, masters of their lives and environments. This is our chance to recognize the true victors in life.

As Satanists we speak of real world success as the only measure of individual value. How a Satanic Warlock defines that success will differ. Perhaps they overcame a great obstacle in life. Maybe they are just the perfect father and husband-supportive and caring. They may be a captain of industry who has stood above and beyond his peers. Let us show our mutual admiration for who they are and what they have accomplished!

Nominate a Satanic Warlock today.

Voting Begins October 1st!

With over 50 Satanic Warlocks submitted already, Voting will take place only on those Satanic Warlocks with multiple nominations.

If you think the Satanic warlock you are impressed with, awed by, admire or support has already been nominated, add yours to ensure they show up on the voting roster.

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Hail Satan!

—Reverend Campbell