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Magus Gilmore on NPR’s Interfaith Voices

Magus Gilmore comments briefly on why the Church of Satan does not support placing religious monuments in public spaces. This is condensed from a longer conversation.

Magister Nemo: The Seventh Tower of Satan

Doing Greater Satanic MagicIn the Privacy of Your Own Mind NEMO ON SATANISM (Part 2) An mp3 recorded audio program For many years Satanists have asked how to perform ritual magic when they lacked a suitable place with sufficient privacy to do so effectively. The purpose of this program is to enable you to merely close your eyes and in the privacy of your own mind enter into a private location of your own creation where you can do everything you could do in a physical ritual chamber and actually much, much more.

Malform: Extermination Process

“Extermination Process”, the debut album by MALFORM, has been remastered (by Gyps Fulvus) and re-released! Industrial, Punk and Metal are combined with brooding soundscapes, disturbing sound bites and nihilistic themes, to deliver a unique listening experience that challenges conventional thought and delves into the darkest realms of human existence. Visit WWW.MALFORM.NET to listen to the album for free, or donate to download!

The Invisible War: Black Dragon Division

Prometheus unleashes his latest creation The Invisible War: Black Dragon Division. This is the second full-length album by The Invisible War. Taking up where Ego=God left, the listener is treated to an empowering blend of dark and bombastic electronic music with a militarist component. Allow your imagination to explore the timeless depths of the dark forces of nature!