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Memorial Day Today I offer due honor to those who have given their lives in support of preserving or enhancing liberty for others. For them, championing freedom was worth the loss of their own precious existence—a profound gift that is indeed worthy of respect. As a grateful beneficiary of their bravery, I salute them. I know that many who value their privilege of self-determination join me on this solemn occasion of remembrance. Such brave deeds should never be forgotten. —Magus Peter H. Gilmore

In honor of the weekend of Memorial Day, (as well as Independence Day,  “Dawn of a New Day”, by Gyps Fulvus, is dedicated to all of those who have served or given their lives in the Armed Forces.   Accompanied by some inspirational original text, “Dawn of a New Day” serves as a reminder to never take one’s own freedom for granted, to keep the fire burning within to preserve one’s own liberty and pursuit of happiness, and to always remain true to one’s self within. Vocals and lyrics for this piece were performed and penned by Aaron Mantle (CoS Member and soldier of […]