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WHAT DO SATANISTS BELIEVE? by Magister Nemo an article for The Black Flame—July, LI A.S. What do Satanists believe? Actually nothing at all! A belief is an assumption about what you think is true. Satanism is actually based on DOUBTING the so-called “common sense” beliefs of the world and then operating from that questioning attitude. This is truly one of the few religions that is NOT based on BELIEVING things. It is based on questioning things and that includes even questioning our own questioning! Satanists do not subscribe to absolute CERTAINTY. CERTAINTY is reserved for the religious fanatics who have […]

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RADIO FREE SATAN:  THE SANITARIUM #019 (FINALE) This episode of The Sanitarium is the last, Warlock JNothing is sticking a fork in it. This 90+ min. episode, he plays some of his favorite tracks from the past 18 months. They include: Pro-Destructive Engineering, Suicide Commando, Ayria, Assemblage 23, Combichrist, ASP, Eisenfunk, Asphyxia, Spahn Ranch, Encephalon, Front 242, Angel Theory, Malform, Nano Infect, X-RX, X-Fusion, The Cruxshadows, and finishing off with Razed In Black.

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RADIO FREE SATAN: DEATH PUNK RADIO #26 M.D. Roche presents another hour of Dark Punk/Post-Punk and Goth, featuring: Element, The New Creatures, Like Wreckage, Texas Vamps, Under Two Flags, ADS, Peter Murphy, The Mob, Rebel Christening, The Laughing Mothers, Dividing Lines, New Math, and Zadera.