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Gyps Fulvus

“Abrahamic Eradication” is a new Symphonic Metal instrumental work by Gyps Fulvus. Defiant towards the corruption, abuse of power, enslavement, indoctrination, and unjust violence brought upon by organized religion and theism by the Abrahamic religions, this work incorporates non-Western musical themes to paint a picture of the darker, more hideous settings of what the masses have deemed as as the “holy lands” around the world. It’s a call for their imminent and imperative demise through the means of reason, rationality, modern science, and the elimination of the collectivist egalitarianism that has allowed theism to uncontrollably spread seeds for far too […]

The Satanic American

This year we blaspheme the slave religion of secular political correctness and its master, the Religion of Peace known as Islam. As one of the intentions of International Blasphemy Rights Day is the furthering of secularism throughout the world, let’s not forget that without a healthy dose of discrimination & social darwinism the trend in the West is not towards secularism but a rise in Islam. This year alone there have been 1563 attacks in 56 countries by faithful devotees of Muhammad The Prophet (spit be upon him), in which 10,775 people were killed and 11,067 injured (source). It’s a […]

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne

Return To Golgotha By Warlock Draconis Blackthorne Return To Golgotha: A trinity of wastrels there hung for all to see of their treachery, lies, hypocrisy, and thievery. Thusly punished as death looms for their inevitable doom, never to arise. By christinsanity condemned to suffer, ruminate, and perish, while those adherents amble blindly in confusion, misery, and torment; for their kind shall consume naught but the crumbs which fall from the tables of The Strong. Hail Satan!

David DeFigueredo

**Adult Content** Devil’s Bride by David DeFigueredo John 8 44 by David DeFigueredo

V. Holeček

Amerikan Gothique by V. Holeček Das Tierdrama by V. Holeček You can find V. Holeček online at schamballah.com

Furious Sound Podcast

Citizen Matt Barnett’s Furious Sound Podcast presents a special episode on this Blasphemy Day. You can tune into Furious Sound Podcast on the Radio Free Satan Network here: radiofreesatan.com/furioussound or listen now with the link below: Listen Now

Psychedelic Blasphemy Exhibition and Book

**Adult Content** Indoctrination and Submission by Andy Howl The Menstruation of Satan by Andy Howl 333 by Orlon Borloff 444 by Orlon Borloff Torquemada Triptych (blacklight) by Thomas Thorn Torquemada Triptych by Thomas Thorn