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Satan Calling

Satan Calling: 365 Days of Wicked Witticism & Wisdom

From the devilish mind of Lorcan Black comes the first ever anti-devotional collaboration project between Church of Satan members! Satan Calling: 365 Days of Wicked Witticism & Wisdom With this handy tome, you will be able to rekindle your personal black flame each and everyday of the year by reading the musings of the Alien Elite. Lorcan has gathered the most intelligent and witty Citizens of the Infernal Empire to partake in this one-of-a-kind endeavor. These amazing writers have each contributed a full month’s worth of fun facts, jokes, poetry, incredible advice and knowledge, all from a variety of truly […]

Vintage Vinyl Vivisection

VINTAGE VINYL VIVISECTION: Episode 2—Heaven and Hell

Podcast: Play in new window | Download In studio with us this episode is Mr. Bill M. (www.devilsmischief.com) and we’ll be talking about the ninth studio album from Black Sabbath, known as Heaven and Hell. Discussion includes album production and charting, replacing a classic singer, the cover art, and the standout tracks. Of course, you’ll also want to stick around for conversations on the revival of heavy metal in the early-1980s, the Great Ozzy vs. Dio Debate, rainbows and look-outs, that “devil horns” hand gesture and more. Show theme and additional music provided by Gyps Fulvus (www.gypsfulvus.net). Vintage Vinyl Vivisection […]