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Anton LaVey Vinyl Stickers & New Books from Underworld Amusements

Underworld Amusements presents a cut vinyl sticker tribute to Anton Szandor LaVey. These were made in 2008 but then packed away and recently found. They are made of high quality cut vinyl. Purchase directly from Underworld Amusement. Also now available from Underworld Amusements: Debauched: Witchery and Devilry (Pre-Order) ARRIVING LATE NOVEMBER! IMPORT ART BOOK, MANY RARE PHOTOS OF LAVEY FROM OLD SLEAZY MAGAZINES! THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. ————— During the height of the turned-on 1960s and ’70s Occult explosion, even the under-the-counter men’s magazines got in on the act and began a surreal exploration of the haunting netherworld of Witchcraft […]

Happy Halloween from The Black House

Happy Halloween from The Black House!

Halloween is a favored holiday for many, and it has long been a cherished occasion for we Satanists. We enjoy it as a time for viewing favorite darkly evocative films—the immortal monsters Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man as presented by Universal or Hammer are de rigueur. The classic ghosts depicted in THE HAUNTING, THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE, and THE INNOCENTS offer delicious seasonal frissons. And those magic lantern shows of diablerie, ROSEMARY’S BABY, NIGHT OF THE DEMON, and THE DEVIL’S RAIN warm our infernal hearts. This time of year offers the thrill of “fun fear,” when one partakes of local “haunted […]