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Vox Satanae with Magister Gene

Vox Satanae – Episode 473 – Week of May 11, 2020

Vox Satanae – Episode 473 – 153 Minutes – Week of May 11, 2020 This week we hear works by William Byrd, Matthew Locke, Santiago de Murcia, Luigi Boccherini, Bernhard Molique, Paul Gilson, and Christopher Gunning. Stream Vox Satanae episode 473. Download Vox Satanae episode 473.

Count MoriVond: Viral Rabid Spume

“Viral Rabid Spume” by Count MoriVond, from MLS: The COVID19 Writings

Episode 4 of “Mortification-Like Sentiments: The COVID19 Writings” This one is called: Viral Rabid Spume “Lathering in viral rabid spume, demoralized in one’s isolation” – the symptoms of media over-exposure are frothing the human soul at the muzzle. The mind degenerates as the stagnant body f*cks itself away from depression. …and further still down the existential, corona-laden mind-grave we go… —Count MoriVond  

Candyboy: Death Funky

Candyboy: Death Funky

“Death Funky” is the third single off Doomsday the new album out on June 20th A short concept movie written and directed by Candyboy “I have invested heavily in a job that, in addition to music, has embraced a visual aspect that will develop into short horror episodes. The protagonists are different characters intertwined by a single destiny. But the real protagonists who plot in the dark are others ….. who are mentioned at the end of the clip. It is a concept album that introduces new elements into my scenario and these are the humanoids.”