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Therapy Through A Lense

Therapy Through A Lense: The Church of Satan

Warlock Jeff Bowling is interviewed for this site which brings awareness to PTSD & Mental health issues with music, film, and photography. Therapy Through A Lense: The Church of Satan

Count MoriVond Performs

Count MoriVond performs: “A Satire on Charles II”

Count MoriVond “A Satire on Charles II” written by the 2nd Earl of Rochester, John Wilmot. A theatrical lambasting of the reign of King Charles, the 2nd. An iconic figure, the Stuart… so much so that I’ve decided to dress as the merry monarch in this buffoonery-laden spoof. Mad Earl. Merry Monarch. The Merry Gang…. Nobility debauched. Nobilis comoediis. Homines comedy. Parts 1 & 2.

Metal Breakfast Radio

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 43.1

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 43.1 “In this mechanised clash of empires…” This show has been sat in the can awaiting release for a long time. So it gets a good dust off, and given a oily rub down. The last show recorded together before the lockdown started, and sadly the last one in the Gibbon room at Bob’s work, which has since closed. Good friend Laurs joins in once more as a guest to provide a fearsome foursome, and hilarity ensues. On this episode you’ll hear: Reactions to not cutting things off. Viking buttock death and crust-stroking Italians. Cheese-string […]