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ERNTE: The Ending Void

ERNTE – The Ending Void

Official video for THE ENDING VOID, the second track taken from ERNTE’s debut album «Geist und Hexerei», out December 3rd 2021 on various formats.

Reverend Count MoriVond reads Rebels Without Cause, Part II

Reverend Count MoriVond reads from THE SATANIC SCRIPTURES

Rebels Without Cause, Part II. Here the good Magus outlines the difference between Hedonism and Epicureanism, examines our dictum: “Indulgence – NOT compulsion” and explains why the Satanist is “Epicurean” in his worldly pursuit of pleasure and not just another common, mindless hedonist. From “compulsive dissidents” to reformation fetishists… from foolhardy outsider detractors to in-house “house masochists,” Magus Gilmore addresses the gaggles of Rebels Without Cause.

Vampire Baby! by Psycho Charger

“Vampira, Baby!” by PSYCHO CHARGER

Rev. Jimmy Psycho has announced that “Vampira, Baby!” by PSYCHO CHARGER officially arrives today, now available on all streaming sites,  as well as being available for download directly from the band at: www.psychocharger.com “Vampira, Baby!” Is the first new song from PSYCHO CHARGER in five years, and the first song to be released from the upcoming full-length “Return of the Psycho”, which is due in 2022.