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The Infernal Legion

Infernal Legion: Memorial Day 2022

On this episode of the Official Infernal Legion Podcast, our Commander Warlock Jeff Bowling goes it alone to commemorate Memorial Day 2022. He takes you through a brief history of the holiday and reads the President’s Memorial Day Proclamation. As has become a tradition, he ends the show with a list of the fallen and the playing of “Taps.” Stream Infernal Legion Memorial Day 2022 Download Infernal Legion Memorial Day 2022

Magister Neil Bernard Smith, Army Intelligence

Memorial Day: Reflections from a Satanist Who Served during the Vietnam War

This is the day we remember and honor the men and women who gave their lives for the cause of a free country and hopefully for more of a free world. As a Satanist, I proudly remember my time in the US Army. I was never a “gung-ho” hawk, but I felt it was right to do whatever small part I could for the country that had afforded my grandparents and those of so many others, the opportunity to make a better and more successful life. As a veteran, I still retain a sense of pride for having been part […]