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365 Days of Halloween

Warlock A.W. Storm Anderson, who is known to his local community as “The King of Halloween,” engaged in a year-long art project he called, “The 365 Days of Halloween.”  He had all 365 pieces photographed and compiled into a gorgeous book with over 330 full color pages along with additional notes and stories. Now, with Publisher, Reverend Eric “Corvis Nocturnum” Vernor at Dark Moon Press, he is finally going to see this book to fruition with YOUR help!

Please surf over and watch the video, read his KickStarter story and consider supporting this campaign. Warlock Anderson is offering some killer rewards for supporters including limited edition prints, signed copies of the book, your name on a dedicated “Thank You” page, and even original artworks!

“THANK YOU ALL who support the "365 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN” — I truly, truly appreciate it! Please also SHARE THIS!“

—Warlock A.W. Storm Anderson