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9sense Live: Satanism & Star Wars Episode IV

Join your hosts Reverend Campbell, Dorian Grey and Cameron John live as they discuss Satanism and Star Wars in this fourth installment of this popular series.
Sunday, Aug. 14, 6pm MST

This is the second to last episode that will complete not only the 9sense Star Wars series, but 9sense as a podcast. The last episode will be at the end of the year after your hosts have seen Rogue One, A Star Wars Story in theaters.

We hope you will consider joining us live, but if you cannot make it, it will be available to view on the 9sense YouTube channel found here:

You can view all of the Satanism and Star Wars Episodes in the 9sense Podcast Archive website or YouTube channel. Catch up and see what you have missed!

Hail Satan!
Reverend Campbell