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9sense Podcast proudly presents
Get to Know the Voices of 9sense
Warlock M.A. Mandrake

Warlock M.A. Mandrake, the host of Between the Horns will be live and on camera with host Reverend Campbell of 9sense Podcast, answering listener questions for one hour only! Get to know all about this truly original Warlock as he answers your personal questions from his favorite aftershave to his most successful Lesser Magic victories.

Tune into Sunday, August 23rd at 8PM EST for an intimate discussion with this masterful wordsmith and Church of Satan Warlock.

9sense Podcast has been at the tip of the Satanic podcast spear since it’s debut episode in February XLVI A.S.(2011 C.E.). 9sense positions itself as A Satanic Perspective of Our Modern World and has drawn some of the most talented and controversial Satanists as contributors. 9sense truly defines the Greater Satanic Conversation.

Between the Horns is a segment that explores the principles of Satanism within a wide range of contexts. It’s all about that Third Side that can only be found by reading… well, between the horns! Perhaps most importantly, it explores these primarily serious topics with a dry, sometimes damp, sense of humor.