Active Membership in the Church of Satan

If you wish to take a more active role in the Church of Satan, we require that you become an Active Member. This requires that you completely fill out an Active Membership Application, indicating your more serious interest in our organization. By completing and returning it (e-mail Active Applications in plain text, rich text, or MS Word format to or send viapostal-mail to the New York P.O. Box), your file will be placed in queue to be reviewed for your further involvement.

Be prepared to present proof of claims made on your application. Our members continually engage in multifarious projects, working on many fronts toward the fulfillment of their rich potential.

There is no additional charge for a Registered Member to apply for Active Membership. You may even pay for your Registered Membership and include your Application for Active Membership at the same time you submit your signed Registration Statement. All questions must be given thorough answers and a recent, close-up photograph of the applicant (the face must not be obscured) must be included or the Active Application will not be processed.

Download a PDF file containing the Active Membership Application.
Please be sure to type your answers to Part II; hand written responses are not accepted.

Once you have been accepted as an Active Member, the Church of Satan acknowledges that your presentation of yourself fits our definition of “Satanist.” We are currently working through an extensive backlog of Active Applications, so it may take a year or longer before you will receive the response, which will come via regular postal mail. Be certain to keep us updated with any changes to your postal mailing address, as well as any developments in your life which would be pertinent. Your patience is appreciated.