The Altars at the Black House

Anton LaVey at the Altar at the Black House.

High Priest Anton Szandor LaVey stands before the archetypal Satanic Altar that dominated the front room at 6114 California Street. This is the model, the template, the UR-Altar, from which all others take inspiration. Of course, oft times, a fleshy nude woman graced this platform, as an embodiment of the Earth Mother.

The Altar at the Black House

A closer view, showing the canopic jar to the right, the very ancient human skull in center, in front of which is a Byzantine phallic symbol. The nightmare-headed penitente chalice mirrors the canopic jar on the left side, while just visible in front of the left candle stick is a trapezoidal enamel depiction of the Levi Sabbatic Goat, rendered by Reverend Kurt Saxon.

Anton Lavey conducting the Satanic Ritual Das Tierdrama

A performance of Das Tierdrama, taking place before the altar. The velvet curtains behind the chair at left were those that covered the interior of the main windows, which remained tightly shuttered at all times. Sunlight was never welcome in this chamber.