V Holecek Art Sale

Art of V Holecek—Sale!

I’ve decided to mark down some of my original pieces that just need to move along to make room for newer inventory.  Marked pieces are 40% off original list price.  There is also an additional 13% off promo code that is available to Church members, but they will need to email me to get it.

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His subject matter is a blend of several elements. Among these elements are the “dream state” explorations in the Surrealist tradition, capturing and refining those vague images that linger in the mental periphery in that space between dreaming and waking. These visuals include a lot of what could be called a Cold War stylistic sensibility, frequently bringing a mechanical aspect to the composition. This aspect is frequently informed by his time serving in the United States Air Force, where he worked mainly on Cold War Era systems and technology. Both of these are anchored together by an aesthetic interest in the occult. Arcane characters and symbols make frequent appearances, both actual and fictional.