Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

ASP Pentagram Sigil Tank Top – ASP Apparel Satanic Showcase

Exercise the beast in man with our ASP Pentagram Sigil Tank Top Vest. Perfect for iron-willed lycanthropy workouts in the gym or staying cool this summer.

The ASP Pentagram Sigil is extracted from an early ASP Apparel logo, meticulously designed by Reverend Ashley S. Palmer utilising a Satanic synthesis of mathematical and magical principals. This wireframe image shows its construction and highlights the elements relating to the golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence to form the trapezoids, pentagram/gons and asps/serpents.

The golden ratio has been employed by many artists and is allegedly found in aesthetically pleasing and historically important artwork and architecture, from Stonehenge to the Parthenon. Many of these claims may result from a form of pareidolia, but the history and relationship of the golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence to art and nature is astonishing and we proudly continue this tradition from a Satanic perspective.

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