Āter: Vullighied

Āter: Vullighied

The EP is considered a solo project of Wesley Beernaert in deep collaboration with Mantorok as a session guitarist.

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Mantorok worked with Wesley as a session guitar member and wrote most of the riffs while I filled in and did the lyrical concept. It’s completely sung in a almost 1000 year old ancient flemmish dialect that still exists to this day, but is endangered. Therefore it is very hard to accurately translate without loosing the beauty of the words, but it deals with the abuse of the elite against the common folk and but beneath you will find a briefly explanation of the lyrical concept of each song.

First song ” ‘d Oere” is about the whore who doesn’t want to be a whore but does what she has to do so she can feed her children, dispite being “willingly raped” every evening by countless men and therefore has to deal with festering wounds constantly due to the brutality she has to endure.

The second song, “De strontroaper van Abjille”, is about the “noble” job of cleaning shit from the street, a job many people make fun of, but is in fact the nobelest and least selfcentered job anyone could do, smelling horrible all day, working in filth, to make sure YOUR shoes are clean when you’re walking home from your comfortable job.

It then proceeds with the conflict between the French Belgian and Flemmish Belgian regions in “Oes vorvoadern vochten, and ends with a song about in the end they all cellebrate “Valkennacht” (also the song’s title) as brothers and sisters.

I also added a bonussong which was very experimental and completely different to the old school black metal that would describe the previous 4 mentioned songs, this one is more of a blackened death horror type song with hysterical vocals. I added it to add value and variation and because I love this song deeply since it took some time to create. It was written by the brothers Zoran and Baruch Van Bellegem and lyrics by Gratiën Versijpt, though performed by me.

—Wesley Beernaert

Āter is:

-Wesley Beernaert: vocals (Ex-Lemuria)
-Graaf Nevel: Guitars (Gotmoor)
-Luca Viperini: Guitars (Anwynn)
-Brecht Debrouwere: Bass (Ex-Ethernal Breath, ex-Repossessed, organizer of MACC-Metal -Against Child Cancer
-Jerry Winkelmans: Drums (Ithilien, Ex-Achyronthia).

Āter: Vullighied
Āter: Vullighied