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BeelzebubblegumEpisode 003 

Sunday, January 21st / 3pm MST 

Live on Facebook 

Speak of the Devil Presents Beelzebubblegum, the anti-game show for the anti-Christian in all of us. Tune in live for a chance to play and win at sinnin’! That’s right, the more answers the judges approve of, the more levels of sin you are awarded until the final head-to-head battle with Bowser* himself!

Beelzebubblegum is the brand new game created by sinners, for sinners… and the gays, straights, queers, bros, sluts, greasers, jets, sharks and n00bs.

*Beelzebubblegum has no connection with Nintendo, Nintendo Corp., Mario Bros. or Bowser. There is no actual Bowser fight during the game, or after. Point in fact, Bowser is a cartoon and video game character who does not exist in the real world, so having to clarify this means you are a dimwit and should not be trusted with any sharp object up to and including a spork. To clarify for the dimwits, a spork is a combination of a spoon and fork.

NOTE: YouTube Restricted Me

YouTube has restricted my ability to live stream due to last weeks episode breaking community guidelines. They told me someone flagged it as inappropriate.

I believe it was due to the graphic fetish discussion at the end of the show. Know that I will no longer be discussing fetishes.

I will be live streaming on my Facebook page until YouTube lifts the restriction, then posting the show on my YouTube channel after the fact. Sign up to the email list for dates and times, and check the website for more details.

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Hail Satan!

—Reverend Campbell