Boardgasm Dungeon Degenerates

BOARDGASM Ep1 Dungeon Degenerates

Reverend Adam Cardone presents the debut episode of BOARDGASM, a new show dedicated to board gaming. Goblinko’s hybrid RPG/Boardgame Dungeon Degenerates is reviewed and tested, as well as the ThunderChild Miniatures. Filmed at the Red House Rockaway Beach Studio.

From Goblinko:

DUNGEON DEGENERATES – HAND OF DOOM is Goblinko’s debut board game. Dungeon Degenerates puts the players into the boots of hardened criminal adventurers, escaping from the dungeons of Brüttelburg into a deranged, demented, dark-fantasy world of swords, sausages & sorcery. Players attempt to make their way through a series of interconnected weird, nasty & mysterious adventures as the world of the Würstreich gets progressively more dangerous & the Hand of Doom descends – distorting the land with evil sorcery. Profusely illustrated by Sean Äaberg with hundreds of new drawings with inspired game design by Eric Radey – Dungeon Degenerates is poised like a demonic vulture to change the face of fantasy forever.

Dungeon Degenerates can be played solo or with up to 4 players & it can be played cooperatively or competitively. Recommended for ages 10 + , Medium difficulty, Not Suitable for Squares! Second Printing