Candyboy: Donny Fee Mama

CANDYBOY: Donny Fee Mama

“Donny Fee Mama”

The latest Candyboy single on the occasion of the Summer Solstice:

“My new mask is inspired by a Hollywood killer doll. I used it in my last ritual psychodrama, from which emerged a very emotional side of my psyche. I do not consider this track as rock or metal, though I used electric guitar. Rather, it is a classical revival in a new manner. I quote several classical composers such as Rimsky-Korsakov at the beginning, Dyens in the middle, and Bach’s Bourée at the end, all blended with Paganini’s arpeggio style… it’s a real crossover!

“I had been inspired mostly by two chapters from The Secret Life of a Satanist by Blanche Barton: Music As Necromancy and Life at the Edge of the World.

“The title Donny Fee Mama is my play on words derived from a Kabalistic acronym that I used in a ritual where I personified myself as Mammon to get success and money. (Laughs) Jokes apart… the only way to achieve dreams, money and high musical skills is through constant practice and gaining knowledge. I didn’t sell my soul to The Devil—I’m The Devil himself.”


Summer tour:

8/25 Grauman’s Chinese Theater, HOLLYWOOD, CA

8/26 Santa Monica Pier, SANTA MONICA, CA

8/27 Third Street Promenade, SANTA MONICA, CA

8/29 Balboa Park, SAN DIEGO, CA

8/29 The Embarcadero, SAN DIEGO, CA

8/30 Galsamp Quarter, SAN DIEGO, CA

8/30 Seaport Village Concert, SAN DIEGO, CA

9/1 Las Vegas Strip, LAS VEGAS, NV

9/3 State Street, SANTA BARBARA, CA

9/4 Pacific Garden Mall, SANTA CRUZ, CA

9/6 Art Murmur, OAKLAND, CA

9/7 Fisherman’s Wharf, SAN FRANCISCO, CA

9/8 Market Street, SAN FRANCISCO, CA

9/10 Saturday Portland Farmers Market, PORTLAND, OR

9/12 Seattle Center, SEATTLE, WA

9/12 Pike Place Market, SEATTLE, WA

9/14 Waikīkī Beach, HONOLULU, HI

9/16 Battery Park, NEW YORK, NY

9/17 Central Park, NEW YORK, NY

9/18 Washington Square Park, NEW YORK, NY

9/19 Harborplace, BALTIMORE, MD