Chaos Sedated #181 (Dark Ambient, Industrial Podcast)

Reverend Raul Antony presents a dark ambient mix featuring In The Absence of Words, Northumbria, Gruntsplatter & Wilt, raison d’être, Hasufel, Skincage, and more. Support the artists on this program by checking out the links in the playlist below. Stream the episode on Mixcloud, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, or download directly below. Special thanks to Annihilvs Power Electronics, Scott Candey, Phage Tapes, Cyclic Law/retortae, Cryo Chamber, and Pacific Threnodies. Download the episode at

In The Absence of Words – A Search for Silence
Atrium Carceri & Herbst9 – Drakhuvud
Northumbria – Idyll
Long The Night – Immaculate Perception
Lessons In Hate – Beyond the Mirror
raison d’être – Mantra
Hasufel – Salvación
Skincage – Cool Air
Imvixor – A Massing Of Shadows
Gruntsplatter & Wilt – Eulogy Pt. 2 (Of Bone And Ash)

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