Church of Satan Chat Room Policies


Church of Satan Chat Room Policies

Magistra Blanche Barton and The Council of Nine

The Church of Satan DOES NOT have an official chat room.

We have NEVER had an official chat room.

There are no chat rooms affiliated in ANY WAY with the Church of Satan.

The Church of Satan actively discourages participation in ANY chat room.

Principles outlined below may be applied to all forms of on-line interaction.

Despite our previous efforts to make it clear that chat rooms are the property of their owners, who determine for themselves the house rules for these cyber-lairs, and that what happens in them has nothing to do with the Church of Satan, we continually receive complaints about the way people interact in these places. When people were dissatisfied with a particular chat room, they were told to form a new one of their own, which would then be their own place in which to chat with their friends and colleagues. This pertained to any and all members, and was not a “special mandate” that in any way singled out a room as being “officially endorsed.” This statement was willfully distorted by some members.

The Church of Satan
does not endorse participation
in ANY chat room!”

We have observed this mode of communication, which originally was intended as a means for those who enjoy each other to carry on an online conversation, degenerate into a form of territoriality in which participants in different rooms form cliques and then try to act as if this is some sort of factionalism in the Church of Satan itself. It is not; it is simply childish behavior on the part of members and even titled officials of our organization.

Anton LaVey’s model for the Church of Satan was for it to be a mutual admiration society amongst its members. He detested internal strife and would not stand for “encounter group” behavior. Undeserved rudeness and unwarranted contentiousness were anathema to him. His guide was simple: if you did not like a particular member, it is preferred that you simply cease to deal with that person, as the Church of Satan has never required its members to like one another or to interact with each other. Recall this Rule of the Earth: “Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.” But this simple protocol has been ignored by those who participate in chat rooms. The behavior therein is completely contradictory to the practices of the Church of Satan. Fortunately, the people who participate in this situation are very few, but because they are online, this has attracted unwarranted attention and has been made into an “issue.”

We have had enough.

Therefore, we no longer will point the way to any chat rooms. People cannot seem to grasp that even those rooms formed by members or officials in the Church of Satan are their possessions, not “branches” of the Church of Satan. It has been clearly proven to us that chat room participants cannot separate the personal doings of titled Church of Satan members from their titles, and thus falsely think that anything done by a titled member is somehow endorsed or done in the name of the Church of Satan. This is emphatically not true. Titled Church of Satan members’ titles were granted for their personal achievements and their expertise in the philosophy codified by Anton LaVey. When they speak on this philosophy, it is the title which gives credence to their expertise. Their title is not “wisdom insurance,” however. The merits of their arguments on other topics must be evaluated objectively; any validity must be earned. Since it has also become abundantly clear that chat rooms have become primarily areas for airing personal conflicts, not the discussion of the philosophy of the Church of Satan, we must now state the following:

All Church of Satan officials who participate in chat rooms do so as their personal business, and they do so without the support of the Church of Satan itself. Any titles or positions held by these members are considered invalid by the Church of Satan in chat room situations. Our titled members do not speak for the Church of Satan in chat rooms. If they attempt to flaunt their titles as convincers, they are abusing that title. If any individual wants elucidation on the philosophy of the Church of Satan, they are encouraged to read this website, to purchase the books listed on the Source Sheet page, and, in cases where they really can’t find an answer to a question, to email our official online representative, Magistra Peggy Nadramia.

Our official website has links to many sites created by our members. Some of them have chat rooms. If you choose to avail yourself of these rooms, whatever happens is solely your responsibility. We suggest that you do not participate in any of them. There is, apparently, no way to exchange information—only sling mud and play childish ego games. Should you choose to participate, your experience therein is your problem—NOT OURS. The administration of the Church of Satan will no longer act as “parent” concerning complaints about any exchanges in any chat rooms.

A chat room is not the place to experience Satanism. Instead, we suggest turning off the computer and taking time to boldly participate in the real world. Visit a museum, hike in the woods, sail on a boat, meet a friend face-to-face, or read some great literature or works explicating important scientific information. That’s where you’ll find the vital existence of Satanism.

One more time, as briefly as is possible:

Do not complain to us about your dissatisfaction with your chat room experiences. The Church of Satan does not endorse and is not responsible for what takes place in these private spaces. Individuals engaged in these private discussions are NOT representing the Church of Satan, even if they are our titled officials. They are representing themselves or that chat room and its owner.

So, where chat rooms are concerned, if you choose to participate, beware! And I’ll say it again loudly so that there is no misunderstanding:

The Church of Satan does not endorse participation in ANY chat room!


Simply by declaring yourself a Satanist or joining the Church of Satan does not guarantee respect or friendship. Think of the Church of Satan as a large tent. In this tent are Satanists of every stripe, you may find some in stark opposition to every social, political and artistic position you hold. This is precisely what makes Satanism special, the championing of individualism.

If you find yourself in opposition with another Satanist, simply cease contact with them. Satanism is not a 'king-of-the-hill' playground game, where you claw and pull your way to the top. We are a mutual admiration society which politely ignores that which we do not get along with. You must give respect to get it in return.

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