Christ as a Social Reformer

“Christ as a Social Reformer & Writings in Red” By Arthur Desmond

Ragnar Redbeard Presents

“Christ as a Social Reformer & Writings in Red” By Arthur Desmond

New Zealander Arthur Desmond (1859-1929) was a poet, author, political activist, unionist, and agitator.
Nowadays he’s probably most famous for having written the infamous 1896 book Might is Right under
the pseudonym Ragnar Redbeard.

Presented here for the first time since 1890 is Arthur Desmond’s “Christ as a Social Reformer & Writings in Red,”
a collection of Desmond’s writings, poetry, and correspondence. All his published works in Zealandia which include rare Maori translations. His Union and strike articles. Critiques and controversy between the years 1889-1891.

“Around the time for when these texts were written he had already planted the seed to which later became his Social Darwinist Thundering Opus—Might is Right.”

From the TRIBUNE Vol. 1, No.1 October 18, 1890:—

“The author treats the subject in a style that is new to many in this city. He looks upon Christ as a great
Hebrew Reformer, who was murdered because he upheld and defended the cause of the poor.
The TRIBUNE recommends this pamphlet to its readers.”

Christ as a Social Reformer & Writings in Red

By Arthur Desmond

Published by Ragnar Redbeard


ISBN: 978-91-985932-0-4

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