Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


The Church of Satan has openly offered an individualist, atheism-based, carnal alternative to the world’s spiritual doctrines for the past 51 years and we expect to be able to continue welcoming fellow iconoclasts for centuries to come. Many of our members find it relevant to embrace today’s American national holiday, for it stands as a challenge to any one belief system enforcing hegemony over others as well as the bigotry of “one true way” believers. 

In the past and present, our adherents have been met with hostility because of their chosen philosophy, hence supporting and celebrating our rights as provided by the U.S. government is a worthy endeavor. Many people hide behind the idea that “difference is danger,” and thus their fear and ignorance fuel prejudices that breed intolerance. Satanists support secular governments that preserve plurality amongst philosophies that can live and let live. We well know how easily such privileges can be dismissed should theocracy replace secularism as the norm.

Please visit our page to honor this day. You’ll find thought-provoking, inspirational essays, video, images and even t-shirts and posters with the striking graphic above, designed by our own Reverend Campbell! We invite you to share our joy in this American legacy of liberty!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore