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Darren Deicide and
The Wedding Funeral:
 Jersey Juke Invasion Tour 

Darren Deicide and The Wedding Funeral announce the Jersey
Juke Invasion Tour, April 5th-April 21st, 2018
. The tour will
coincide with the Mississippi Juke Joint Festival and span Maryland, Virginia,
Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The tour is in
celebration of the new releases, Beneath the Floor Boards (Covered in Feces)
by The Wedding Funeral
and The Blues Non Est Mortuum by Darren Deicide,
and will feature performances by both projects.

Darren Deicide is an internationally touring, alternative
punk-blues musician and a maverick of outsider roots music that acknowledges
diabolical traditions while treading its own path through the contemporary
world. Together with choral-trained Ethel Lynn Oxide they form The Wedding
. Using vernacular and primitive instruments, including musical saw and
3-string diddley bow, The Wedding Funeral weave tradition with contemporary
gothic sensibilities to create a sound that has been described in reviews as
“haunting and alluring all at once.” For
a full schedule of show details, visit and

—Darren Deicide