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Darren Deicide on “Rew and Who?”

Mark your calendar! August 29 I will be the live guest on “Rew and Who?”, the weekly internet show based out of New York City that profiles the best of underground New York culture. I will also be making some important announcements. What about?  You’ll have to tune in and see.
On the show, I’ll be playing a couple songs and interviewed by underground mainstay Rew Asterik, and we’re conducting it at the new nucleus of New York rock n’ roll, Otto’s Shrunken Head.  
If for some reason you cannot tune in, the show is archived at the “Rew and Who?” homepage. So bookmark the page now, and
mark your calendar! The show starts at 4pm.
This is where it will be streamed:
This is where it will be archived:
And if you still haven’t gotten the new “Bomb This Joint” 7-inch, get it already! Sheesh.
Get it here: