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Deny the Culture of Fear

by Warlock Jimmy Psycho

an article for The Black Flame—December, L A.S.

We join in the mourning of the deaths of the innocent who were killed in Paris as well as those who lost their lives at the recent shootings at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. Most recently, there has a been a religious extremism-inspired shooting in San Bernardino. Like many of  those lost on American soil on 9/11, they were victims of both international and domestic terrorism that is based in religious extremism in the name of a mythical deity. Those who lost their lives were non-combatant citizens of a free country going about their daily routines.

While a swift and calculated response is certainly warranted, perhaps the greatest revenge we liberty-loving people of the world can implement is by doing what we as Satanists have always done: Living our lives to the fullest.

As Satanists, we have always been aware of the risks of living among other human animals. However, we have never let it prevent us from enjoying our existence. Like those murdered by the terrorists, many of us enjoy dining in restaurants, visiting museums, or taking in concerts at our favorite music venues. In most nations, we are free to engage in creative pursuits without fear of reprisal or censorship. We are worldly people, enjoying the richness of our society. But the terrorists want to eradicate our free society.

Staying in our lairs, frightened of the world outside, is equal to succumbing to the culture of fear that they wish to place upon us. Denying them of the conditions of terror and chaos that they are attempting to foster is a stand we can all take. We shall not be intimidated.

We boldly walk through this world wiser and stronger…using awareness as power and living our lives to no less than their fullest potential, knowing the risks along the way. 

 There is a lot of truth and power in the phrase “living well is the best revenge”.

—Warlock Jimmy Psycho