Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

DIVINE WILL TAROT by Peter Alexander Benedetti

Divine Will Tarot is an experimental work designed by multimedia artist Peter Alexander Benedetti. The motivation to create this project derived from a variety of unconventional resources, with inspiration drawn from the occult, modern art, film, classical sculpture and architecture, Divine Will Tarot intends to reconstruct the universal Tarot vocabulary and challenge established conventions of the form. While the classic Rider Waite deck was used as a basis for its traditional Tarot symbolism, the artist has sought to reinterpret this graphic philology into his own personal dialect of esoteric language.

The fundamental approach to this project involved the artist’s daily practice of combining two or more arbitrary areas of inspiration as a root source for each individual card’s design. By combining these disparate elements in a seemingly random yet structured method on every card, Benedetti’s work began to yield an alchemy that revealed his singular aesthetic direction as an ever-growing series of artworks building toward the deck’s completion.

With its uniform use of color and ornate border design, Divine Will Tarot obliges the viewer to derive meaning through various unorthodox illustrations that invite extended study. In many cases the imagery deviates entirely from the expected, traditional figures and symbols found on a standard Tarot deck. This bold reinterpretation of conventional depictions makes the Divine Will Tarot a significant and intriguing addition to any serious Tarot enthusiast’s collection.