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Mía Fanzine Press release

Since july 2016, Estrellita Mía art and culture fanzine has been
publishing exciting artists from around the world. With a focus on illustration, occult subjects, unusual art, music, cutting-edge poetry and
writing, Estrellita Mía is approaching its first year.

Each month Estrellita Mía explores different subjects (Mythology,
Satanism, Summer indulgence, Apocalypse, Pop Music, Cats, etc.) inviting
through open calls artists from around the world to submit their visions. In the past issues artists from Chile, Argentina, Japan, Israel, Italy,
Germany and the USA have been displayed in our pages.

Our Facebook page. Our instagram official account @fanzine_estrellitamia.

June issue (number 12) 6” X 8” edition: Urban tales and mythology creatures
issue. Color cover by Mostacho. Backcover by Igor Ruz. Archnida (Chilean singer
and performer) interview by Cristóbal M. Text by Gastón Cespedes. Art by Carolina Angulo,
Francisco González, Vicente Ibañez, Oscura Escencia, Alvaro Cordova, Taca Lina,
Elier Revillard, Valentina Robledo, Limón Camilo and Andrés Gatti.

Besides our regular monthly issue Estrellita Mia has expanded its focus
and products:


Quarterly edition with a selection of highlights of the South American
past issues, plus new art and especially commissioned art work and full color
centerfold. Poetry, essay and interviews with today’s artists.

Spring Issue—available via Desert island Comics (New York) and Atomic
Books (Baltimore)

by GEA (New York), Jason Cawood (Canada), Alexander Binder (Germany), Robert
Pepper (USA), VK7 (Los Angeles, USA), Yubel Gongora r. , Simón Díaz, Julio
Valdés,  Catalina Rozas, Verena Urrutia,
Oscura Escencia, Sofia Oportot, Leonardo Casas, F. Gonzalez, Limón Camilo,
Apablaza Bachmann, and Zaida González (Chile)

Essays by Adel Souto, Whale Song Partirdge and Shaun Partridge and
Gastón Céspedes.

Cover by Matías González (Chile) / Back cover by Jessica Pepper (USA) Centerfold by Ilaria Novelli (Italy)

Videoartist Fanteisha (Yohanna Ovalle) Interview by Cristóbal Moya

Summer edition to be released in July.


Estrellita Mía monograph focused on artists and illustrators. Regular
editions size, interviews with the artist, critic section and reference

Argentinian artist Jorge Quién’s Los Sofistas edition is available.

Risograph collection from Estrellita Mía collaborators are also
available: Rachel Harrison, Leonardo Casas, Carlos Apablaza Bachmann, Ed Estay,
Alvaro Córdova and Francisco González.
17” x 13” one/two color prints.

Submissions: Estrellita Mía
Fanzine is currently receiving submissions for future editions.

Art, illustgration, writing, poetry and articles

September SEX issue (deadline, august)

Autumn International Edition (deadline, spetember)

Send submissions to: