Exquisite Equinox!

Exquisite Equinox!

Hail to all you vibrant beings who share our celebration of the Earth’s successive seasons! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Fall’s arrival brings cool evenings with the promise of bountiful harvests. The impending touch of frost will, ere long, ignite leaves to blaze with vivid colors. Those in the Southern Hemisphere rejoice in the triumph of Spring’s warmth over frigid Winter. They may witness Nature as it shakes free from stasis, surging forth with renewed vigor.

Satanists luxuriate in vital, carnal existence, embracing the majestic seasonal cycles of our precious, fragile island in space. Our cognizance invokes humbling respect as we seek an ever-deepening understanding of our beautiful and dreadful Earth. May we all find health, sanity, and satisfaction as we move into the new season!

Arnold Bax (1883-1953), a superb symphonist, wrote his tone poem November Woods in 1917, and it deftly captures his feelings about this mysterious season as well as a time of personal emotional turbulence. This evocative performance is conducted by David Lloyd-Jones with the superb Royal Scottish National Orchestra:

In the Haunted Hudson Valley, The Witchcraft District continues to expand with newly arrived denizens who find All Hallows’ Eve to always be in their minds and hearts. The chiller breezes now impel falling leaves to swirl in mad dances through the lengthening nights. Soon, Samhain will sweep us up in its dark mysteries—as always, we Children of the Night can hardly wait!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore