Faces Of Horror

Faces of Horror by Marquis H. K. and Simon Gilberthorpe

Faces of Horror: A Lifetime of inspiration and everlasting impact

by Marquis H. K., Simon Gilberthorpe

While there have been many horror books of an encyclopedic nature that have served as academic studies, this instead serves as a homage to what has made an impact on the authors from a very young age to the present day. It would be a futile exercise to try and cover absolutely everything that has inspired us over the years—it’s just not possible. There are indeed some favorite titles that are absent from these pages. What we’ve instead attempted is to document the titles in their appropriate genres in a chronological sequence, from classic Hammer Horror to 80’s Slashers to brutal “Torture Porn.” We’ve also iexplored some of the controversy and the myths associated with certain notorious titles.

This is our journey describing how these films have impacted our lives, from growing up in 70’s Britain and seeing Hammer Films and Jaws, and for the first time eating ‘Horror Bags’ snacks up to present day, collecting of Hellraiser action figures. Enjoy the ride! 

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