F.A.Q. Military Issues


F.A.Q. Military Issues

I am in the military and want to have my Satanism recognized. Is that possible?

In the United States, there used to be an armed services Chaplains’ manual that had been updated up until the second Bush administration, after which it seems to have disappeared. Members of the Church of Satan in the US armed forces could display their membership cards and request acknowledgement of their affiliation, since the Church of Satan was included in this official publication. Non-members had no such recourse.

The situation is less clear in the armed forces of other nations and continues to develop.

However, since Satanists are pragmatic it is important to consider that in any military situation you might have superior officers who are Christian and thus might hold unreasonable prejudices against anyone identifying himself as a Satanist. If a career is planned in the military, announcing one’s Satanism might not be a wise course to take. Many of our members serving in the armed forces often choose to identify themselves as atheists, or not select any religious affiliation.

The choice is yours, but do consider the consequences quite carefully before taking a step that cannot be reversed.

I am a veteran and a Satanist and plan to be buried in a national military cemetery. Is it possible to have a pentagram or a Sigil or Baphomet or some other recognition on my grave marker?

This situation is currently evolving and so we expect for developments to occur.


From time to time, you may find yourself with a question that is not addressed in the F.A.Q., or literature. We welcome all intelligent and informed questions.

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