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Farewell, Ernest Borgnine

One of the last of the great character actors passed away yesterday. Borgnine had a very long and varied career and often played roles portraying men who resorted to violence and brutality in the pursuit of their goals. THE WILD BUNCH and EMPEROR OF THE NORTH are two of my favorites.

He will always be dear to Satanists for his role as Corbis in THE DEVIL’S RAIN, wherein he played a Satanic High Priest in this film for which Dr. LaVey served as an advisor. Dr. LaVey spoke to me warmly of his time in Durango with Borgnine for that film shoot. 

Hail to Ernest Borgnine! He shall long be remembered as an actor of skill, oft times plumbing a dark side few others have rendered with such consummate power.

Magus Peter H. Gilmore