Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Finding Frankenstein:
Celebrating 200 Years (1818—2018)

In 1818, Mary Shelley published her fictional masterpiece, Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. This novel introduced us to Victor Frankenstein, a sympathetic visionary obsessed with the act of creation of life. What he wrought sadly betrayed his dreams, being a monster. Without an identity, this creature was pure animal instinct, responding in the manner in which he was addressed, and though his actions were primal in nature, he staggered his way into our hearts and minds as a form of inspiration and admiration.

This story has inspired serious and humorous film adaptations, skits, plays, stories and artwork that have permeated our culture and imprinted on our collective consciousness like few works have before and since. It may be our connection to Victor Frankenstein, as a creator turning his back on the mythical god, or our connection with the monster, a reflection on how society has treated us and our religion.

Members of the Church of Satan have explored their inner Frankenstein—manifesting as a creator or creature—and this collection is one of shared creativity and personal expression in both homage and celebration of the 200th anniversary of this inspiring and cautionary novel. Behold the terrible beauty of our creations! We proudly present them to the world, an act of absolute defiance to established dogma, and proudly proclaim ourselves as creators whose monsters cannot and will not be ignored!

Hail Satan!

—Reverend Campbell