156: Memento Mori

Free Gifts For CoS Members Who Order 156’s Memento Mori 10” EP

Free Gifts For CoS Members Who Order 156’s Memento Mori 10”

For fans of ethno-ambient and primitive drone, 156 is down to the last 100 copies of the Memento Mori 10” EP. All the music on these recordings was played using only human bones, including human skulls, femurs, vertebrae, plus bone whistles, and Tibetan thighbone trumpets (kangling). Released as a limited edition, nine-track, bone-colored 10” vinyl disc—playable at two speeds—it was mastered by James Plotkin.

To celebrate, 156, which is conducted by Church of Satan member Adel Souto, is offering two free gifts to anyone who orders a copy of the Memento Mori 10” off the 156 Bandcamp page, from July 1st through July 10th. Orders will receive both the cassette/fanzine, Good-Bye, Bed-Stuy, Ten Times, as well as a 156 t-shirt (black shirts, with white silk-screened artwork of the DRI-meets-Neubauten logo, in L or XL only).

Though the music on this release is still in the spirit of early Einstürzende Neubauten, Test Dept, or Crash Worship, 156’s normal use of metal, glass and concrete was scrapped, and using only human bones has given this output an even more primitive sound than any previous 156 material. While conceptually multi-layered, the main purpose for this record is to serve as—for those who cannot obtain one—the skull’s replacement in the ritual room where a scholar contemplates death in the Renaissance rite of ars moriendi (“The Art of Dying”).

Well-reviewed in magazines like Wired, The Big Takeover, and Noise Receptor, as well as music sites such as Houdini Mansions, This Is Darkness, and Khatacomb, this may be your last chance to pick up this lovely slab of wax.

To order, or check out other 156 material, head over to the 156 Bandcamp page.