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From Pet to Plate: The Eating of Horses, Monkeys, Dogs and now Guinea Pigs, etc.

I love animals. They are cute, cuddly and often delicious. I’ve always been amused at how some people cannot quite emotionally handle the obvious natural truth regarding the place of Homo Sapiens on the food chain of our planet. Horse lovers in America are adamant against horses being used for food, yet in France they have “cheval” on the menu. Monkey is a delicacy in the Far East. Dogs are a tasty meal in Vietnam and parts of China. Westerners are mostly repulsed. Silly, really.

Recently, National Public Radio had a story about the growing availability of guinea pig on the menus of restaurants in the US. That rattled even me a bit. Yes, it is in our nature to love them, cuddle them and eat them. ‘Tis the way of things. Deal!

—Reverend R. Merciless