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Get Your Autographed Copy of The Church of Satan

Blanche Barton’s The Church of Satan is currently being revised and expanded and it will likely be almost a year before this detailed history will be released. Copies of the original are rare and have sold for hundreds of dollars on eBay as well as and other dealers.

Now, a very limited number of the original edition of The Church of Satan have just become available directly through the author herself. Blanche Barton will autograph and personalize each copy for the purchaser. Only one book to a customer!

The cost is $150 per copy, plus shipping and handling charges based on where the book will be sent. Payment is via certified checks or money orders only, made out to Blanche Barton. All must be in US funds.

Contact Magistra Barton directly through this email address to reserve your copy. 

[email protected]

He who hesitates will miss this opportunity. 

Note: Books will not be signed and shipped until your payment has cleared.