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Gyps Fulvus – Walpurgisnacht:
the Official Video Series, by Citizen Valefar

Citizen Valefar demonstrates his masterful artistic and visual talents with his latest video creations set to all four parts of the Walpurgisnacht opus; a harsh, dissonant instrumental opus of Dark Ambient and Industrial music created by Gyps Fulvus.

Each video ties in the theme of the conflict between the human animal vs. nature, demonstrating that no matter how far humans can advance through means of intellect, technology, and brute force, nature will find a way to triumph over any civilization in its most brutal fashion possible.

Click below to watch the video series in its entirety, and subscribe to Citizen Valefar’s YouTube channel.

Walpurgisnacht I / Walpurgisnacht II / Walpurgisnacht III / Walpurgisnacht IV

Walpurgisnacht is featured on Gyps Fulvus’s 2012 album, Invocations, which is available through Bandcamp at the Name Your Price Option.

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