Gyps Fulvus

Abrahamic Eradication” is a new Symphonic Metal instrumental work by Gyps Fulvus.

Defiant towards the corruption, abuse of power, enslavement, indoctrination, and unjust violence brought upon by organized religion and theism by the Abrahamic religions, this work incorporates non-Western musical themes to paint a picture of the darker, more hideous settings of what the masses have deemed as as the “holy lands” around the world. It’s a call for their imminent and imperative demise through the means of reason, rationality, modern science, and the elimination of the collectivist egalitarianism that has allowed theism to uncontrollably spread seeds for far too long of a time period.

Symphonic bursts, intense drumming, percussive ornamentation, and detuned guitars add an element of infectious groove and rhythm in the track. This will hopefully have you charming your inner serpent.

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