Gluttony Day Pandemic Edition

“Hail Gluttony!”—Pandemic Edition

Today in the U.S. many will celebrate the secular holiday called “Thanksgiving.” Due to the currently surging pandemic, some traditions must be curtailed. It originated as a harvest festival and the ubiquitous imagery has been inspired by legends about Calvinist separatist Pilgrims who emigrated in 1620 from The Netherlands to the “New World.” These staunchly Christian folks supposedly included, now and again, select nearby indigenous pagans in their festivities. However, the interactions between the European immigrants and the Native Americans were often quite negative. Various virulent pathogens were unknowingly brought to North America which, in many situations, devastated the local populaces. That horrific historic happening should be recalled as we are in danger of resurrecting it during our 2020 holiday. This article about the Plymouth Colony covers many important details which should be better known.

We take for granted that Thanksgiving has evolved into an occasion for gathering with family and friends—oft times with travel involved—and extravagant feasting. Yet this year, we are waging a war against the COVID-19 viruses, with infections multiplying as a “second wave” in numerous states, as well as other nations. Our CDC has advised people not to travel, but to celebrate at home amongst those who have been in your “pandemic social bubble.” Being Satanists, we naturally support participation in sumptuous banquets, even if they presently must be reined in somewhat by necessity. We’ll make do. As always, we are guided by our principle of “indulgence, not compulsion,” and, as responsible citizens, we are mindful for the health and safety of ourselves and those around us. 

Both the pleasurable and irksome aspects of attending large family gatherings will now be absent. In this partisan age, with whomever you are sharing this day, it is still wise to exclude political discussions so as to be assured of keeping the experience congenial. After all, the folks who share your meal and conversation today are likely not departing to head to distant homes, post the food and discourse. Let’s keep it amiable, supportive, and considerate—okay?

Satanists may still seize this day to celebrate our prosperity, our joy in existing, our precious liberty, and many will also include their personal survival of this fearsome biological and social crisis. We usually make this a time to thank ourselves for boldly mastering our lives to the best of our abilities, sharing our vital existence with those whom we cherish. Now, many should consider additionally giving thanks to those people who braved possible contagion to perform essential jobs, thus keeping our society from collapsing. Too many of those courageous individuals suffered for performing such important duties, and some died. Their sacrifices should neither be neglected nor forgotten. 

May those of you who choose to celebrate—in whatever manner suits your situations—enjoy a healthy, thoughtful, thankful, as well as selectively indulgent, “Gluttony Day”!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore