Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


Today in the U.S. many celebrate the secular holiday called “Thanksgiving.” It originated as a harvest festival, and in America is inspired by legends about the  Calvinist separatist Pilgrims who emigrated from The Netherlands to the “New World” in 1620. At times, these staunchly Christian folks supposedly even included select nearby indigenous pagans in the proceedings. Honoring the fruits of hard work done towards preparing for survival of the frigid Winter months to come in Massachusetts, it was a de facto proclamation of the wisdom of being in harmony with the cycling of Nature. Similar holidays abound in pre- and non-Christian societies. These are always enjoyed as opportunities for earned excess.

In practice, this holiday has evolved over time into an occasion for gathering with family and friends and extravagant feasting. Being Satanists, we naturally support participation in a sumptuous banquet, however, we are guided by our principle of “indulgence, not compulsion.” Because our current society is less family oriented, highly mobile and often fragmented, this is a day we might spend with those whom we do not often encounter in person during the course of a year. We may thus savor this opportunity to enjoy renewed fellowship or to deal out our own form of justice, perhaps gently tweaking those who irk us,  while primarily warmly embracing the vibrant individuals who add richness to our lives.

Satanists may seize this day to celebrate our prosperity, our joy in existing, and our precious liberty. We can make this a time to thank ourselves for boldly mastering our lives to the best of our abilities, sharing our vital existence with those whom we cherish. In a sense, we too are religious outsiders as were the Pilgrims, but our approach to life is so much more fun than theirs. Whether you are with friends, family, or enjoying your own splendid company, may those of you who choose to celebrate enjoy a truly indulgent “Gluttony Day”!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore