Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


On the anniversary of his birth, we celebrate the wisdom and strength of the man who founded the Church of Satan. He codified a rational, atheist philosophy taking Satan as its inspirational icon. His insights into the human animal lead him to weave together many threads from earlier iconoclasts into that dark tapestry of ideas he called Satanism, launching a movement that continues to thrive. We are proud upholders and exemplars of this empowering perspective.

Now that we have moved through the mid-century mark and are heading towards 99 years of existence, it is clear that his ideas continue to be relevant and exhilarating for we who have embraced the carnal religion. Indeed, a philosophy that champions reason, secularism and individualism has never been more important in a word that is mired in theist atrocities, cowardly herd-think, and faith in fiction abrogating any search for truth.

Dr. LaVey lived life to the fullest, and provided us with a powerful tool so that we may do the same. As we move from victory to victory, he remains a challenging inspiration, for he always urged us to be our own gods and move the world according to our wills.

Hail Magus Anton Szandor LaVey!
Hail Satan!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore