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Hear the latest Satanically-inspired podcasts on Radio Free Satan!

From November 20-26, Reverend Bill M. steps in to host THE METRO on Radio Free Satan, bringing an indulgent assortment of 80s nostalgia. Meanwhile The Devil’s Mischief airs its annual “Thanksgiving Leftovers” special, featuring clips that begrudgingly got cut from various episodes over the past year.  Visit for details.

This week (November 27) on Radio Free Satan, DJs David Ingram and Reverend Bill M. swap shows! David Ingram brings you an hour of smashing select British comedy on “The Devil’s Mischief”. Meanwhile, Reverend Bill presents a unique hour of diabolical-themed jazz on “Lambert’s Basement”, with titles taken directly from the appendix of Magistra Blanche Barton’s book, The Church of Satan!