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Within the HALLOWEEN ANNIVERSARY ISSUE the story of Harry Hay, founder of the Radical Faerie Movement and the Mattachine Society. Join us in remembering this Gay Hero!

Read our interview with Mat Auryn, writer of “For Puck’s Sake” for Patheos Pagan and prominent Gay Witch!

See our Blood Whore Vampire strip down, our 10-inch witch, and punk rock bears going at it!

Try our Bondage Spell in LUSTY LITANY!

Learn about having sex with the divine and warding in TOOLS OF THE CRAFT!

Come on in and kick back with your dusty grimoires, ancient runes, and a big bottle of lube…

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Here at HORNS we know that we’re not the only Queer Sorcerers yearning for erotic mysticism. This is your way to be a part of HORNS and contribute to our witchy rag.

If you think your music would bewitch our readers, let us hear it! If you have an erotic ritual or ceremony that would aid our readers, we want to try it! If you have a story that will just get our dicks hard and fits our diabolic bend, we want to read it!

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