HORNS Magazine

HORNS Magazine is back with two new issues!

While the COVID-19 pandemic took us offline for a while, you never lost your HORNS.

Explore the latest editions of the only homoerotic magazine that caters to Gay and Queer Occultists, Witches, and Pagans.


HORNS Magazine, Issue 7, Spring Equinox 2024
HORNS Magazine, Issue 7, Spring Equinox 2024

Our first ever Spring Equinox issue features

  • The Iron Witch, Jeff Cullen: author of the upcoming Liber Phorbias: A Contemporary Witchcraft & Devotional Tradition of Pan,  Liber KhthoniaThe Devil of the Bathhouse, and the companion book to The Sabbath Tarot Project
  • You’ll explore The Fool tarot card with Mat Auryn
  • Become better acquainted with the God of Revelry, Dionysus
  • Learn how to connect with the Blessed Dead from Matthew Venus
  • Begin exploring sex magick with Storm Faerywolf
  • Discover what lurks in the shadows of the Vampyre Community with Buck Agrios
  • Chapter 3 of DEMON SHOCK (not seen since Issue #4)
  • and, of course, a series of gorgeous men that is sure to inspire a hard-on to rival Priapus


HORNS Magazine, Issue 8, Summer Solstice 2024
HORNS Magazine, Issue 8, Summer Solstice 2024

Our latest release, the Summer Solstice 2024 issue, features:

  • Get to know the Witch behind the Witch Art of Azk, Shandi Azk Bouscatier, and his unique approach to crafting stunning works.
  • Explore the confounding Court Cards of the Tarot with Mat Auryn
  • Learn about the God Shiva and how He is beyond the binary with Markos▲ Gage
  • Honor the Phallus with Storm Faerywolf
  • Learn about the types of Vampyre with Buck Agrios
  • Chapter 4 of DEMON SHOCK
  • and of course, our sexy Incubi enjoying the blessings of the Summer Solstice while turning up the heat!

Join the circle of us cock-sucking, ass-eating, man-loving witches from every path. Get your HORNS!