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If you are an aficionado of vampires in cinema, then you will want TASTE THE BLOOD OF MONSTER SERIAL, a collection of passionate, intelligent and creative reviews of significant films depicting those denizens of the dark who exercise eternal life and endless fascination. This rich compendium offers multiple entries on certain films, bringing differing perspectives.

The articulate contributors are:

Jonathan M. Chaffin
Jessica Dwyer
Frank Jay Gruber
Nancy Kersey
Sara Shiver McBride
Wallace McBride
Patrick McCray
Will McKinley
Jim Mackenzie and Sarah Giavedoni
Marie Maginity
Phil Nobile Jr
Danny Reid
Desmond Reddick

From the description:

“Presenting the third installment of The Collinsport Historical Society’s MONSTER SERIAL feature. Featuring a special introduction by actress/author Kathryn Leigh Scott, this collection focuses on the best (and worst) movies ever made about vampires. From DARK SHADOWS to LOVE AT FIRST BITE, NOSFERATU and GANJA AND HESS, no tombstone is left unturned.”