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IN MEMORIAM H.R. GIGER (1940-2014 c.e.)


H.R. Giger’s powerfully surrealist images shall remain as testaments to the potency of his imagination as well as the skill he possessed to bring these dark vistas into existence. His biomechanical style is instantly recognizable and it has conjured a host of imitators. After viewing his NECRONOMICON, Ridley Scott wisely approached Giger to design the xenomorph in all of its insectile, predatory glory for ALIEN (1979) and the derelict craft and environments he crafted for LV-426 have haunted film makers and viewers ever since.

His body of work stands as one of the most personal and influential collections of images of the 20th Century. His legacy is assured, and his visions shall haunt generations to come, etching themselves indelibly into the deep minds of all who encounter them.

Hail Giger!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore